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  1. Nice. I assume to ski/snowboard? If so, you are stoked.
  2. My wife is the fittest healthiest person I know, and she had a bad reaction to the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Knocked her out for a couple days with flu-like symptoms. But other much older, less healthy people we know were fine. Just weird how that works.
  3. And the Sierras are gonna get clobbered with snow. Which obviously is needed.
  4. For some reason, the incoming storm is supposed to stall over our county and just dump. We could get 7"+ inches of rain from Tuesday pm thru Friday am. Haven't seen a rain forecast like that in a long time.
  5. I'd check in to see if Hawk Harrelson is available, now that he has extra time on his hands.
  6. Wow. Trump, with two weeks left in his term, finally sounds like a President.
  7. Took me a half hour to take off that damn makeup. Toenail polish is a bitch too!
  8. But anyway, congrat's Taylor. Kids really are a shitload of fun. I surf with them, mountainbike with them, and my daughter practices her makeup styles on me. You won't believe how much you can love something.
  9. I named my boy Jameson. Not because I love whiskey (wink wink), but my wifes's name is Jamie, who's nickname is James. So, we liked the idea of James' Son. Funniest moment of my life is when my boy started to read, and we were at a restaurant seated next to a bar, and he points up to the bar shelf and says, "My name is on that bottle of wine!". He was so proud. Now on to his middle name, which is Jack, also his grandfather's middle name. We didn't really make the connection at the time, but he's got two of the most iconic whiskey brand names in his name. SMH.
  10. I picked up Whistlepig 10yr rye earlier today. Been sipping on it since after dinner. Wow, its really good. The place i got it at has a Bookers too, which I've never had but heard through a few of you that it's excellent. Might have to pick it up on Saturday. Merry Christmas, y'all.
  11. Nice. Pennywise and NOFX is also on my regular rotation of music. Met a guy at my friends' Halloween party, an unassuming white upper-class looking dude, who, after talking with him, LOVES Dead Kennedys. I randomly played a DK song and next thing I know he's my best friend, talking all about the band, what he knows, shows he's been to, drugs he's done, etc. It was great.
  12. MLBPA rejects MLB's initial 2021 season proposal, offers counter proposal. MLB rejects MLBPA's counter proposal, offers counter-counter proposal. MLBPA rejects MLB's counter-counter proposal, offers counter-counter-counter proposal. MLB rejects MLBPA's counter-counter-counter proposal, offers counter-counter-counter-counter proposal. MLBPA rejects MLB's....
  13. Solid player, solid person. Seems like he didn't get the recognition he deserved while playing for the Halos. Unrealistic expectations and injuries played into that a bit. But he was fun to watch. Interesting, when he came up, I remember he was comp'd to Bill Madlock. Their career #'s were actually pretty close: Howie (15 years) .294/.337/.430. 354 2B, 38 3B, 127 HR, 724 RBI Madlock (15 years) .305/.365/.442. 348 2B, 34 3B, 163 HR, 860 RBI
  14. I tried a DIPA from Iowa last week, Hopsmack from Toppling Goliath. Not sure how it was distributed around here, but it was good.
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