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  1. Yep. I always want them to win while I'm watching, but am happy either way. Either they win and it shows promise for next season or they lose and increase their chances of a high draft pick. I'm also just hoping the best for the young guys, particularly Adell. He's getting his shot right now and given how young he is I just want to see him gradually improve and hopefully next season we'll see a true breakout.
  2. Yeah not much else to do at this point. I'm not up in arms about it. I just don't like trading their 4th-ish best hitter away. And I just like the guy. We'll see though.
  3. Not really what I was referring to. I didn't know La Stella was a former top prospect. The difference in trading for them was that they were already established major league players. Neither were lighting the world on fire, but they didn't give up much to get them and they had proven they could at least compete. I'm talking more the Alex Meyer type. Guys who were former top prospects that came up to the MLB and couldn't figure it out. I could be completely wrong obviously. Earlier in Eppler's tenure I would have backed this, but at this point it just seems like a dumb trade. Better to t
  4. It's going to be significantly harder to sign him now, particularly if the A's are interested. Definitely won't get a team friendly deal anymore.
  5. Right. But what I was saying was that I would have preferred to extend La Stella. Maybe they already tried and were unsuccessful so I can't say definitely that Eppler screwed up. I just don't see how 4 years of control matters if the guy can't hit. Extend the proven commodity instead of trading for a younger non-prospect. This guy is literally the same type of player Eppler has traded for time and time again (former top 100) and they never pan out.
  6. Didn't read more than the first 3 pages. I'm not so frustrated at the return for la Stella as much as I am in trading him period. If Eppler anything to impressive pitching in any meaningful way then he should have just held on to him. Obviously any chance to re sign him goes down and I would have preferred that to this move. He's one of the top bats in the lineup, he's a great guy to have on the team, and he is versatile. Seems like a Dipoto move. Trade for the sake of trading.
  7. Problem is that they didn't get a spring training. I'm very upset at how the bullpen has blown so many games, but it's so hard to judge guys that are still really getting it going. Trying to be patient, but that's tough with the short season.
  8. I haven't been paying extremely close attention to the constant updates of the season so correct me if I'm wrong. Top 2 teams in each division make the playoffs? So the fact we dropped 3 of 4 to the A's means a lot more than the actual record.
  9. Yeah, I decided to look at it because I thought there might be some validity to the Fletcher argument given his extreme propensity to make contact (even though my initial thought is obviously Trout is the guy you want coming up in any situation). Looking up the stats made me even more in awe. It's unbelievable.
  10. Actually .939 is Trout's SLG%. His OPS is 1.433. Crazy. His batting average is .466
  11. The rapid results tests are very inaccurate. All testing will produce false negatives to some degree, but from what I have read it's very high on the rapid results tests. When I wanted to get tested I called two urgent care centers that do testing and asked if they did rapid result. They both told me they were against the rapid result because of the inaccuracy. So I'm sure that's why there opted not to use those tests.
  12. Angels make the playoffs, Rendon becomes the first big free agent signing in a long time to not disappoint, and Adell lives up to the hype.
  13. Yeah I agree, but the alternative is that they don't get Betts. Maybe they just give the Sox Josiah Gray instead of Gonsolin/Downs. Gives them a player fairly equal in value to Graterol but is a SP prospect (I think).
  14. That's not really accurate. Thought is that the red Sox weren't getting enough of a return. So the Dodgers would be trading Gonsolin and Downs for Graterol and the remaining difference that needs to be made up to get betts and price. I don't know too much about them all, but Graterol is a top 50 prospect so he's worth more than Gonsolin. So Downs is used to make up that difference and the difference needed to give a better return for betts
  15. When you factor in parks Bundy hasn't been much worse than Maeda and Teheran has definitely been better. Maeda getting old and is redundant. He pushes out younger players with more upside.
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