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  1. I thought it was all about playing time for Albert. Won't he get LESS on an NL team, especially the Dodgers. Of course this is costing the Dodgers nothing.
  2. Will miss Victor. Victor and Gubie's chemistry got me through some depressing Angel games and thankfully many memorable Angel games as well.
  3. No matter how personal, the truth always eventually comes out. Why make it all so mysterious? It can only hurt his free agent situation. He doesn't have to give details, just say something more than the canned language of having the right to opt out.
  4. Hard to top '95 as far as disappointments go. I even took a baseball break after that. But, this is a team that does not have a chance because the pitching is not there, bottom line. You should be able to win a few games once in awhile when you score 3, 4, 5, or even 6 runs. It has to be devastating for the players to score and it doesn''t even help. And the starting pitchers that do good and leave with a lead (when they are allowed to go at least 5 innings) pretty much know the bullpen will blow it all up (and the opposing hitters are happy to face our pitchers). Of course knowing there i
  5. Well, we also are bitching (rightly so) about things that are no where near being perfection. I don't think I've ever seen the Angels play this bad (with a few exceptions, that better not be involved in a trade). It's so sad, especially now when we were looking for a nice diversion of the mess of 2020.
  6. Everyone WOULD have forgiven him except his apology meant absolutely nothing since he blamed it on the media. And, he didn't learn anything from this experience, it was all poor him.
  7. There's only one reason for someone who keeps changing their story. They are lying....trying to come up with the most believable excuse. Yep it is the same deny, deflect, and attack the accuser thing liars do. I imagine at some point in the season, reporters will be TOLD they cant bring up the situation at all. It will be their fault to not just let it go. If they handled it better and took more responsibility it would be easier to let it go.
  8. The apologies for the most part seem generic, forced, or using the company line saying what the "team" did was wrong. Not very much remorse or personal responsibility is being shown. This will not go away anytime soon. The players will be asked about this time and time again during after game interviews, etc. The ones with attitudes about it will definitely have targets on them.
  9. Maybe a prospect the Angels did not want in the deal could also factor into the decision.
  10. NO pitcher should be signed for 8 years....even 7 years especially for that $$$. Disaster in waiting.
  11. Hell, yes! I can see going as a non-political honor/celebration no matter how you feel, but wearing that hat changes the whole vibe and makes it about Trump instead of the Nationals. Disappointed with Suzuki.
  12. There's free speech and then there is just being an idiot telling the world your twisted thoughts, thinking that there are no consequences.
  13. I believe the Skaggs family said that an employee could be involved and it was being investigated. The cartoon makes it seem like the whole organization is part of a coverup, players and management.
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