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  1. Its like reliving the Angels '95 collapse, every single week after halftime.
  2. I have similar feelings about all of sports right now. I was so ready for some good, after so much negative since covid shut down the world back in march. So instead, my penguins get bounced by the worst team in the playoffs, who were a mercy throw-in. Then the angels can't even make it in as a mercy throw-in. And i dont even know where to start about being a lions fan. At this point, covid shutting down everything except korean baseball and cornhole (sponsored by johnsonville sausages) was preferable to the multi-levelled shitshow i put myself through instead. So, I hear
  3. Being an Angels ( might as well add Penguins) fan has made me long for that golden age of sports back in June of 2020.
  4. The Last Narc, on amazon prime. Fascinating look into the murder of a dea agent by "Mexican drug cartels". 4 part series, about 45 min each. Quite a tangled web.
  5. I think most of us will hate it, mostly because our team is dogshit with runners in scoring position. Therefore, built in disadvantage.
  6. Manfred is a spineless piece of shit who hates baseball.
  7. I love everything about it. Joe Kelly has a new fan. Dont dig in, bitches.
  8. Breaking.... "Kolby Allard no-hits Angels, striking out 13 in his debut..."
  9. Funny, I did something similar for a h.s. project my freshman year, 1986. Sent to like 15 each mlb, nfl, nhl, nba teams at random. About 75% of what i got back was seemingly mass produced by a single promotional company. Some did send custom items, though. Lots of cool stuff to put on my folders, binders, etc.
  10. Pro metric System. Which is funny, because i couldnt even teach it to my fourth grader.
  11. Both heartbreaking and infuriating. Sorry for your loss.
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