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  1. Trout's playing like he's washed up, like King Felix. Give him some time. Once he gets his off field life settle down, he should be Trout again.
  2. I just hate that he'll probably end his career with a batting average under .300. I mean, that will be hard for me to know. I've always thought of him as a .300 hitter.
  3. It's like impossible to be yourself at your job when you're distracted. And i mean DISTRACTED in this case. His situation isn't normal.
  4. Trout doesn't have a Trout-like season at the plate in 2020 means there should be a asterisk right next to it. He's not himself right now due to reasons. He's distracted by having to worry about his future child. I'll give him a pass for this season if he doesn't do well on the field.
  5. You're not good at math in this thread.
  6. That's the pitch that Trout has struggled against for most of his career. Years ago, that would not have been a strike. I imagine if they stop calling that a strike, Trout might go back to hitting in the 320's again.
  7. Give Trout a break. He's got off field issues to worry about, something which most guys don't have to deal with. If he had a bad season at the plate, this ain't the new Trout.
  8. Pujols? Never mind, been a huge disappointment ever since he put on the Angels uniform. Mr. 299 career batting average. Can't believe that he is under .299 now for his career.
  9. At least he doesn't cheat the game to improve his numbers at the plate like Springer. I was suspicious of Springer's postseason numbers before the Astros got busted for cheating. He's never been a great hitter and like every postseason, he turns into Trout at the plate. We know why that is now the case. Trout doesn't need postseason win to prove anything. Anything. Ernie Banks never made it to the postseason. Still considered one of the great shortstops ever. Ted Williams, a career .200 hitter in the postseason. And still considered one of the greats of the game.
  10. Next season, he'll go to the Astros and post a 8-0 record with a 1.00 ERA and 0.70 WHIP with 100 strikeouts in 70 innings pitched.
  11. Yelich wasn't even better than Trout as a hitter last season, so how is he the best player in baseball? Trout's OPS+ in 2019 was 185 to Yelich's 179. I am guessing a stupid stat like batting average is somehow a reason for him thinking that.
  12. It would be hillarious if the 2021 American League Cy Young comes down to Felix (Angels) and Harvey (Astros). Felix going 20-5 with a 2.50 ERA, 0.95 WHIP, and 240 strikeouts in 230 innings pitched and Harvey going 23-3 with a 2.30 ERA, 0.85 WHIP, and 300 strikeouts in 250 innings pitched. Harvey rising back from the dead on the Astros because, well, of course, they're the Astros!
  13. Not as embarrassing as you being in existence.
  14. In all seriousness, he shouldn't be playing but since he's getting paid a lot of money.......It's going to be disgusting to me that he's going to end his career with a batting average under .300, barring something unexpected. It would have been nice if he ended his career with at least a .300 batting average. Unless I am missing someone, he's going to be the first player in MLB history to end a career with a batting average under .300 despite hitting at least .300 in his first 10 seasons. Embarrassing.