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  1. Nolan Ryan beat the shit out of Robin Ventura.
  2. Just checked. Not on any playlists.
  3. Lovely Day is a regular on several of my playlists.
  4. I liked McMillions. It probably seems slow and tame after watching Tiger King though.
  5. As a guy in the building industry, you are almost there. Use "I get paid to rub my caulk all day" when you are prepping a house for paint.
  6. You know who you should blame? That bitch Carole Baskin, down in Florida.
  7. I am amazed, confused, and impressed that their first post after joining Angelswin is asking medical advice on a thread that has been inactive for over 2 years. Is it a longtime poster with a new name?
  8. Here now. Can't argue with that.
  9. So, then what is the square of an Electric Boogaloo? Asking for a friend.