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  1. Found out today that Joe Buttitta, who called Angel games in 1982-84, had recently passed away. He was also the KTLA Channel 5 sports anchor when he did the Angel games. Found out through this link tweeted from the local news station in Santa Barbara County, where Buttitta's son, also named Joe, is a morning news show host. https://keyt.com/news/ventura-county/2021/07/30/joe-buttitta-father-of-newschannel-anchor-remembered-during-memorial-ceremony/
  2. Gawd, she looks so good in that photo. I first took notice of her in "Bachelor Party," and in that movie she gave off an '80s girl-next-door vibe, though she played a rich kid. Of course, she moved into 'video vixen' territory with the Whitesnake vids, though she still looked great.
  3. Did any of you guys catch this tonight: I didn't see a whole lot of the game, when did this bunt happen? Obviously early in the game. I can see a complaint if a team does that leading by 13 runs, but when they're behind? Boy, the Dodgers fanbase still annoys the hell out of me, but lately I'm been thinking the players and staff are actually decent dudes, and then their manager starts acting like a whiny little bitch, and after a win, too. What say all of you?
  4. Well, that was quite a brain fart. I thought they were on the road for some reason.
  5. So, I see the game is starting at 6:38 pm our time, which makes it 8:38 pm in Arlington. Why so late?
  6. Been a fan since 1976, and for me, it was actually Mark Langston. I really thought he was on the cusp of being one of the elite pitchers of baseball when he signed, and, after a winning season in 1989, he made a really good pitching staff even better. It didn't turn out as well as I hoped, what with his struggles out of the gate in 1990 and all, but he was a pretty solid pitcher while he was with the Angels. I got really excited when we got Vlad, also, and I think that signing turned out the best out of all the free agents the Angels acquired in their history. I loved the acquisition when it happened, but I always file Torii Hunter's signing as the "most shocking." I've always been in tune with the hot-stove scuttlebutt in the papers and websites, so I would usually have an indication that a player was going to sign somewhere before the actual announcement, but with Torii, I never saw any story, report, tidbit or item connecting him with the Halos until I read the story that he was signed. Fortunately, that one worked out really well for the Angels, also.
  7. I just heard about this myself, RIP. I read two of the books he wrote after his career ended, and they were really fun reads. Some good stories about how he and Jerry Reuss would terrorize Tommy Lasorda. Also had a great cameo to kick off the classic Angels-Mariners game on "The Naked Gun."
  8. For me, yes. Baseball was the first sport I really followed as a kid, and we went to a lot of Angels games in the 1970s and '80s (Anaheim Stadium was easier to get to from our home than Dodger Stadium). The Padres are my favorite NL team. Throughout the '80s, the Lakers would be my second favorite team, but that has waned a bit because I've lost interest in the NBA as a whole. Football-wise, I've had a weird history in rooting interest. I was a Rams fan as kid and teen, with the Seahawks my second favorite, but then I "disowned" the Rams when they moved to St. Louis. I went to college in San Diego in '90s and it was there I became a Charger fan (which I am to this day). I still like the Seahawks, and interstingly, always liked the 49ers despite their rivalry with the Rams. Otherwise, I've always rooted for USC, but my deepest allegiances lie with San Diego State, my alma mater. For hockey, I root for both the Kings and the Ducks, though I understand that's quite a rarity.
  9. Apparently our old friend Doug Eddings, the man behind the plate tonight, is the one that tossed Castro. Eddings' strike zone has been pitiful. In the top of the third, his first strike on Trout and inning-ending third strike on Rendon were both noticeably outside.
  10. Now that Adell is a real big leaguer, I hope they can give him a proper number. 59 just doesn't cut it for a top prospect who will probably be playing regularly.
  11. When first managed the Angels, Reggie Jackson was on the team, and there was a story about when Mac was Reggie's manager earlier in Birmingham. Reggie recounted the story in his Hall of Fame speech: RIP, Mr. McNamara
  12. Remember our friend who likes to write the occasional anti-Angels rant? Well, he seems to be in a little trouble: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/889mzp/la-times-places-columnist-arash-markazi-on-leave-amid-plagiarism-investigation
  13. Current MLB ballparks: Angel Stadium, Dodger Stadium, Petco Park, T-Mobile Field in Seattle, Kauffman Stadium. Former MLB stadiums: Jack Murphy/Qualcomm, Veterans Stadium (during 1996 All-Star weekend). My family and I took a tour of the Kingdome in 1981, while the players were on strike. Spring Training: My Dad and I have gone to Arizona to see some games in six of the last eight years and have been to all 10 around Phoenix. I've also been to the Padres old ST complex in Yuma, and the Angels' in Palm Springs. Minor Leagues (current and former): Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino (new and old), Riverside, Lake Elsinore, High Desert, Bakersfield, Visalia, Modesto, Reno and Springfield, Mo.
  14. Oh boy, I thought this guy was just a regular idiot Twitter user, but it turns out he's a little more famous than that, or at least he's famous for being this guy's father: https://www.thedailybeast.com/jacob-wohl-wanted-on-felony-arrest-warrant
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