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  1. Funny, i literally said to my wife today, "This guy is a fucking coward".
  2. Of course, the trade is made to address the ongojng injury problems on a day that the team announced that John Marino, a steal of a rookie dman and important part of the defense, will miss 3-6 weeks with broken cheekbones. Smh.
  3. I am looking forward to it. He definitely will be an improvement over Galchenyuk. I do appreciate the team's willingness to constantly seek ways to improve.
  4. Me: Sets cruise control to 69, sets thermostat to 69.
  5. I have a 2000 tacoma. Today i noticed my odometer was 160061. Seems like the appropriate place to share.
  6. I remember heading over here on a tip from red321 after the espn boards became impossible. I've never been a volume poster, but appreciate the information, good and bad takes, as well as those that i've come to know (and in some cases, meet). Thanks one more time for the place to hang, Chuck.
  7. It looks like the unlicensed japanese video game version. Autographed by "CF27". Or Bichael Pike.
  8. We have an online sausage fest. Not enough?
  9. More "Look at me" opportunities for Angel Hernandez and Fat Joe. What could go wrong?
  10. Sorry, at the time it happened. A lot can change in 36 years.
  11. Dont forget, that kind of a comeback was sort of Reich's thing. Also had the largest college comeback for Maryland to beat Miami.