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  1. Lost this in 2 things. Maddon's poor decision to put in Buchter..and Adell's terrible defense.
  2. It should have...doesn't take away the fact Ramirez is garbage. It would've been a good play if he caught it.
  3. Now you take him out. Classic. You take out Teheran...but leave Ramirez in to put the game out of reach. That 88 mph overpowering stuff. Amazing.
  4. And he doesn't do anything overpowering. It's just bad approaches at the plate.
  5. It honestly made no sense to take him out there. Let him finish the inning.
  6. Lefty lefty doesn't mean shit when your lefty sucks ass.
  7. Why does every other team throw a first pitch strike...but not us?
  8. This. So much this. These guys are professional hitters. How many times already this season have we seen guys punch it through the hole vacated by the shift?
  9. We Angels fans must kick stray dogs to get this kind of Karma. Unfuckingbelievable
  10. I mean damn. Walks, errors, terrible pitch selection and location when ahead in the count. Just not good at all.
  11. Classic. 0-2 base stolen passed ball. Great.
  12. Bullpen gave up 8 runs after Heaney was pulled unnecessarily by Maddon. Loss is on him. Eppler needs to gets some relievers in here.