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  1. I hope they at least mentioned how well the ball has been coming out of the pitchers' hand.
  2. I would pay to watch AP try to run down a pop fly deep in foul territory at Oakland. I would probably pay $3 to see that.
  3. He doesn't. If he did, the team would be in first place, obviously.
  4. I remember Trevor Reckling, LHP, being highly regarded at one time, only to completely disappear.
  5. Hmmm....when I think of bust, only one thing comes to mind
  6. Still waiting. 5 BB's in 160 PA's. .285 OBP. Come on Fletcher, we need you.
  7. And don't forget the 11-year personal services contract after he retires, too.
  8. I can't fathom a team signing him. Seriously, he's next to useless. Unless he's just used as a late-innings PH. But then that's taking up a roster spot that could go to someone more utilitarian.
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