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  1. You are the one denying reports from well-respected/informed writers, not the other way around. It's amazing how clouded your judgement gets with regards to certain people inside the organization. It's possible you end up right, but just as possible you are dead wrong. To be spouting off "no chance Arte pulled out" after that tweet is bizarre delusion
  2. Because Arte Moreno has always been completely logical in his entire tenure as Angels owner
  3. Arte Moreno needs to sell. What a fucking bitch
  4. This is peak Angels fan stuff. Just gut wrenching honestly
  5. Joc RF Trout CF Rendon 3B Ohtani DH Upton LF La Stella 1B Simmons SS Castro C Fletcher 2B Lord have mercy
  6. Goodwin was a good solid player last year but Pederson destroys righties. Big upgrade
  7. Joc/Stripling are worth more than just Rengifo but I don't think we will be sending back TWO top 10 prospects. That would be a lot
  8. It's amazing how the dodgers keep making out better and better in this seemingly lol
  9. You would have to think. But Friedman has fleeced many teams in his day
  10. The dodgers better be giving up additional pieces if they’re getting Graterol too. Friedman is a wizard if not
  11. Maeda is quite a bit better than Bundy and probably Tehran too. Let’s be real here