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  1. Ducks/Kings in Anaheim Lakers at Clippers Yankees/Angels Dodgers/Angels
  2. I hate the Red Sox more than any team in professional sports, save for maybe the LA Kings. For every trashy Doyer fan, there's an equally trash Sox frat bro fan, plus '86, '04, '07, '08. Go Raviners
  3. There's some shitty Dodger fans, but there's too many people I love who are Dodger fans that I can't not be happy for them. I've never considered them a real rival like the Sox, Yankees, or Rangers. I also have some Dodger players close to my heart (Koufax, Shawn Green, Kershaw, etc). I also used to like the Astros as an NL team (family in Houston), so I havent really developed hate for them. I want them to lose to the Angels, but otherwise I don't mind what they do. Seeing them win AL stuff is still weird though. Plus the Angels had a better season than I expected, and I think we ca
  4. I've been a bad Angels fan for a while now, I'll admit I'm slightly bandwagon when it comes to baseball (more of a Ducks/football fan), but I am always feeling tons of joy when the Angels are playing competitive August-September baseball. This team fights through adversity, and is one of the more like-able Angels teams since the 02-09 golden era. Lots of tenacity from the position players, and Trout is always brilliant. Let's keep it up Halos, something seems special about this group. Hopefully the pitching can settle down.
  5. Can you not politicize a tragedy? Have some respect.
  6. I haven't been watching every game, but hasn't Giavotella picked his average up by .070 points or so, in the last month? dude seems to be thriving recently. Starting to feel more optimistic about the Angels. It's nice.
  7. Doesn't that only work if the D-League team is in the same city (like the lakers)?
  8. No, if we tank we keep the picks. No way we'd trade a top 5 pick.
  9. I'd do a 1 year deal under 5 million. Even if he can't be the starting 2B (there's a small chance he finds his old form again for a year or so), he could be a decent bench option.
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