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  1. What’s your problem? Treating a post on a message board as if it’s my dissertation is bizarre behavior even for you
  2. I would have traded both Iglesias' for sure. The payoff is a couple more prospects (one potentially very good one). That's the move you have to make when you're 6.5 GB in August...you would think If they don't re-sign Raisel it's a complete failure...maybe they will...maybe they won't So we hung onto him for a maybe
  3. The lack of creativity shown is very concerning. When you have a team mired in mediocrity, you HAVE to be willing to make some bold moves to try to move the needle forward. We’re just going in circles I think a lot of this is Arte though. Felt like Eppler was limited too. Even Dipoto has a better track record in Seattle than he did here
  4. It took you this long? LOL Do yourself a favor and just check the box score...maybe watch a game once a week. Moving to the East Coast has done wonders for me. I'm never living and dying by it
  5. It's funny he had great plate discipline at one point. 0 walks in 32 at bats with the Angels. Probably a result of no pitcher fearing him too
  6. What a dumbass Maddon is. Him an Minasian is like dumb and dumber I feel bad for Suarez
  7. Wow Maddon is a dick. They didn’t even really hit anything hard off Suarez that inning
  8. We have so much money tied up in Upton/Rendon/Trout next year that it’s going to be tough to build the pitching we need. The bottom line is you have to sell whatever you can and hope the arms you get in return can contribute at some point next season. Also at some point we have to say fuck everything else and just go after flame throwers in the off-season. Spend the entire budget on bullpen Were stuck in purgatory right now. We’ve gone heavy drafting pitching, great. We’re making the right move of not converting them to relievers until they show us they need to be. But that’s also the problem. Most of them are still so early in their development that we can’t find a role for them. Honestly, it would be great if we had a few guys who had already flamed out as starters who were ready to be relievers from day 1 next year. I’m just not seeing it though yet. A guy like C-Rod is the epitome of what I’m talking about. You want him to be a starter or at least a multi-inning guy so you send him down and let him develop properly. But there’s zero doubt that right now the team would benefit from him being the 8th inning guy
  9. Not from me. I felt like they had a very reasonable chance at it. But it’s dwindling…
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