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  1. Watch Albert stick it to the Angels by going into the HOF as a Dodger.
  2. Dodger suck ups on MLB Network are praising this signing because "fans pay to see stars not batting averages."
  3. My rant: We had an entire off-season to fix this sh!t storm pitching staff and this is what we get? Sorry getting rid of Bedrosian was not enough.
  4. If the Dodgers make the playoffs, they are not gonna keep the slow ass, light hitting, Albert on their post-season roseter.
  5. So this is Albert's way of sticking it to the Angels? By taking his .198 average to the Dog Turds? BWAWAHAHAHAHA!
  6. Albert going into the HOF is comparable to Ken Griffey Jr getting in. Both will be enshrined for the first 10 years of their career not the second decade.
  7. Chuck Finley will never live this down.
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