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  1. I think every team knows Sosh is more than capable of managing a team. He proved that here. I think what may turn teams off to him is that they know he had more power while with the Angels than an usual manager would have. They may believe he would have a hard time adjusting to the limited power many of these newer managers are given.
  2. Yup. 12up is one of the worst sites for anything baseball related.
  3. If he is serious about winning in 2020, he needs to cough up the money for Cole, Wheeler and either Odorizzi/Teheran.
  4. That is kinda my thought as well. Similar money, but three pitchers instead of two. All three of those pitchers are on the right side of 30 to, so the Angels can count on them to be around for a while and it can give the Angels some trade options with the young pitchers they currently have (if they want to).
  5. At this point, I'm backing away from Cole and I'm hoping the Angels choose smarter and sign all three of Wheeler, Odorizzi and Teheran.
  6. The only way this makes sense is if the Angels know Pujols is going to retire before next season. Being that isn't going to happen, I think this is just a BS rumor probably put out there by Castellanos team.
  7. Beer prices at Angel stadium seem the same as other stadiums. I don't think they are considered low anymore.
  8. It is paid attendance numbers, but that includes places like 714 Tickets that buys a ton of tickets from the Angels to sell and they end up getting stuck with them because nobody wants to go to the games. So those count as sold tickets, but they really were never sold to fans.
  9. I guess with their farm system they don't really need to.
  10. They spent a lot to re-sign Turner and Jansen even though they were only bidding against themselves. Pollock got a decent contract.