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  1. Persona 5: Royal Never played a Persona game before nor do I play turn based combat games but, damn, this game earned every bit of its 95/100 metacritic score. Imagine a game with BioWare relationship/social mechanics mixed with a Scooby Doo-esque anime. If you take your time with it, you will easily surpass 100 hrs but it will breeze by...
  2. It's becoming apparent not many people here saw "Top Secret!"
  3. So her middle name is "Hillary", apparently...
  4. Yep, good call...this thread was a "Trojan horse" on the MLB thread to complain about "dat there Democrats". Yawn...
  5. He's fine..."Hitler's Dog, Gossip and Trickery" was just alright.
  6. Oh, I'm sorry, I meant comedians who were actually funny...I should have been specific...Larry the Cable Guy? Really?
  7. Whoa whoa whoa...slow down. Remember the Republicans have such comedic heavyweights like Dennis Miller and, Mike Huckabee?
  8. Then I would have AIDS of the SARS of the Leukemia of the eyes...and no one wants that
  9. Try yelling at the virus more...maybe it might work this time. It is amusing bringing up AIDS in comparison...holy shit, did AIDS become airborne?!?!
  10. Would you rather have Dipoto or Eppler as your GM for the next 3 years? Now, I'm assuming you are aware of how Dipoto completely fucked the Angels' franchise in just a few short years here prior to answering this question so your choice will be illuminating.
  11. Cool, man...he's a genious! Check back with them in a few years to see if he's still trading for prospects he previously traded or he is he's giving another go at Wade LeBlanc.
  12. Yep, Dipoto handed him a great team on the way up will tons of payroll flexibility, lots of prospects to promote and trade, and a championship caliber 25 man roster...what a loser
  13. Doesn't just happen to us? I'm shook...
  14. Both my wife and I had been sent home to work as of last Thursday. Luckily, both of our jobs allow this option and I have been able to mimic my set up from my office with a couple of monitors, a docking station and a Skype phone from work. The kids are off school indefinitely. With the last update saying "out until May 4th", they may as well cancel the rest of the in-person school year and just have everything done online. It's a weird existence and it's only been 4 days.
  15. Sale to get Tommy John surgery
  16. I'm guessing 81-100 game season with playoffs in November (they may even expand the playoffs for this season to include more teams) with July, maybe even August played before limited/no crowd.
  17. It would be awesome if he could replicate his home numbers from last year: .273 .341 .965 OPS 8 HR 20 RBI in 28 games into numbers at visiting parks
  18. I appreciate's a welcome distraction diving into this sort of stuff