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  1. We all knew it was a BS story, but it really sucks that for 24 hours, Trout had to be doubted by even a single moron.
  2. Their home numbers will definitely go down.
  3. Well, her ass ain't as nice as Vick's mom's ass.
  4. Finally....a reason to let women play baseball!!!!!!
  5. As only a few of you know, I have some inner connections to the Angels. I can guarantee you that Trout does not use HGH at all; however I can confirm that he takes pills filled with Chuck Norris DNA which is why he is the best player on the planet. Feel free to make this go viral.
  6. Actually, his entire managing plan blew up in his face. He has no ideas left.
  7. Bleacher Report Article "I know from first hand accounts that the Yankees, Dodgers, Astros, and Red Sox all have used film to pick signs," he wrote, per NJ Advance Media's Brendan Kuty. "Just want you guys to know the truth. I personally think it's a tool in a tool belt to pick signs, but if we are going to be punishing people for it. Don't half ass it." So, how big do you think this is going to get?
  8. If it happens, it will shut the mouths of all the Dodger fans bitching right now about how they got cheated of two rings. I hope it goes public soon. lol
  9. We just have to believe that Eppler has another plan to add an arm.
  10. Can't blame Goodwin. You gotta go for the money when you have earned the chance and he earned it.