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  1. Pro metric System. Which is funny, because i couldnt even teach it to my fourth grader.
  2. Both heartbreaking and infuriating. Sorry for your loss.
  3. Good to see the verdict, though the financial penalties/compensation can never fix how horrible that situation was. The pessimist in me says rate increases will quickly pay it off. I have some clients/friends who lived there, and it is nothing short of tragic what happened for lack of "costly" maintenance.
  4. I had the "f-ing Salmon" last inning. Swing at a ball neck high, then take a grooved strike 3. Lol.
  5. MLB network. Top 7, 4-0 Giants.
  6. Holy shit, just looked at maps and that arbys is still there. I guess its technically buena park. Survivor.
  7. Mod is great. I guess it must be a northwest thing. Had it first in Seattle, now its all over norcal, southern oregon, etc. Im with Strad, i used to like Arbys. My Nana lived near the one in cypress on lincoln between valley view and walker. We hit that thing up all the time in the late 70s/early 80s.
  8. Still needs tp for his bunghole...
  9. Agree. They definitely pushed a few boundaries. I was definitely entertained. My 17 year old is the one who recorded the season. I was watching one morning, my 10 year old walked in. I paused it. "Not appropriate, bud". He's like "Oh. What the heck are you watching that has Lil Dicky?" Losing battle sometimes.
  10. "Oh, yo. It was Brenda. She worked at Red Lobster, but I didnt remember..."