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  1. Won’t be a shock because he was on them when he was with the Cardinals, in my opinion. Being around a well-known juicer in McGwire makes it very possible that Pujols was on steroids. Pujols has never been suspend for steroids but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t on steroids them. Some players just know how to beat the system. #McGwire
  2. Just remember that Gaylord Perry is in the Hall of Fame despite cheating when he was pitching in the big leagues. Guys like Bonds and Clemens will make the Hall of Fame one day.
  3. Gaylord Perry is in the Hall of Fame despite cheating when he was a pitcher in the big leagues. Yet, you have guys like Bonds and Clemens who were Hall of Farmers before their PED usage. And they’re still not in the Hall of Fame. Hypocritical voters. Bunch of fakes just like the Dodgers’ asterisk 2020 World Series title.
  4. In the final game of the 2015 regular season for the Angels, Trout was batting .300 and grounded out in his final at bat of the season in the 8th inning with the Angels down big to the Rangers. That propelled Trout to finish the 2015 season with a .299 batting average. (Bleep!)
  5. Trout has been screwed in the AL MVP voting at least twice. The notorious 2012 voting and 2015, which might even be worse than in 2012. RBI’s, RBI’s, RBI’s! Lame stat. 2015, he was better than Donaldson, who had a great year himself, in basically every non-team dependent stat like OBP, SLG, OPS, and OPS+. 2018 possibly as well.
  6. Cool story, bro. I didn’t want Trout to win the AL MVP this season. He has already won enough MVP’s for my satisfaction.
  7. I do not see Trout’s name in the top-3 finalist list for 2020 AL MVP. Oh wait, never mind, it was only a 60-game season. Ramirez for AL MVP!
  8. The only season in which I wouldn't care if Trout won the the AL MVP or not. Hopefully, he doesn't put up a .250/.350/.500 slash line in one of the upcoming seasons because once he does, it's over.
  9. So why should the 2017 Astros have an asterisk next to their title? They're not the only World Series team that has had cheaters before on their team. 2018 Red Sox: Cora and Steven Wright 2002 Angels: Glaus and Donnelly 2009 Yankees: Cano, A-Rod, Melky, and Pettitte. Should we place an asterisk next to those World Series teams with cheaters, too? The list just goes on and on. Using PED in MLB is cheating. Cheating is cheating, doesn't matter how bad it is.
  10. If Bauer pitches like he did in 2018 or 2020, he'll be a great addition to the Angels. If he doesn't pitch like he did in any of those two seasons, he'll be overpaid. The guy reminds me of Ervin Santana. Santana had a few good years as a pitcher but he was all over the place. Had many okay/bad seasons on the mound mixed in with those good seasons.
  11. This is the same Dodgers franchise who has a women beater in Urias on their team. Pile of junk like Urias should have been cut a long time ago.
  12. No more of this BS of a season being 60 games and a team in the Dodgers playing 16 straight games in the same ballpark in the playoffs. Out with that BS. Just glad that a 162 game season in MLB is back in 2021.
  13. Or the whole Dodgers team could have sat out this season. Let the chokers have their moments in a fake season.
  14. Dodgers are only one win away from having an asterisk being placed on their 2020 World Series. 60 games is way too small of a sample size. No other World Series champs have ever played less than 100 games in the regular season that they won it all. Getting to play in the same ballpark for like 15 straight games in the postseason. That will never happen again.
  15. Trying to compare an impact of a game of an MLB superstar to an NBA superstar is just a stupid comparison. If the standards of an MLB superstar is the same as an NBA superstar, Ted Williams would be looked upon as a very good player.
  16. The bear got tricked and lured into a trap. Idiots still think baseball is comparable to basketball. We can nit pick the things that Trout have done that Williams never did on the baseball field.
  17. You're going to accuse me of being someone who I'm not? Stop the BS! I never said everyone sucks! I just said that Bellinger is a one year wonder, which he is. Rendon and Bregman are both terrific as hitters.
  18. Bellinger belonging on this list shows you that he was a one year wonder.
  19. I couldn't care less who is the better defender between the two. I would rather be an elite hitter who plays very good defense than be a very good hitter who plays elite defense. There's never been anyone who has been an elite defender with no bat who has gotten a big deal. But there's been elite hitters who has no defense that has received big deals.
  20. Defensive WAR is a crappy stat. It just nit picks when a player makes a bad defensive play and really penalizes a defender for one bad play. There's no way that Trout cost his team like 6 runs on defense this season.
  21. Just another idiotic tweet from an idiot (no offense) who thinks baseball is comparable to basketball. FTOH!
  22. You are a smart guy who knows baseball, @Angelsjunky but this is still not even a debate. Trout is, by far, the best player in all of the Major Leagues right now. He had to deal with having a child this season so his mind wasn't always into his job. Betts' second best OPS+ in a season is 135. That's not elite. Slash line in 2019, the season where he had a 135 OPS+, were inflated in the juiced baseball season. Betts has had one great season as a hitter, which came in 2018. 2018 was the same season in which the Red Sox had Cora running the show. And I don't like to hate on Cora because the guy i
  23. Dodgers getting that asterisk in a fake season. It will never happen again when a team wins it all in 60 games played.
  24. Wait, I thought one year wonder Bellinger was better than Trout. My bad, fluke 2019 season. 2020, 60-game season. Throw the numbers out the window! Be quiet, @Angelsjunky! Trying to be nice right there.
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