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  1. Angels have had good 2B like Bobby Grich, Johnny Ray, Adam Kennedy, and Howie Kendrick. In between them not so good. Actually, it's a scary list and I'm not going to look at it, because it will give me nightmares.
  2. Iglesias to the Angels and Iglesias to the Angels
  3. Our Top 30 is blacker and more latin and that's always a good thing!
  4. This is one of the slower developing trades I can remember in a long while....
  5. Angels Win With Help From a Fan By MIKE PENNER JULY 15, 1985 12 AM TIMES STAFF WRITER Had this game been played in mid-October, rather than on the final Sunday before the All-Star break, they’d be writing poetry about it. Maybe they will, anyway. This one, a 5-3 Angel triumph over the Toronto Blue Jays, will be hard to dislodge from the memory of anyone who witnessed it. The setting: Two American League division leaders doing head-to-head combat before a roaring Anaheim Stadium crowd of 35,306. It’s a pitchers’ duel, heavy on managerial chess-playing,
  6. I'm fine with Fletcher at 2B, and La Stella at 1B platooning with Pujols. Maddon likes to mix and match. Keep Rengifo, Thaiss, and Walsh around for depth or package in a trade.
  7. Angels were interested in Sabathia and Teixeira, and the Yankees got them. Will this time be different? I hope so.
  8. I vote for Wheeler, Grandal, and Will Smith. oh wait...
  9. Fletcher telling us to not jump to conclusions, is like telling water to not be wet. It's what we were born to do.
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