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  1. FYP. The contract itself wasn't too terrible, but Bonilla and his agent accepting deferred money at 8% interest was a great decision. Plus, he had to wait 10+ years before he received his first payment. A lot of people would take an 8% guaranteed return every year.
  2. I sold most of my stock on Friday because I thought a 2nd wave of shutdowns was going to occur causing the market to go down. Whoops, last 2 days have been good/solid gains. Hard to predict this market. I'm going to sit out and see what happens, but I did stay in it for 5+ years, so I'm happy with the return I got.
  3. I think the short season favors the Angels. Shorter season means shorter chance of injuries to the pitching staff.
  4. So ready for baseball. With a much shorter season, anything can happen and any team can win it all.
  5. Many people don't understand basic finance, so it doesn't surprise me they don't understand economics.
  6. I voted 4, I really fear there's going to be a second wave because of the states opening up. The data doesn't look good, where it seems every day is setting a record number of new cases and hospitalizations. I sincerely hope I'm wrong but man it's hard to be optimistic right now. Stay safe everyone.
  7. The only thing I can think of is Branch Rickey signing Jackie Robinson and Walter O'Malley not interfering.
  8. Hey everyone, ease off of Arte. He needs yacht fuel. Seriously, Pujols lost half a season's salary, one of the higher amounts on his contract mind you, and is paying the employees and he's worth maybe 1/10 of Arte. David Price is also paying every Dodgers minor leaguer 1k. Not a good look for owners.
  9. While it's a setback, it's not a wide chasm as it was last week.
  10. Wow man, we all want baseball back but it's still a game. Fauci is concerned about saving lives and keeping people safe and from COVID-19 from spreading more.
  11. Now this is progress. For the players 60 pro rated is better than 48 pro rated and for the owners this is less than 81 pro rated. I'm not doubting owners will lose money, but the amounts they were saying were way overblown. i think after some back and forth, it'll go to 72 regular season games with a 12 team playoff.
  12. Looks like the Royals signed 4 of the top 5 ranked undrafted amateurs.
  13. Like Rojas, Gubi is hit or miss for me. Anyone else liked Physioc when he was here? He was pretty decent. Miss Markas as well.
  14. Do you know how courts work? You just can't walk in and get a judge to see your case the next day. It'll take months if you're lucky. MLB and the MLBPA don't have that kind of time for the 2020 season.