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  1. Went to bed in my Right Said Fred t-shirt and woke up Too Sexy.
  2. I really like Matty V. Hope he eventually becomes permanent, announcing the entire season.
  3. Went to bed in a Cardi B t-shirt and woke up with a WAP.
  4. I feel that SN out of a can tastes much different than from a bottle. I will try the canned Celebration though. And the bottle. And then the can again. Just to be sure.
  5. For anyone who has T-Mobile (certain plans), they're offering a free year of Apple TV+: https://www.t-mobile.com/offers/apple-tv-plus-deal
  6. I still remember the days (as a kid) where on family trips, my Dad would pull the car over, get out, and spread the map on the hood while drinking a cold beer.
  7. Mask, sunglasses, mints. So a few months ago I sold my truck of 20 years and got a new model. Upon cleaning it out, I found a stack of AAA maps hidden under the drivers seat that I haven't looked at in 10+ years. I still think its fun looking over paper maps, with addresses and phone numbers scrawled all over and streets circled. I had a couple notes about good/bad restaurants too.
  8. Dante Bichette went on to have a nice career after he was traded in 1991 for Dave Parker (who was released later that year, lol).
  9. 6-10 is probably about right. And I would love to go 3-0 vs. SEA and knock them further out of contention for that 2nd wildcard.
  10. Great list, many of those names I've forgotten. Although you missed the one name that I'm sure everyone else here thought of too.... Edit: meh, looking back at his stats, he only had the one huge year with TEX in 2011, and the subsequent years were just about his Angels averages.
  11. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. UCLA a perfect 7-0.
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