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  1. Sinclair Corp, owner of the 19 RSN's is considering introducing a streaming service just before the NBA/NHL season begins. Pay a fee for the RSN channel(s) in your area.
  2. Question, based on 30 pitches, do you make him wait 5-6 days or get him back on the mound in 3-4 days?
  3. You might want to look into Tvision (TMobile) tons of channels, $90/mo for TMobile customers. Total pkg (TV, DVR) $130.00 This is a streaming service
  4. Whitey Hurzog had the best idea (IMO) when the DH was first proposed. Allow a PH for the starting pitcher one time throughout the game. After using the PH, starting pitcher bats for himself.
  5. Just remember there are Rules of Behavior at Angel Stadium. #1 Rule, under no circumstances are you to stand and cheer until the bottom of the 9th inning when there are 2 outs and 2 strikes on the opposing batter. That means when Trout/Calhoun/Ohtani,etc... comes to the plate late in the game with bases loaded and down by 1-3 runs, you are to remain in your seat! If you do get caught up the moment and stand up to cheer madly, an Usher will come down and kindly remind to stay seated so as not to impact the fan's experience seated behind you. DAHIKT
  6. StubHub accounts for about 8,000 seats per game.
  7. But the Angel season ticket fans were charged for these 2 games. Were told not their (Angels) fault. MLB in charge of these games.
  8. FYI , “of Anaheim “ no longer exists. They are now officially the Los Angeles Angels.
  9. Back in 2016, Arte was all set to build new stadium on NW corner of the Tustin Air Base. Environmental permits were quickly approved and all that needed was investors to build/develop the surrounding property. Unfortunately, investors were not found so in 2017, Arte gave up and signed an extended lease with Anaheim (2029?) He has big plans for developing the parking lot but the city wants to see some improvements to the stadium. First he replaced all lights with LED lights (2017).Last year, he upgraded the sound system and video screens.
  10. Mark your calendar, April 12, 13, 14. Will be on the cool side and there will be no ivy on the wall. Still.... it's Wrigley!
  11. I think MS will announce he is not returning when they are mathematically eliminated. JMO
  12. Notice that Trout is no where to be found in the dugout? Not in any of the HR dugout celebrations.
  13. I'm sure he will be considered after he gets out of jail for inside trading.
  14. The gold halo was featured on the 2014 50th anniversary hat. Took MLB 3 weeks to sign off on replacing the silver halo with a gold halo for a single season. Unbelieveable!!.
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