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  1. Jesus Maddon. Even if he gets out if the inning. Let the guy learn how to get out of a jam. And it wasn't even a jam. These relievers blow. Well...there's another run. Way to go Joe. You done fucked up again.
  2. He blows worse than Monica Lewinsky, but the defense is shit as well.
  3. Complete and utter bullshit by the umps. I've never seen 2 balks back to back that absolutely were not balks. Unfuckingbelievable. Could cost us the game.
  4. Goddamn i hate this team. They literally suck all the joy out of everything. Take the lead...two walks and an error...
  5. Goddamn. Anyone but that piece of shit. And yeah let's put Iglesias in a non save situation again. Pure genius. Man I loved when we hired Maddon. Now I hate his fucking guts.
  6. It's freaking groundhog day. Same shit every game. Literally the same exact thing. Every game. Holy shit it gets old. Oh now you take him out. Cool Maddon.
  7. Mayers sucked ass last inning and honestly all season...and he throws him out there for a 2nd inning. Maddon deserves to lose. He's pure garbage.
  8. Is it me, or is every decision that Maddon makes...literally the worst decision ever?
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