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  1. He played 159 games as a 23 year old and then played between 145-154 for the next 7 seasons before playing 63 last year. It would be unrealistic to think he’d play 162 in his age 32 season. It’s less than a day off every 2 weeks. For a guy with 2 PRP injections within the last 18 months, him playing 150-155 would be great. Letting a combination of Fletcher, La Stella, Goodwin, Rengifo, and Adell play 12 more games so Upton stays fresh and healthy (as a 32 year old) isn’t going to ruin the season.
  2. Thanks for providing the data I’d been looking for. I agree that we’ll be able to get more starts from our better pitchers this season but you still only have 162 games to amass those innings. We have a plethora of guys who will be able to contribute quality innings. There were 5 AL teams in the top 15 and 9 AL teams in the bottom 10. Bundy and Teheran averaged 5 1/3 IP per start last season so I’m not sure who we’re getting 7 inning starts from to boost the average. i think we have good pitching depth and we should be able to get a lot of starts from the top 8 guys we have but to boost the IP, starters have to go deeper in games, it’s not necessarily a bad thing but we don’t have guys that are going to throw 7 innings each start. Last season, we had issues getting starts out of the guys we had because there were constant injuries. This year, I think, we’ll have the starts covered but the biggest area to improve from the rotation will be having them pitch deeper into games.
  3. Only two teams had more IP from their starters last season, the Nationals and Mets. Here’s the top 5: 1. Mets 941.1 2. Nationals 938.2 3. Indians 930.1 4. Astros 907.1 5. Dodgers 893.2 6-11 were between 880 and 890. The Angels were dead last 20 innings behind the Rays at 680. It should probably be amended based on how often we used an opener last season (I’ve wanted to go back and see how many innings that would add to our “starters” but haven’t been bored enough to check). Getting up to 880 would be huge to help take pressure off the bullpen. The Giants were 16 at 849 IP so I think getting to 850 would be a good realistic goal.
  4. So he won’t be up for the first 5 games
  5. Pretty sure it was Barria that lost weight.
  6. I get that Arte has a history of acting like this but I don’t see why the Dodgers would have still done the trade. Their other trades changed their payroll and roster so the Angels trade wouldn’t have brought them under the threshold and they would still need to cut players they wouldn’t necessarily want to cut. By all accounts, the trade was originally in the Angels favor and the changes to the Sox/Twins trades took away the few positives for the Dodgers to move Pederson/Stripling to the Angels. Pujols, Wilson, Wells, and Hamilton are all examples of Arte getting in the way to the detriment of the club but I don’t think Arte can be the one to blame for this falling through. There’s just no way the Dodgers didn’t try to change the trade with the Angels giving up prospects or taking on money. Our payroll is already the highest it’s ever been and this move would have taken us pretty close to the tax line originally, I can’t blame Arte for not wanting to take on more money. If more info comes out to place the blame on Arte, I’ll gladly shift the blame to his shoulders but right now, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt from looking at the trade from the Dodgers’ perspective and why they would even do it in the first place.
  7. I don’t think the trade would have taken the Dodgers under the tax line anymore so it makes sense the Dodgers would change things.
  8. If we were willing to trade two top 10 prospects, we’d have Kluber.
  9. Giving up Adams is a fair deal. As long as we don’t give up Adell or Marsh, we come out on top.
  10. You should probably get really upset about it before all the details are out.
  11. Stripling (and Andriese FWIW) was over 50% GB last season which was about top 20 for starters. Anybody know if we have good infield defense?
  12. Lead off against RHP. In between two right handed bats or on the bench against LHP.
  13. What kind of contract would Pederson get in FA next year? Maybe something like Castellanos? Would he decline a QO and net us a comp pick? That’s the only thing I could see making the trade a little better but I do like adding a lefty power bat.
  14. That looks a lot better than the 6 ERA you were predicting earlier.