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  1. First thought i had before opening the thread. Also just to see the Beasties one more time. RIP Yauch.
  2. He is my 18 yr old son's favorite player. On a team with Mike Trout, that says something. I love watching him play defense. Artist. I hope he can find peace.
  3. Yeah, never mind what i said about the east. Penguins are cooked. Lifeless. 1 regulation win in 10 games. 0 for 22 on the PP, given up 2 shorties.
  4. Lions fan checking in. Pretty divided feelings. Stafford was quite often the only reason for me to watch what i knew to be a lost cause. He undoubtedly has arm talent that places him in the top few guys in the league. Unfortunately he was often saddled with poor scheme fits, bad offensive lines, bad running backs, and flat out terrible defenses. I love watching him play, but understand his desire to play for a contender. That said, i think the trade was probably a good thing for Detroit. Injuries have really piled up on Stafford lately, and the team showed no ability to compet
  5. Hey, wait a minute with the Penguin stuff... The east is indeed crazy, no room for error in the top 5 teams. My take is someone is staying home with a point total that would breeze in any other division. Already, the Pens down 4(5?) defensemen to injury. Ridiculous. Rutherford leaving was a surprise. Not an unwelcome one for me, he has made bad move leading to worse move (leading to wtf?) for a few years now.
  6. "I've got hand!" "And you're gonna need it."
  7. Apparently so. The vantage point i was at (pretty much behind the plate) made it difficult. Those shitty turf fields are set up for so many dimensions that the perspectives are off anyway. I like to think that if i were on the field, i would have noticed in a more timely fashion.
  8. My son's freshman year, they played a tournament at a 'big league dreams' complex, with portable mounds. I watched one of his friends from a neighboring city pitch on a field adjacent to ours. He was uncharacteristically struggling to throw a strike. His dad and i were watching his mechanics, couldnt figure out why. I left for my son's game. After their game, his dad stopped by ours. A few innings in, they had figured out that the genius field guy had put the mound at 72'.
  9. Vlad. But also remember being very excited for Langston.
  10. I think his is the first autograph i ever had. A family member got it for me when i was about 6. "To (me), a future Dodger!" Oops. RIP.
  11. Watching Columbo on sundance. 48 hour marathon. Blast from the past, to say the least.
  12. If his time playing for the Angees counts, Adam Riggs.
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