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  1. Taken in his prime. My heart goes out to his Wife, Parents, Kids, and all his loved ones in this very difficult time. RIP.
  2. Mickey Rivers back in the day was that player. Very fun to watch.
  3. Autry, Finley, Fergosi, and Ryan.
  4. The Angels make it to the ALCS where they lose in a devastating game 6. Scioscia is blamed and this Bob character hangs for another season. For obvious reasons I won't say who was pitching. No worries though as they follow up with a WS showing the next year with Scioscia and his 3 year extension firmly planted at the helm. Only to lose in a 5 game debacle. One bright spot; Ohtani pitches a 1 hit gem in the first game before losing the next four straight. Scioscia gets the blame and Bob finally gets the props he doesn't deserve by very few. Boom! I'll accept $50 increments over the next two seasons.
  5. Kershaw and Sale among others don't seem to have that problem?
  6. White House? You're lucky your car wasn't towed.
  7. $20 might cover the dignity, but nothing says class like the mint next to it.
  8. C'mon dude. It's that kind of crap that probably lands you on ignore lists.
  9. Agree, that and tattoos. Sorry in advance for the offensive remark
  10. I thought he was a meteorologist, specializing in cloud formations.