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  1. Adell has zero idea of what he's doing at the plate. If you're going to sit Shohei...you have to sit Adell. Ward has been hitting.
  2. It's been pretty obvious that Pena is the better option.
  3. Upton, Pujols, Ward are huge liabilities. Bullpen doesn't have one elite guy. Not even one "good" guy. In the next couple years you could see Marsh at 1st with Trout, Adams and Adellnin the outfield. That's exciting, but at least 2 years from happening. They have to start using high picks on elite arms.
  4. He did. Just questionable pitch calling and location on two 0-2 counts.
  5. I remember everyone on here being livid about that trade. He wasn't low rated in our system.
  6. The trading of top prospects for rentals was an absolute killer. Wouldn't it be nice to have Clevinger right now? Personally, I also think the firing of Eddie Bane was a huge mistake. Socks watching guys like Corbin and Clevinger become great pitchers for other teams and would've been cost controlled.
  7. Lost this in 2 things. Maddon's poor decision to put in Buchter..and Adell's terrible defense.
  8. It should have...doesn't take away the fact Ramirez is garbage. It would've been a good play if he caught it.
  9. Now you take him out. Classic. You take out Teheran...but leave Ramirez in to put the game out of reach. That 88 mph overpowering stuff. Amazing.
  10. And he doesn't do anything overpowering. It's just bad approaches at the plate.
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