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  1. 3rd in baseball @ .289 with RISP, Certainly doesn’t feel like it. Situational hitting has been horrible lately.
  2. Unless its a baseball wide ban, I never see Angel Stadium doing this. Shoot you can still bring in a full size pizza no problems.
  3. Rams get another international home game next season too. Part of the deal for relocating. Have to do one every year you play in a temp stadium. Also have to do one the year you have the Superbowl I believe.
  4. I'll know more in the morning tomorrow before they go on sale to the public at noon. Asked some Family if they wanted them first, if not I'll let you know. Parking pass is money, South Lawn is right next to my seats and is the only lot that empties out onto Exposition that is also closed to any other traffic. Parking opens 5 hours before the game to Tailgate so It'd be perfect for you.
  5. They're staying in CO to practice. Bummer I can't go with the newborn in the house, just too tough of a last minute call with work and logistics of it. Went to the Seattle game while the wife stayed home. If only I knew before the Seattle game I would've dumped those and went Monday instead. I may have my 2 season tickets and parking pass available. I have 2 tickets, Section 22H row 24, amazing seats. Also have a South Lawn Parking pass, no details how those are being distributed though. But I know I get it for sure.
  6. Wild Rivers is trying to build a new Water Park in the Irvine Great park too. They just had a update about it a few days ago with a legit looking site plan http://wildrivers.com/
  7. Gotta be for a better deal, and access to develop some of the parking lot. How much did Arte just spend on all new video and ribbon boards. Sure those wern't cheap just to leave in a few years.
  8. It's been awesome so far. Hope I can live here when the need for school starts. Fantastic public schools too.
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