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  1. Can you imagine if the season gets cancelled and the Dodgers don't get one game from Mookie. That would be hilarious.
  2. Didn't Dipoto basically trade a bunch of his top farm guys for name players to win the west, the team failed to win and then he traded all those name players to rebuild the farm?
  3. I'd sign Corey Seager. He'll only be 27. Tons of talent.
  4. Love them both. They made the 90's and early 2000's so much fun to watch Angels baseball. Without even seeing their numbers, my first reaction was Salmon over Anderson. After seeing their numbers, I see my first reaction was correct.
  5. I would think the only reason the Angels would even consider Puig is because worst case scenario, they could trade him when Adell is ready for the show. If he had a decent first half of season, you could get something pretty good for him at the trade deadline. Of course, I'm sure every team realizes this and they are still avoiding him like the coronavirus. It just shows how bad his rep is.
  6. Thanks for looking it up. For some reason I remembered it not being as big of a deal originally.
  7. I may be wrong, but I believe the first time Richards had an elbow issue, there was no tear.
  8. Not even sure what your joke is with this one.
  9. This has the Garrett Richards situation written all over it. It doesn't tear, but it causes pain every time he pitches. They try everything to fix it, nothing works and surgery eventually is needed. That said, you don't just make him have surgery just to "get it over with". You have to follow the steps in hope something works. Odds aren't good though.