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  1. The guy only cares about profits and that is something he is good at generating for himself. Unfortunately, this team is getting harder and harder to care about.
  2. It shouldn't surprise anyone that the Mexican Trump treats employees badly.
  3. My initial instinct was to say he isn't very smart, but looking at your list, overall, he has made some good decisions. It is very possible he would have done a better job with the bullpen if Arte would have let him spend money on it.
  4. You only trade Adell for a front of the rotation pitcher with years of club control. That isn't going to happen. So keep Adell. Trout, Marsh and Adell is an OF worth having.
  5. Unless there are huge immediate improvements to the bullpen, they aren't making the playoffs this year. I don't care who they play.
  6. Trade Cobb and Heaney and bring these two guys up for the rotation. It is the best way to go at this point.
  7. The Angels need to sell...sell...and sell.
  8. Team sucks. Barely even watch anymore. I'll check their score and think to myself, "Angels lost...again."
  9. Never been more happy to have been wrong. Love Fletcher.
  10. Nobody is trading for Jansen unless the Dodgers are paying most of his salary. That dude is done.
  11. Dodgers are on the hook for 16 million a year for 2021 and 2022.
  12. Well, that is because Bauer's 40 and 45 million a year is INSANE.
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