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  1. So based on what I'm reading, he got reassigned but didn't want to be reassigned and thus left the organization or is he still with the Angels? Very confusing based on what I'm seeing. Some articles say he got reassigned while others saying he's being let go. Which one is it?
  2. I dunno who to root against in the ALCS, because I fucking hate both teams. Boston is fucking annoying because of their fans and they knocked the Angels out multiple times in the playoffs, but Houston is fucking Houston and fuck Houston.
  3. Interesting, I wonder what the discussion was for Vasgersian. Seems to me he really liked working for one team instead of working on a national broadcast.
  4. Someone is listening to him to have the station keep bringing him back on the air.
  5. Lol at this Angels lineup. So punchless without Ohtani. Might as well root for history. Literally after I posted Fletcher gets a walk, gg perfect game.
  6. Not sure, whatever his reasoning is, I don't like it. It's a lost season, let these pitchers learn how to go deep into games. Maddon takes them out first sign of trouble.
  7. It's been said already, Maddon needs to give the starters more of a leash. This is getting really ridiculous.
  8. I love these stupid articles when teams struggle to score or scoring like crazy. One of the first things you learn in statistics is the concept of variance. When your true success rate is in the 30 percent range, you'll go through dry spells more often than not. One month you're at 35 percent and scoring a bunch of runs, the next month you're at 25 and can't score at all. @jsnpritchett is dead on with some players also coming back down to earth after a hot start.
  9. Offensive isn't the problem with the Angels. If I was GM, I would spend maybe 4-5 million max on SS and use any available funds on pitching. Iglesias is worth -WAR due to his terrible fielding. I vote for someone like Freddy Galvis or Ehrie Adrianza if you want a bit more bat. I don't think Rojas will be available with the way he's playing this year and if he is not picked up by the Marlins will most likely be asking above what I would be willing to pay.
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