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Why Arte Moreno will win the 2020 Winter Meetings

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Crazy thought...

With teams starting to report that they are cutting some payroll for 2021 I wonder if this gives Arte a different feeling by facts we can confirm:
1: Arte Moreno basically stole the stadium and surrounding acres from Anaheim for less than half the price of Mike Trout. We thought $325M was cheap but he got it for $150M. (money saver/money multiplier)
2: Mike Trout is tired of losing and as Carpino said.... they feel it "Every day". So you really think payroll will go the opposite way?
3: Despite his over "ownering" tendencies, we can all agree that Arte Moreno wants to win. Period. AND he will do whatever it takes. Huge contracts to Pujols, Hamilton, Wilson, Trout, Rendon, Upton
4: Back to the stadium deal. He knows he won the price when it came to buying the area. Down the road, his pockets will double. Easily. No matter what hard times we are in right now. He's sitting on a soon to be gold mine.
5: Arte knows he's getting older and that's likely making him slowly more impatient. Not much time left to see a winner 

Does the fact that owners have lost revenue impact this FA class? Sure. Perhaps bigger names (Bauer, etc) would have to take smaller (kinda) contracts. Could be a lot of 1yr deals.
Given Arte will be paying Ausmus, Maddon, Eppler and the new GM in 2021 AND he's put that on himself during the pandemic makes me think he can care less about a little extra cost. 
He didn't wait till the 2022 season for Ausmus and Eppler to get off the books. I don't expect Moreno to shy away from impact deals during the Winter Meetings in the next few months. 

As optimistic as this is, he's in win now mode (shocker). Even if he has to eat some debt the next few seasons I doubt it will hurt him. Once the plans for the Platinum Triangle start he's going to start racking in tons (more) of revenue.
Don't sleep on Arte. He's one hell of a businessman and he isn't afraid of what the economy did this year. The Angels are about to enter a panic mode to get Trout in the playoffs. Expect some changes in the front office and roster and expect the Angels to head into the 2020 Winter Meetings with one goal. Win and win everything in 2021. Period. 


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I don’t mean to be “that guy” because I like to be a positive person, but, Arte was never going to pay $325 million for the land. He knew going in what he had to do to pay $150 million, so he did that.  It’s like saying, I was going to buy a Mike Trout rookie card for $1500, but I saw one for $3250, but then I bought the one for $1500, so now I have a lot more money to spend.  As for his pockets doubling, he very well may not be alive by the time all of this is completed, it is going to take 10-20 years to see completion.  

I do hope Arte takes that approach of continuing to invest in the team.  I hope a huge commitment financially is made to hiring a new Baseball Ops guy, then a GM, and then he invests a ton in the scouting, by hiring a bunch of respected scouts that were furloughed by other teams.  Then I hope he gets us pitching for the short term, while the long term plan starts.  

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While I'd like to believe in this, this is probably a bit overly optimistic.

If Arte really wants to win, he needs to build this team's front office and scouting/analytic infrastructure far more than he needs to spend a lot of money on one single player.  Sure, signing Bauer will help us, but he really needs to do both (ideally). Hopefully his top lieutenants can advise him of this ...

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You can’t just consider the lower amount Arte paid ($150m instead of $375m) and think this automatically means it is more profitable for Moreno.

He now has an obligation to produce 500 low income housing units instead of (potentially) high-end luxury units.  Low income housing units are worth less if you sell them, and generate way less revenue if you keep them.

The difference is $350k per unit.

Yes he paid less, but what he ends up with is worth way less too.  He isn’t pocketing $175m.


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