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  1. My bad I don’t spend 16 hours per day positing on this forum and reading the current takes so I know what to post and what not to carry on message board policewomen
  2. I can’t wait until JUp is off this roster. 50 million tied up in him and Albert is painful
  3. Honestly, what’s there to like? Boring calls, too much rambling after every pitch. Asking Gubi too many questions granted, he’s not done any favors having to announce with Gubi who has been a clown for years
  4. This Sutton guy is almost as bad as Gubicza. What a brutal combo when does Vasgersian get here?
  5. Had an ERa under 2 last season. He’s worth his contract. Great job by the Angels to battle back on him
  6. Bad pitching and can’t score runs unless Trout is involved. Painful to say but this is the same team that we’ve had the last 5 seasons
  7. Upton ain’t going anywhere. Having him on the roster as a part time player is probably okay I guess. Although his contract sucks. The issue is compounded by the fact that we also have Pujols and Ohtani. 3 guys that are essentially DH only. That’s 12% of the 25 man roster that is extremely limited. Based on that, Minasian has his hands full if he actually is going to commit to run prevention defensively. It’s not going to happen with Upton in left full time
  8. What was it? That you think you’re better than people that don’t have a college degree?
  9. His on field performance wasn’t good last year though. He’ll get another chance elsewhere. His prior 2 seasons were good enough for that and he still throws hard. The Angels have enough hot and cold guys in the Pen with Robles, Buttrey, etc. they need to invest in someone more reliable. I expect that to be one of the many priorities for Minasian going into a complicated offseason
  10. So taking Roids made him over 200 million dollars. Absolutely worth it
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