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  1. I think you have to give Arte the credit for signing Rendon and the Trout extension.Yates was waived at the end of ST so Eppler was operating on a small sample size, also this was probably Scioscia’s decision. I fault Eppler when it comes to player development and scouting. Swanson was not the right man for the job. The Angels signed more international players but they haven’t signed any difference makers from that market. There is still a lack of catching, and no pitching in the upper levels of the organization.
  2. Remember that Arte has a hard time keeping his hands off the roster. Dombrowski is used to being in total control. He may not be compatible with Arte. There are two big hires coming up. Dombrowski isnt going to settle for just being GM, he will want to be President of Baseball Operations, then he will hire a GM and a new Head of Scouting abd Development and probably a new Director of International Scouting. The question is will Arte go for that many changes and the dollars involved to acquire top Front Office talent? I don’t have an andwer for that.
  3. First Base should be an easy position to fill. Hopefully, Ohtani can take over next season. I actually hope he doesn’t pitch because I don’t think a team can win with a six-man rotation, especially the Angels who have no depth. I don’t dislike Thaiss, I just don’t think he is an adequate platoon partner. His defense is very suspect to be a utility player.
  4. How many games is the Manager really responsible for regarding wins and losses? While I have to question the constant need to change the lineup, the bottom line is this team lacks playable depth ( a constant in the Eppler era) both in pitching and the field. While Maddon hasn’t shown me anything that is unique he doesn’t have much to work with. The pitching is incredibly weak. Canning has been very inconsistent , as have Middleton. Bedrosian has missed most of the games. Sandoval isn’t ready and Suarez never will be. The rest of the staff were acquired by trade or as cheap options off the scra
  5. Thaiss has failed to show anything in his many attempts to impress the Angels Front Office that he can contribute on a regular basis. The same holds true for Ward. Walsh may have slightly more value because of his power. I wouldn’t bank on any of the three making much of a contribution in the next few years.
  6. If they taught a class on Pitching 101, the first principal would be commanding the fastball, without this success will be nearly impossible. This is the exact problem that Sandoval and Canning have. Until they can command the fastball they will have problems getting hitters out. I hope these two can grow into reliable starters but it starts with fastball command.
  7. Five games ago the Angels were in last place, behind the Rangers and the Mariners. Fast forward to today after the Angels swept a four game series from the Astros, a team that has been devastated by injuries to their pitching staff. The Angels starting pitching has been good over the last two times through the rotation while the bullpen couldn’t get anyone out. The bats awoke and the Angels scored a lot of runs the last week, especially against the Astros whose bullpen is as bad as the Angels. In the previous thirty seven games the starting pitching and bullpen had been pretty bad. I would be
  8. If the Angels are to compete in 2021 then they can’t use a six man rotation. They haven’t been able to put together a rotation since 2014. There is no pitching depth to account for the inevitable injuries that pitchers seem to suffer at a high rate. Right now you have Bundy, Canning and a bunch of question marks. I am anxious to see Detmers and Naughton next Spring. I am not so anxious to see Sandoval or Suarez. Maybe Chris Rodriguez will surprise in Spring but without the MILB this season he will probably not be ready until 2022. I hope the new GM has abetter plan for acquiring pitc
  9. It is a PTBNL or Cash. This tells me that the PTBNL is a low to moderate prospect not on the Red’s 60 Man Player Pool. The cash may be worth more than the prospect.
  10. It is way past time to gut the Front Office starting with Carpino, Eppler and Swanson. After five straight losing seasons and no pitching on the way until 2022, Eppler and Swanson are abject failures. Arte must invest way more into scouting and player development. No team will trade a 1 or 2 who are controllable for several years. TOR pitching needs to be drafted, signed and developed. He needs to upgrade the International Scouting and target the best of the prospects in Latin America. Pujols’ contract is up next season And Upton in 2022. Hopefully there will be prospects ready to pl
  11. The Angels need to be a bigger force in Latin America. The same teams seem to dominate the market, the Yankees, Rays, Jays, Nats and Dodgers. The Angels need to come up with their Juan Soto, Ronald Acuna, Wander Franco and Luis Robert. Sign some young pitchers from the Dominican, Venezuela, and others, who show significant upside. Unfortunately, Arte doesn’t seem to want to spend the money on scouting these areas. Again, I say gut the front office and the Scouting and Player Development departments and hire a new GM from one of the successful organizations. Right now this team is probably 2
  12. Do you really think that Eppler will still be the GM for the next draft? Five straight losing seasons and a total lack of depth at the upper levels of the organization should lead to Eppler being unemployed.
  13. The lineup looked dynamic on paper but when you have Upton at under .100 and Ohtani under .200 the length of the lineup has been shortened considerably. There are really only four guys who are hitting. This team has had the same problems for too many years, the inability to develop their own pitching. I think it is time for a complete front office overhaul. The Angels need the proper Baseball people to make organizational decisions. It starts with Carpino and hiring new blood for GM, Scouting and development and Minor League Director.
  14. As a 1B Upton would make a good DH. The lack of depth has been a problem for years. This team is without OF depth when Tyler Ward and Hermosillo are your backups. 1B should be easy to find, Thaiss is a bust. Personally, I would start working Out Ohtani at 1B, his incredible athleticism is being wasted At DH.
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