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  1. It must be nice to be a fan of a team that has solid hitters 1-9.
  2. Hey @totdprods....great thread. Thanks for taking the time to do it. Kinda neat to see how all our GM plans would have worked or not worked out.
  3. Haha, ok. That has nothing to do with what I wrote.
  4. This list is why Bauer needs to be priority number one for the Angels.
  5. Just wondering why you don't think Bauer is a possibility?
  6. Those two are huge question marks. The Angels already have their own huge question mark with Ohtani. I'm not sure it would be wise to bring on another questions mark. Of the two, I'd go with Stroman, but that has to be in addition to getting a top of the rotation pitcher.
  7. It is not just the butt of jokes; it is his place in baseball history. Does Arte want to go down in baseball history as the owner who wasted the talent of one of the best players to ever play the game?
  8. Who is a top end pitcher that would be available via trade?
  9. If Arte wants to win, he is going to have to spend on pitching. There is no way around that. Bauer is a must. This team needs a front of the rotation pitcher. Another signing of a mid rotation guy would be smart too. 2-3 bullpen arms are must as well.
  10. Angels must sign Trevor Bauer and 2-3 bullpen arms. I wouldn't mind one other starter too, but it isn't a must. Any other signings or trades will just be the cherry on top.
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