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  1. David Fletcher at home hearing that: "Aw, man, I have to change my number again?"
  2. I saw that on Twitter, but then I looked up the guy's account and there was no media affiliation listed and the photo was of a teen or twentysomething with his girlfriend, so I'm a little skeptical of that source.
  3. I can see it now: Angels get Gonsolin, he struggles in the rotation early and they tell him he's going to Triple-A. Gonsolin replies "No, no, not the Bees! Not the Bees!"
  4. Yeah, me too. I was starting to get worried as I kept reading the article. I'm glad my concern was unwarranted. Thanks for keeping this site going Chuck. I don't actually post on here as much as I'd like to, but this is a regular stop on my daily online browsing. And I hope we have a whole lot of positive things to discuss over the coming year and years after.
  5. That game where Kendrys suffered the walk-off broken leg was the first thing that came to mind. That was in 2010, and a think it really set the tone for what would be a disappointing decade. The only game I attended in 2004 was a weekday day game against the Indians (I live in Santa Barbara County and don't get to a lot of games because of distance and work schedule). I was really excited to go see a game, and what I ended up seeing was Jarrod Washburn throwing batting practice during the game. Travis Hafner had three homers, and even Coco Crisp, among others, went deep. Angels lost 14-5 (though they would go on to win the division). I remember looking up the game story online after we got back home and there was a photo of Washburn laughing on the mound after throwing one of his gopher balls. I got to see a ballgame instead of working, but that was deflating.
  6. So the story leaks that the Yankees offer seven years, $245M for Cole, and the next day Strasburg signs for the same amount with the Nationals. Boras seems to be masterfully manipulating things.
  7. I think for teams like the Angels who aren't making any changes, uniform "reveals" would be pretty pointless. As for any changes, for the most part, it isn't broke; no need to fix. The one small change I would endorse would be changing the halo from silver to gold/yellow. I have a 2011 5950 cap among my Angels collection and it really does look nice.
  8. Speaking of Schwarber, this guy from Bleacher Report seems to think the Angels will trade for him, with the rationale being that the Angels "may see him as the perfect guy to slide into Kole Calhoun's vacated spot in their outfield." Yeah, never mind that the Angels already have a couple guys (Goodwin and eventually Adell) to "slide" into that spot. Geez, can these guys do just a little bit of research on the team before making these trade proposals/predictions/whatever?
  9. As an Angels fan, happy for Howie, and as a San Diego State alum, happy for Strasburg.
  10. As a player, he was known mainly for his time with the Dodgers and Expos (he was an All-Star with both the Expos and Blue Jays), he finished his career with the Angels in 1978, and then started his broadcast career with the club after that season.
  11. And, on the topic at hand: Strasburg is a pretty good guess as the Angels will be on him if they can't sign Cole. They definitely want Cole and will be willing to pay, but if the bidding gets out of hand, they can sign Strasburg for just a bit less with a higher quality second pitcher. And I figure both of the free-agent picks from that list should be pitchers. I can't imagine the infield being much of a priority for the Halos this offseason.
  12. It's been awhile since I've fully looked at the magazine, but I think SI is past the point of it being a source for current news, so to speak. I think they're on the path of Athlon or Street and Smith where they'll just put out season previews and narrowly themed issues. I think the NBA preview issue is indicative of that.
  13. 4) Apologize for Being Total Jerks* *... but only if anyone was offended.
  14. A friend of mine tweeted me the link to this story, and it was a good read. (No surprise, though, Scott Miller is one of the best baseball writers out there). As with many of you on this board, my biggest takeaway is the reminder that Tavares was a complete moron. It's no coincidence the Angels' fortune immediately went on the upswing after he stepped down. Of course, this story also reminds us of the Collins hiring. One story I remember reading (don't remember who wrote it) soon after the hiring was the Angels also interviewing Jim Leyland. Leyland had left the Pirates and was the most sought-after manager that offseason. The Angels scheduled an interview with him although everybody knew he would probably go to the Marlins, and if he didn't, he wasn't going to go to the West Coast. However, I guess the Angels had to show everyone they at least talked to him. In the story, it said that Leyland spent the whole interview singing the praises of Collins and telling management why they should hire him. So, we also apparently have Leyland to thank for that little period of Angels history.