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  1. Good for her, thanks for the update. She seemed pretty cool when she was active here.
  2. Darn, I was hoping Jacob deGrom was accidentally put on waivers.
  3. Hmmm... looks ok to me, although they could get better at social distancing.
  4. Eff me. I got away from cable and went to YTTV because I didn't want to pay for those crap channels.
  5. I forgot, or maybe I just purged it from my brain, how bad the team was during the last part of the season. Holy smokes. Wilfredo Tovar? haha.
  6. Nice! What years were you in SLO? I graduated in '01.
  7. That was badass! Loved the slomo of the takedown.
  8. Love it. Wished they used more of the navy blue color in the uni's.