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Simers: Hold Arte Accountable

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"It’s shocking, perplexing and inexcusable to have an inexpensively built team like the A’s dominate the Angels’ high rollers two years in a row."  And if you wrote for a New York paper you could say the same about the Yankees.  So what?


"It’s now been four straight years of missing the playoffs. Holy What a Waste of Weaver, in that time the Clippers, Ducks and Dodgers have all won division titles, the Kings a Stanley Cup and the Lakers an NBA title."  So what?  Totally irrelevant to baseball.  And nice to see that division titles are important.  What about the ten years prior to the last four; how would the Clippers, Ducks, Dodgers, and Kings compare to the Angels in that time period?


"Now the wait is on to see who Moreno will blame for this flop of a season. But isn’t that the problem here: accountability, or the lack of it?"  I have never heard of Moreno publicly blaming anybody.


"The disgraceful and disappointing Angels are the spitting image of their uptight, inconsistent owner who doesn’t have the stomach anymore to face fans, media or anyone else who might question his emotional leadership."  Innuendo!


“I saw him when he first bought the team; he came down here and cleaned off the counter,” said a longtime worker in a concession stand just down from the Diamond Club in Angel Stadium on Tuesday night. “Haven’t seen him since.’’  Anecdotal evidence!


"I began referring to Moreno as â€œAngry Arte,” but now realize I had it wrong."  I like that he's so proud of grade-school level name-calling.  "Look, I called him a name and I alliterated!"


"They tell me Moreno hasn’t talked to anyone in the Southern California media for some time. Maybe he’s called all you fans personally to chat."  Who is this vague "they" you refer to?  Where did you come up with that last sentence?



I could go on and on, but I think you get get the point, if you're smarter than Simers (see what I did there, being Simers-esque?)

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I'm not going to disagree with the critiques on Simers, but the one premise that Moreno is partly responsible for this 4 years of inconsistent baseball is right on.

He hired the horrible GM (J. Pierpont Reagins) that got the ball rolling.

He signed Pujols.

He signed Hamilton.

He likely forced the trade for the washed up Mr. Pop-Up.

He signed an overrated manager to a TEN year deal.

He ignored foreign players for some 5 years.

He allowed his in over his head GM to drain the farm.

All of that is on YOU, Arte Moreno!

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He's an awful writer...and nothing in this article did anything to dispove that assertion. 


The only way you would like this article is if you didn't like Arte to begin with, which is basically what I'm witnessing in this thread.  He could have saved himself a column and just wrote "Arte sucks" and some would have said "he's a got a point".

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There's a couple somewhat valid points in there that would benefit from being in an article not written by T.J. Simers.


But then it's buried under a thick layer of T.J.'s annoying as **** shtick. And his jilted lover nonsense about Arte not wanting to hang out with him(I can't possibly imagine why "Angry Arte" would want to spend as little time in your vicinity as possible, T.J.!)

Edited by jshep
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Simers has taken a personal problem with Arte and made it public.  How does he expect that their relationship will ever be repaired?  If someone took all of your alleged mistakes and published them in the newspaper how would you feel, especially if there were other great things you did for fans, the community, charities, and others?  It's a terrible article as far as I am concerned because it picks only negatives, has a lot of personal attacks in it, therefore it is not a balanced article at all.  It loses credibility because it's obvious Simers is personally upset with Arte.  This is not reporting folks, this is an editorial (one man's opinion).  Everyone makes mistakes, Arte has made some with regard to baseball operations.  Simers has made a lot of them too, unfortunately they are pretty personal in nature.


With regard to blame.  If you will all recall, Arte took the blame for this season in an earlier article.  This is the ugly side of any business, when mistakes get made, rats come out of the wood work.  I don't need a rat like Simers explaining the damage.

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Does Simers go overboard?   Yes


Should major league sports be treated with kid gloves?     No.


He does serve a purpose in this town.

It never serves a purpose to publicly attack anyone in a newspaper with unbalanced reporting, purely editorial comments that are provocative and manipulative in nature.  For me it's an sneaky form of bias.  I realize it's done a lot, especially with political figures, I just don't think it's constructive reporting.  Then again, this is one of the major reasons why I hardly ever read the Register, and never subscribe to a newspaper. They have kind of changed into the trashy stuff you find at the grocery checkout counter.

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