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  1. Definitely still need to sign or trade for another arm. I wanted Alex Wood as a buy low guy that has solid potential and is still young. However, that's not necessarily the impact arm. There are a lot of arms in our system Suarez, Pena, Barria, Peters, etc. Doesn't mean any of them are worth a damn. If our current projected rotation of Ohtani, Heaney, Canning, Teheran, Bundy gets hurt we're in the exact same position as 2019 by filling the injured spots with turds.
  2. Anything that keeps Manson off the ice more I'm fair game on. However, I'm still not a huge Fowler fan on the PP.
  3. All is good, GB! I'm a Texan now hah. Things are good though. AW got lost in the shuffle of the move. Definitely trying to get more involved here again though. Feels like forever.
  4. The Ducks are putting themselves in a solid position for the draft. We're due for some luck. If we can somehow get the #1 pick and get Lafreniere that would be huge. Zegras looks like the real deal. He actually looks like an elite talent. Steel, Terry, Jones, Comtois are all very talented guys and I think in the next year or 2 they'll significantly improve. None of them are elite level talents to lead the next gen like Getzlaf and Perry were. Zegras and Lafreniere could be those guys. Elite level guys that have impact right away when they hit the NHL. Not just rookies getting their feet wet. T
  5. What an offseason so far for the Angels. I’m glad they’re “all in” though. I was really pissed odd earlier and now I’ve had a chance to calm down. I’m still incredibly upset with the news. Now our Plan D option of Ryu/Bumgarner as our top targets feels so damn underwhelming. At this point there’s not even a guarantee we can grab those guys. Grandal, Wheeler, Stras, Cole. Goose egg on all of them. It’s very frustrating. More so with Arte. I can’t blame Eppler on this. I don’t get why others are either. Even if we get Rendon we'll be in a similar spot as the 2013 team trying to slug our way to w
  6. FWIW, money will not be equal even if we out bid NY. That CA tax will take a serious bite out of any deal we offer. Location is all about preference too.
  7. Cole is the must sign. After that we still need a second arm and I'd rather do that via FA than trade. As I've mentioned a few times I'm really into Alex Wood (2020 would be his age 29 season). He'll be cheap and has a really solid track record with the Dodgers in the past. Odorizzi is another I like as well. Either of these guys would be solid 2/3s to build around Cole, Ohtani, Canning. At the end of the day we need at least 2 arms and doing it via FA seems better than trading for the arm especially since we'll lose a pick on Cole.
  8. We'd get some epic action shots from his drone too.
  9. The potential for this happening makes me want him more.
  10. His wRC+'s since joining the Angels. 2016- 90 2017- 103 2018- 109 2019- 85 He's coming off back to back 5 WAR seasons and going into his age 30 season in 2020 about to hit free agency. I like Simmons. He's obviously an amazing defender and has tons of tools and smarts you can't put in a stat necessarily. Great clubhouse guy too and a fan favorite. However, is the difference he makes at SS worth the cost for his salary vs what Fletcher/Rengifo produce PLUS what we can acquire by trading him?
  11. What evidence is there that he'll get better in his 30s? His wRC+ hovers right at 100. Literally average. Defense has been down this year (granted might be due to the ankle injury) compared to years past. With Rengifo and Fletcher along with the guy we drafted this year we have options. Much cheaper options that we can put money towards a true need in starting pitching. Simmons could be put to good use with that one more year on the contract.
  12. Agree with Strad. Dodgers have made all of their big SP moves via trade or development. Greinke was the last one. Most/all of their FA SP signings have been for mid tier guys. Not saying the Dodgers won't check in on Cole and see but this is a guy the Angels almost have to overpay for. Do whatever it takes to get him signed.
  13. I'm wondering if the Angels get Cole in the off season and sign 1 of Odorizzi or Alex wood. Jake will be in his age 30 season and Wood will be entering his age 29 season. Pairing Cole with Odorizzi/Wood along with Ohtani, Canning and company would go a long way. Like Jeff has said in the past. We don't have the luxury of having assets we can sell for prospects that we can afford to lose building towards 2020 and beyond. 2019 is a wash at this point. Look to 2020. We keep the farm intact and improve the rotation significantly as well by adding those 2 FA pitchers. Let Canning, Saurez, Barria co
  14. Tigers apparently looking to keep Boyd. They haven't been blown away with any offer. They asked Houston for Tucker gives you a bit of an idea on the market for him. Then again.. This is coming from Nightengale so this probably means he's getting traded.
  15. This just absolutely heartbreaking. Makes my heart go cold just at the thought of this. Such an amazing person and always great with fans. A reminder that this really is just a game and these are actual human beings out there. I'm truly gonna try to refrain from personal insults to players anymore. This was very humbling. Something we all should do. RIP, Tyler. TS45
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