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  1. Moreno is a total disaster. the issue was never Reagins, Dipoto, Scioscia, or Eppler. I feel bad that I ever thought for a second it was
  2. We need Arte to sell. And I don’t mean sell talent from the MLB club. I mean sell the entire franchise. Guy isn’t cut out to be an owner. The good teams don’t have an owner that’s involved in decisions like he is Eppler will be getting another chance at being a Gm in this league elsewhere just like Dipoto did
  3. The Angels are in a situation with the pitching where they cannot afford to spend more than 3 or 4 million on a 2nd baseman this year. If they could afford more they would simply give Simmons a 3 year deal and keep Fletcher at 2nd. It is what it is. 2B is going to be an unproductive position next season. You can thank the Upton and Pujols contracts for that one
  4. Signing Rendon instead of Cole was never the issue with Eppler.
  5. My big concern is the lack of progression on the farm in the upper minors. The farm system he inherited sucked, we all get that. He wasn’t going to turn lemons into lemonade in a year. But 5 years later I was really hoping we’d have a solid amount of guys in the high minors ready to come up and make an impact. I’m not seeing the massive improvement in farm quality that some are stating, really. It’s clearly better than the Dipoto days. 5 years of losing you would think we’d have a top 10 farm at least. its true some of the reason why we don’t have a great farm is because we’re always
  6. It’s too bad we’re too deep into the mess to just do a full rebuild. Watching the White Sox and Padres tear it up this year is frustrating
  7. The #1 overall pick in the draft is the only possible remaining great thing to come of this shitty season. Hoping for that
  8. Well we’re 12-24 now. goal should be to go 8-16 the rest of the way and finish up 20-40. Would give us a realistic shot at Rocker if there’s no lottery
  9. Rendon is a superstar in his prime and Simmons is kinda just an above average regular now. Big difference there but I get your point
  10. There’s no way the Angels are actually going to give Simmons 10 million this offseason with their pitching situation the way that it is, right?
  11. The only way standing pat today makes any sense is if Eppler isn’t the Gm come November. if they stand pat today and then he gets a coNtract extension I will have lost the little remaining faith I had in Arte Moreno and the rest of the organization
  12. Saying Heaney has been “good” is a stretch. He’s not the terrible but an ERA of 4.50 isn’t going to get much in a return
  13. After passing Mays hopefully in September, what records are there for him to realistically get to now. He’s not passing Aaron on the RBI list and has no chance at Really getting to 700. that was kind of my point of starting the thread: he’s mostly done or will have done the records Arte and him wanted. Where do you go from here?
  14. The biggest indication that Eppler won’t be here is that his contract wasn’t extended during the coronavirus. like him or not, I’m simply stating that you usually don’t see a Gm get to the end of their contract and then return to the same club I don’t think. Maybe there are a few examples of this that I’m unaware of though?
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