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  1. Been a fan since 1976, and for me, it was actually Mark Langston. I really thought he was on the cusp of being one of the elite pitchers of baseball when he signed, and, after a winning season in 1989, he made a really good pitching staff even better. It didn't turn out as well as I hoped, what with his struggles out of the gate in 1990 and all, but he was a pretty solid pitcher while he was with the Angels. I got really excited when we got Vlad, also, and I think that signing turned out the best out of all the free agents the Angels acquired in their history. I loved the acquisition
  2. I just heard about this myself, RIP. I read two of the books he wrote after his career ended, and they were really fun reads. Some good stories about how he and Jerry Reuss would terrorize Tommy Lasorda. Also had a great cameo to kick off the classic Angels-Mariners game on "The Naked Gun."
  3. For me, yes. Baseball was the first sport I really followed as a kid, and we went to a lot of Angels games in the 1970s and '80s (Anaheim Stadium was easier to get to from our home than Dodger Stadium). The Padres are my favorite NL team. Throughout the '80s, the Lakers would be my second favorite team, but that has waned a bit because I've lost interest in the NBA as a whole. Football-wise, I've had a weird history in rooting interest. I was a Rams fan as kid and teen, with the Seahawks my second favorite, but then I "disowned" the Rams when they moved to St. Louis. I went to colleg
  4. Apparently our old friend Doug Eddings, the man behind the plate tonight, is the one that tossed Castro. Eddings' strike zone has been pitiful. In the top of the third, his first strike on Trout and inning-ending third strike on Rendon were both noticeably outside.
  5. Now that Adell is a real big leaguer, I hope they can give him a proper number. 59 just doesn't cut it for a top prospect who will probably be playing regularly.
  6. When first managed the Angels, Reggie Jackson was on the team, and there was a story about when Mac was Reggie's manager earlier in Birmingham. Reggie recounted the story in his Hall of Fame speech: RIP, Mr. McNamara
  7. Remember our friend who likes to write the occasional anti-Angels rant? Well, he seems to be in a little trouble: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/889mzp/la-times-places-columnist-arash-markazi-on-leave-amid-plagiarism-investigation
  8. Current MLB ballparks: Angel Stadium, Dodger Stadium, Petco Park, T-Mobile Field in Seattle, Kauffman Stadium. Former MLB stadiums: Jack Murphy/Qualcomm, Veterans Stadium (during 1996 All-Star weekend). My family and I took a tour of the Kingdome in 1981, while the players were on strike. Spring Training: My Dad and I have gone to Arizona to see some games in six of the last eight years and have been to all 10 around Phoenix. I've also been to the Padres old ST complex in Yuma, and the Angels' in Palm Springs. Minor Leagues (current and former): Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino
  9. Oh boy, I thought this guy was just a regular idiot Twitter user, but it turns out he's a little more famous than that, or at least he's famous for being this guy's father: https://www.thedailybeast.com/jacob-wohl-wanted-on-felony-arrest-warrant
  10. And then here's this genius replying to Rosenthal's original tweet and solidifying the Trumpster stereotype. The Twitter universe is sufficiently taking him out behind the woodshed (BTW, Moreno's birthplace: Tucson, Arizona) :
  11. https://www.mlb.com/news/featured/the-story-of-the-los-angeles-browns-changed-baseball-forever Great story on the near-move of the St. Louis Browns (now the Baltimore Orioles) to L.A. after the 1941 season. The move was pretty much a done deal and the AL owners would have rubber-stamped it in a meeting scheduled for Dec. 8, 1941. Well, something happened on Dec. 7, 1941, the meeting was canceled, the country had to deal with that pesky little thing called World War II, and the Browns stayed in St. Louis for 12 more years. The writer speculates how team relocations and expansion would
  12. Yep, the words "Tommy John" sure had a different meaning to us Angels fans in the mid-'80s than it does now. It's been kind of cool to see certain players again in an Angels uniforms. "Oh, yeah, Dante Bichette and Devon White started out with the Halos." "Ah, now I remember when Claudell Washington and Johnny Ray played for us." I noticed in tonight's game (Langston/Witt no-hitter), when Edgar Martinez made the error on the grounder that would have loaded the bases with no out, except Bichette overran third and the shortstop backing up tagged him out. You could see Moose Stubing bark
  13. I was watching the game tonight and I noticed that too. I also spotted a couple of typos in other crawl entries. Watching the video feed was also interesting. I remember the game wasn't televised because I had to get it on radio, so I guess it must have been some kind of stadium feed or from one of the local news stations for that night's highlight package. I loved how the cameraman on the first-base side was always getting shots of good-looking females in their '80s-style looks. A lot of big, teased hair out there in the stands; a couple of them looked like they just came in from fi
  14. For the Angels, probably Tanana or Richards as stated before. If Tanana hadn't had his arm problems, he might have mitigated the idiotic decision to let Nolan Ryan walk after 1979. With Richards, I wonder if that freak knee injury in 2014 was a factor in his arm problems later (sometimes you might change mechanics to offset effects of another injury and it affect your arm later); without that he might still be our ace or close to it. One non-Angel who hasn't been mentioned is J.R. Richard. He was very dominant with the Astros in the late 1970s and then suffered a stroke in 1980 that effec
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