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  1. Keys, wallet, beeper, digital pocket rolodex, tic tacs.
  2. On Sunday, we had our highest ever temp reading, 120 at Cal Poly, and 117 at the airport closer to my house. I can't remember the temp getting over 113 or so in the 25 years I've lived here. It was hell, not unlike Bixby Knolls, although we spent most of the day at the beach. Just us four and then the rest of the central coast, central valley and counties to the north and south of us, since their beaches were "closed". It was a zoo.
  3. Damn, you're absolutely right. I better get her a headset.
  4. Ha, I know, what's that. Wife likes using it when she talks to her Mom or sisters 23.5 hours per day.
  5. I just went back to cable. I had YTTV last year to watch the Angels, dropped it to get Hulu live for this year. I liked each service but missed the ease of quickly flipping through stations. I still had cable service with a scaled-down channel lineup. I called my cable service to see if I could get just one addition station, Fox Sports West, and they end up upgrading me to a full channel lineup for less than what I was previously paying, plus upgrading me to better cable boxes and remote. Although I still have my streaming services, I just like the ease of cable TV.. Now I pay $130
  6. An African Prince experiences cultural and courtship misadventures in his quest to find his true love.
  7. For those, like me, who missed what happened, what happened?
  8. Michael Jackson's hair catching on fire in '84. I was 8. I really though his whole head burned off.
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