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  1. Team sucks. Barely even watch anymore. I'll check their score and think to myself, "Angels lost...again."
  2. Never been more happy to have been wrong. Love Fletcher.
  3. Nobody is trading for Jansen unless the Dodgers are paying most of his salary. That dude is done.
  4. Dodgers are on the hook for 16 million a year for 2021 and 2022.
  5. Well, that is because Bauer's 40 and 45 million a year is INSANE.
  6. I'd argue, especially after a year off, Price would be the best pitcher in the Angels rotation. Yeah, that isn't saying much, but he would be.
  7. With the Dodgers getting Bauer, Price is the odd man out IMO. The Dodgers trading Price makes room for the superior Dustin May in their rotation and it would them some money. The Dodgers are paying Price 16 million a year for the 2021 and 2022 season. The Angels could trade for Price and have the Dodgers pay half of his remaining salary or so so. The Dodgers get to save some money and the Angels could get Price for let's say 8-10 million a year for 2021 and 2022. Price is also a former Maddon guy.
  8. At this point, I think the Angels sign Odorizzi and Garret Richards or two starting pitchers at that level and price.
  9. Let's wait and see what "large package of prospects" actually equals. The majority of them could be below average players.
  10. If true, I'd like to see the Angels back away from that. I'd rather seem them do something like sign Odorizzi, sign or trade for another starter, add to the BP and maybe sign someone for RF with that money.
  11. His numbers the last three seasons are underwhelming, but he fills a need.
  12. This is they type of thought that has failed for how many years in a row? The Angels need two starters at the very least.
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