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  1. One of my absolute favorite songs. What a voice. RIP.
  2. As I was Googling "Jerry DiPoto Roberto Baldoquin" this image of a GQ smooth @Chuckster70 popped up in the 3rd row of the search results. Way to go Chuck!
  3. Has Heady always been distributed out West or is this a new development?
  4. I would have no issue watching a televised game without any fans present. Give my Victor and some action and I'd be good for the rest of the season. I really hope this could be a solution. The nation needs baseball!
  5. Yeah pretty much. We keep all our camping "stuff" in the trailer and can leave rather quickly without a whole lot of preparation. Gets the kids out of the house and out in nature, well, as much nature as one can get at/around an RV park. But we'll usually hike or bike a good distance if we're in a cool area. And the fridge stocked with cold beer and cocktails is nice to have. Nothing beats hiking into a camp with your pack filled with food and essentials, though. I haven't done that in a while.
  6. Took the family camping this past weekend to get everyone out of the house. Well, "camping" is in our trailer and at an RV park. Check in online, didn't have to come in contact with anyone, and no one was within 100' of our camp. We stayed next door to a closed State Park campground, and it was killer to ride our bikes around the camp with absolutely no one there. No one on the trails or beach either. Got lucky with perfect weather too.
  7. Just a couple weeks ago I was so pumped that the season was right around the corner. I was coaching my son's baseball team and all the kids were excited too, with basketball season coming to an end and jumping right into baseball practices. I bought my son Trout baseball cleats and another Angels tshirt, he was so stoked. Then, boom, Coronavirus hits hard, everything is cancelled. Can't believe there's no baseball right now. Let's hope we can salvage a portion of the season, at least. There is no joy in Mudville....
  8. My kid's school district just notified us about cancelling school at least until April 14th, when they'll re-evaluate the situation. Man, what a life-changer this is becoming. I've only had a couple calls and emails today at work when I typically get a couple dozen. Seems everyone is staying home, not even working. No school, no events, no sports. But Pornhub is there, like a good friend.
  9. When Garret Cole was signed, I think someone here was doing a breakdown of how much $$ he'll make per start and per pitch. On a full 162-game schedule, it was something ridiculous. That ratio is going to go up significantly now. Imagine the Yankees paying him $36 million this year for just 30 (or less) starts.
  10. Happy Birthday Dawg. May your beer be hoppy, your porn midgety, and your bedsheets sticky.