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  1. Upton ain’t going anywhere. Having him on the roster as a part time player is probably okay I guess. Although his contract sucks. The issue is compounded by the fact that we also have Pujols and Ohtani. 3 guys that are essentially DH only. That’s 12% of the 25 man roster that is extremely limited. Based on that, Minasian has his hands full if he actually is going to commit to run prevention defensively. It’s not going to happen with Upton in left full time
  2. What was it? That you think you’re better than people that don’t have a college degree?
  3. His on field performance wasn’t good last year though. He’ll get another chance elsewhere. His prior 2 seasons were good enough for that and he still throws hard. The Angels have enough hot and cold guys in the Pen with Robles, Buttrey, etc. they need to invest in someone more reliable. I expect that to be one of the many priorities for Minasian going into a complicated offseason
  4. So taking Roids made him over 200 million dollars. Absolutely worth it
  5. They were already gone but yeah. Guys an idiot. I had a feeling he was on roids again when I saw the numbers he put up last year Mets have a lot of money to spend now. It’s too bad that couldn’t have happened to Pujols...lol
  6. The bottom line is the outfield is a total disaster defensively. Upton and Adell were liabilities and Trout has clearly lost a step and can’t cover for them. I don’t think the infield is going to be the issue...you’ve got Rendon, Fletcher, Rengifo and can add Wong or Simmons. That seems just fine to me once again we have too many DH only guys on this roster in Upton, Ohtani, and Pujols. Minasian has his hands full with that
  7. I like Hendricks’ track record and consistency a lot more than Darvish’s. Darvish is a frustrating pitcher and a bit of an enigma at times But realistically the Angels need both if they aren’t getting Bauer. This team needs a #1 and a #2. I feel comfortable with Bundy-Heaney-Canning as the 3-4-5. If you are still counting on Ohtani I just feel sorry for you at this point the only way I’m building a package around Adell/Marsh is if I’m getting both
  8. I don’t see how you can be an Angels fan and NOT be concerned about Arte Moreno at this point. he is as incompetent as it gets
  9. Moreno is a total disaster. the issue was never Reagins, Dipoto, Scioscia, or Eppler. I feel bad that I ever thought for a second it was
  10. We need Arte to sell. And I don’t mean sell talent from the MLB club. I mean sell the entire franchise. Guy isn’t cut out to be an owner. The good teams don’t have an owner that’s involved in decisions like he is Eppler will be getting another chance at being a Gm in this league elsewhere just like Dipoto did
  11. The Angels are in a situation with the pitching where they cannot afford to spend more than 3 or 4 million on a 2nd baseman this year. If they could afford more they would simply give Simmons a 3 year deal and keep Fletcher at 2nd. It is what it is. 2B is going to be an unproductive position next season. You can thank the Upton and Pujols contracts for that one
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