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  1. Valid points, I guess bad experience is still experience. I'm not sure if I'm right or wrong on this, but with the notable exception of Dipoto, if you don't do very well in your first GM job, it's very difficult to get another. Because of this, I would think a GM candidate would think long and hard before coming to work for Arte. I just think he may have unrealistic expectations which will be very difficult to fulfill.
  2. So the Angels fire Eppler, but who's going to come in that's better? With Arte's meddling, why would any top tier GM candidate want to work for him?
  3. Thank you for the compliments. As I posted in the other thread, I don't like this move. Dipoto completely made a mess of the team by trading away nearly all prospects of value for marginal and iffy players. Yes, the Angels went to the playoffs in 2014 and was in it the last day in 2015, but the damage done by Dipoto haunted the Angels ever since. The only way to get back to winning quickly is to overspend and sign permium FAs and hope they work out. But of course Arte needed yacht fuel and/or Eppler didn't like the FA's available for the price and the Angels didn't really sign anyone
  4. Eppler inherited a mess and cleaned it up. Now someone else will get credit for it.
  5. Stassi isn't proven, having a veteran catcher would be nice as this looks like a small sample size improvement that Stassi probably can't keep up for a full season, but it's not the end of the world if the Angels don't get one. Honestly the position players are all pretty solid. Let Marsh, Ward, and Walsh start playing regularly next season. An improvement the Angels can do is to stop playing Pujols so much. A sub .700 OPS is not acceptable from a first baseman. With the slowest running speed and a suspect glove, he's at best a situational pinch hitter.
  6. I do not want Dombroski. If Arte is willing to spend, let Eppler spend and not Dombroski. This can easily turn into a Dipoto situation where he scorched earth the farm system and didn't even win a playoff game. Stay the course, it's about to bear fruit. Remember the 2000s? where the Angels won the WS and went to the playoff 6 times? How did they do it? A great farm system and some key FA signings and trades that worked out. The farm has produced Trout obviously, but Fletcher, Heaney, Pena, Ramirez, Barria, Marsh, Ward, Walsh, and hopefully Adell turns it around to match the hype he
  7. 1 or 2 NBA players did the same thing. In anticipation of a large FA contract, the player(s) sat out as the team(s) had a very slim chance of making the playoffs, just in the small chance he gets a major injury. I remember one of the players was on the Wizards and the team and the teammates were widely in support of this move, as the team is trying to resign him and thus want to ensure to make him happy and the players know this is a business. Without having further insight, I'm sure the players understand what Simmons is doing and respect the decision. His next contract is most likely his
  8. I think Eppler has done a solid job considering what he inherited. If you do fire Eppler, who do you replace him with? What sought after GM candidate would want to work with Arte when he's inclined to butt in at times?
  9. Solid get IMO. Could turn into a solid bullpen piece. All you ask for when you trade a player of Castro's caliber as a rental.
  10. The Angels and Braves seem like a logical fit. The Braves have a quite a bit of their top 30 prospects that are pitchers https://www.mlb.com/prospects/braves/ . I think a package with Bryse Wilson (#5), Freddy Tarnok(#13), and Tyler Owens(#26) for Dylan Bundy, would be fair for both sides. What do you guys think?
  11. If you look at the pitching box score; IP, H, R, ER, BB, K all 6's. I just found that funny that the Angels of all teams would have that type of box score if you're into omens or coincidences.
  12. For sure there has been surprise performances, a player gets hot and is well above expectation. That really doesn't surprise me anymore, small sample sizes are a thing. So I eliminated every performance vote so far in the season as there's only been a dozen or so games. Any player can look like Ruth or Cy Young over a small sample size. My vote so far goes to Maddon's head scratching in game managerial moves. I don't really understand some of the decision he's made, especially with the pitching and bullpen. Just really awful.
  13. Didn't think Maddon would allow Bundy to go for the CG. Very nice. Maybe he's realized that the best way for a good bullpen is to not use a crappy one too often.
  14. Stassi is like that golfer dude who put on 50 lbs of muscle and is now bombing drives. Out of nowhere.
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