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  1. I wonder what the record is for most wins to start a season without one from a starter.
  2. True small sample size caveat, but it is still concerning. My grammar is poor. Disappointing in the sense we lost the last game when we had opportunities to win it, but going 4-2 against two playoff teams is nothing to sneeze at. I would've said before the season started that going 4-2 in the first homestand would be a great start.
  3. Although disappointing, 4-2 homestand against playoff teams is a great start to the season. Solid signs from the starting pitching, Jup, Walsh, Stassi. Concerning is Raisel Iglesias, Fletcher, and Heaney.
  4. Yes. I was a little concerned judging from the the CF's reaction that he might have a play on it.
  5. Depends on the what you're trying to accomplish. To make and play in an actual MLB game, yes relief pitcher would be the easiest as it's the position that has the most players. If you want to make and stick it without having overly good skill or being potentially replaced as easy, it will be catcher.
  6. I just heard this about an hour ago on the radio. Really surprised. As @Dave Saltzer said, maybe he needs some time to clear his head on whether or not continuing to pursue a baseball career is worth it for him. I hope it isn't anything serious.
  7. Really liked the swing Upton got on the pitch. Really good pitch by Giolito as well.
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