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  1. Yup, that's the reason no players were punished. Yes, "Barstool Sports" but it was in response to a WSJ article:
  2. Figured Adell would be where he is, but very happy to see Marsh ranked so high. Our outfield in the years to come will be so exciting.
  3. Sometimes, when I'm feeling down, I pull up his BB Reference stats page just for fun.
  4. Thanks. You're a gentleman and a scholar. I don't care about what other people say about you.
  5. Save the commentary. Twice I've gone through this thread, last night on my phone and this morning on my PC and AJ's original post linking Trouts box jump on Twitter was not loading up on my end, for whatever reason it was just a grey box. That's never happened before, so I missed it being posted. Sorry everyone for completely ruining the thread by posting something twice! Yikes!
  6. ? Funny that everyone here is required to read every single post of every single thread. No way I can keep up with that.
  7. I would've bet a lot of money that this quote came from Tdawg.
  8. Rearranging the numbers in 2002 gets you 2020. It's meant to be.
  9. Trade Angel player <insert terrible or underachieving Angels MLB player here> in addition to <insert terrible or underachieving Angels MiLB player(s) here> for <insert opposing team's superstar MLB player here>.