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  1. Vlad. But also remember being very excited for Langston.
  2. I think his is the first autograph i ever had. A family member got it for me when i was about 6. "To (me), a future Dodger!" Oops. RIP.
  3. Watching Columbo on sundance. 48 hour marathon. Blast from the past, to say the least.
  4. If his time playing for the Angees counts, Adam Riggs.
  5. That Nissan commercial with Tim Tebow and Kyler Murray triggers me. I want to punch Murray in the face.
  6. Fun fact (or not, whatever): When I played, number 11 was always "Aces". With kids today, he is "Sticks".
  7. 66 Mario. Just all time favorite athlete. You'd better be a badass if you are a younger guy trying to rock that (or 99 obviously). Josh Ho-Sang? Really? I liked 21 for a while, Wally World! Wore it for a couple Babe Ruth seasons.
  8. It's a conspiracy to keep Helton's stupid ass employed. Its amazing that there have been 3 coaches this year who did a worse job than him head to head. If chip just gave felton the ball the whole game, they win that game by 21.
  9. There are so many stronger characters that get the time/story they deserve.
  10. Not going to lie, I'm not familiar with Iglesias. But I dont have to watch Noe anymore, so win!
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