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  1. I'm going to think the high fastball has been a big reason for Trout's struggles of late. He's always been an excellent low fastball hitter. Like I rarely see him swing and miss at a fastball in the lower part of the strike zone. Pitchers are scared to throw him those low fastballs in the lower part of the strike zone. He's usually has had his struggles against the high fastball. If you watch Trout hit and he's down in the strike zone with an 0-1, 1-2, or 0-2 count, look where the catcher is setting up most of the time. He's usually going to put his glove high in the strike zone that indicate
  2. Clutch hit today against a reliever who was having a dominant start to his season that led to Ohtani's big home run. Only idiots would say that Trout isn't clutch and would point to his 2014 postseason numbers. 3 games, who cares. Anyone can have a bad stretch of three games. What's Trout's career numbers in high leverage situations anyways?
  3. That poster had to put a jinx on Trout before this month by saying that Trout loves to hit in the month of May. If you're looking at the overall slash line for hitters this regular season, it's something like .235/.310/.390. Trout's sash line this season is still awesome and looks more impressive when you look at the fact that it's been very hard to hit this season across the league.
  4. This feels like Trout is having a very bad season at the plate. Oh wait, he's not, Still has an incredible slash line as a hitter this season...in a year that resembles 1968 or 2014.
  5. I actually been watching Castillo quite a bit this season. He's not himself this season. From what I have seen with him, it doesn't look like he's getting a lot of strikeouts on his slider, which is his pitch that he dominates batters when he is on his game. And he's been unlucky this season. A lot of hits that are not coming off the bat of the ball very hard. He's not done as a product. If he can develop another pitch, he'll turn into a perennial All-Star.
  6. Trout has to produce for this team to even have a chance at being relevant. The supporting cast needs to step the f up! You just can't rely on one guy to do so much. Good teams don't rely on one star to do everything.
  7. I thought the OP was just joking around by making this thread. I wish nothing but for the Dodgirls to never win the World Series ever again and the cheater Bauer gets blown up.
  8. Trout should just hit leadoff at this point. Not that he still can't be awesome in the third spot in the lineup but he's at his best when he's playing like a leadoff hitter to go along with his power. Trout leading off would just kick start the Angels' offense. A pitcher giving up a run or a couple in the first inning doesn't make him feel good at all. Need to give Trout as many chances to come to the plate as possible. Plus, the Angels have guys who can drive him in like Walsh and Rendon. His best season (2018) was him playing with that mindset. 24 stolen bases with 39 home runs.
  9. Right now, Trout is like the leading AL MVP candidate. Yup, once again, he's on the list with a .342/.463/.649 slash line. He's due to heat up at the plate again at some point so I could see an OPS around 1.200 in a couple of weeks. Another great candidate is Cole. He's the only starting pitcher on the Yankees that everyone trusts. Kluber has been inconsistent this season but he's coming along lately. Severino has been an All-Star a couple of times but still hasn't made his 2021 debut yet. Taillon, Montgomery, and German haven't put up solid numbers this season. Take Cole out and the Yankees m
  10. Can't stand guys like the moron behind home plate in the Angels-Red Sox game tonight. Same with C.B. Buckner and his stupid strike zone. Trout's been a victim of his poor strike zone numerous times before.
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