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  1. Gonna remind the Dog Turd fans that they are champions of 37% of a season.
  2. Talk about the perfect marriage of a basketcase GM and a basketcase franchise.
  3. Let's channel all that Dodger hatred into mass love for the Rays.
  4. Maybe the post-season will make me forget this season. Maybe I will get my juices flowing around January. Right now I need a long vacation.
  5. 5 straight losing seasons. Cannot build a pitching staff Wasting Trout's prime. Makes no sense to keep him around.
  6. Baseball has been my favorite sport for most of my life but I gotta admit over the last 10-15 years it has not had the same hold on me it once did.
  7. I think most would put prime Albert over prime Trout because of Albert's post-season success
  8. Cheapens the regular season. Cheapens the playoffs. Another gimmick to get the interests of people who do not care about baseball.
  9. 1. Oregon Ducks football/basketball 2. Raiders NFL 3. Lakers NBA 4 Angels 5. Flyers NHL
  10. Outside of Nolan Ryan, everything from the 70's was the worst in Angels history, including GM Harry Dalton.
  11. Look for the team to change their unis when they move into their new stadium.
  12. Another stop gap solution by Eppler bites the dust. Who even knew Harvey was still alive?
  13. Arte will say it is not fair to make a decision based on a truncated season like this. He doesn't want to fire him and will use any excuse to keep him. Eppler stays.
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