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  1. I'm sure all teams have their phone line open 365 days a year for possible Trades!!
  2. Sounds like Maddon will be lobbying Arte to extend Eppler beyond this season. Fine with me. I'm cool with 5 years of Eppler / Maddon, just no more 10 year contracts.
  3. 1: Sign SP Gerrit Cole - 8/$280m 2. Sign C Yasmani Grandal - 4/80m 3. Sign SP Zack Wheeler - 5/100m 4. Sign Backup C Martin Maldonado - 1/2m 5. Sign 1B Kole Calhoun - 3/18m 6. Extend SS Andrelton Simmons - 5/$50m 7. Have Goodwin/Adell cover RF; Keep Marsh/Hermosillo as OF depth at AAA 8. Trade Jones, Ward, Thaiss for milb pitchers; Keep Walsh as 1B depth at AAA 9. Make La Stella everyday 2B (Rengifo as UT INF) 10. Make Fletcher everyday 3B Rotation: Cole, Wheeler, Ohtani, Heaney, Canning, Sandoval Bullpen: Robles, Middleton, Buttrey, Bedrosian, N Ramirez, Anderson, F Pena Lineup: LaStella, Trout, Ohtani, Upton, Grandal, Pujols/Calhoun, Simmons, Adell/Goodwin, Fletcher Bench: Calhoun, Goodwin, Rengifo, Maldonado 13 pitchers plus 13 hitters = 26 players Payroll = A TON
  4. I also remember during that playoff series Hamilton saying he was allowing the team to inject "poison" (cortisone shots) into his body in an effort to get back on the field and help the team...
  5. Astros Playbook: 1) Be Total Jerks 2) Lie about being Total Jerks 3) Get Caught 4) Apologize for Being Total Jerks
  6. "If he wanted to offer support for Osuna, he would tell Osuna, not yell it in front of reporters and cameras. No, this was something darker. Arrogance, intimidation and a contemptible sort of nastiness. Something the organization easily could have disavowed. Instead, it tried to spin it -- and whirled itself into a corner from which there is no extrication." - Jeff Passan
  7. Can the punishment be like the Braves where they have to release all their international prospects or something...?
  8. Worth every penny! How do I get that little black circle?
  9. Sold on going for Cole, Wheeler, and Grandal.