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  1. This past week has felt like a rollercoaster with so many nailbiting games. If this is the precursor to how the season plays out, this team will be battle tested and ready for a stretch run in September. Just have to keep the momentum going and keep the blood pressure meds close by.
  2. I can appreciate Maddon's approach to getting off to a good start, you get the sense that he understands we've been terrible in April and it comes back to haunt us. I just hope his tinkering doesn't mess with the mentality of these creatures of habit.
  3. Raisel will bounce back, I just hope Maddon controls his usage better throughout the year. I just don't want Iglesias to run out of gas like Chapman did in the WS.
  4. Glad he is enjoying "Retirement" with his grandkid. Would like the Angels to put his number in our hall of fame already.
  5. Like most, I'd prefer to see the offense click earlier so they aren't having to come from behind every other day. I do like the "fight" in the team this early in the season, just need them to maintain that fight even when things go south for a little bit.
  6. That's a good looking patch. It's scary that I feel like 50 just passed a year or so ago. Time is definitely flying.
  7. This! He's a business man first and foremost. I wouldn't be surprised if he decided to sell the team at some point while developing the land. Development of the infrastructure for the land is slated to begin in 3rd quarter 2021. As fast as all those apartments went up off Katella, they can knock this thing out in 5 years since they aren't building a new stadium.
  8. I know it's wishful thinking, but since Hermosillo was optioned and Adell wasn't assigned to AAA, does that give him a shot at making the opening day roster? I realize they could just bring Hermosillo right back up before the season starts, but hey we can all dream.
  9. I think there was a pretty good thing posted by a comedian (Andrew Schulz) where he talked about using this time to be creative. If you have the time, learn to do something you've wanted to do whether that be playing an instrument or just a song you enjoy, write a short story, create a podcast. There's plenty of things out there to put our time and attention to instead of just bringing down our mental health with the negativity in the world.
  10. I vaguely remember a report out there when Ohtani was being courted that he preferred to not have Japanese teammates. I almost feel like it would force him to acclimate better to a new country and team by learning the language and the culture without interference. To his credit, his teammates have really rallied around him and supposedly he does speak English well just not in interviews.
  11. I'm good with the fact that the team is playing as if every game matters going forward but wasting that much energy against the Orioles blows my mind. I think we can all agree with @tdawg87 that Canning shouldn't have needed to pitch.
  12. I worked with Vando for a long time, he's a good dude and big fan. Hope anyone who happens to be in the area treats him well.
  13. Seems like Ward has about the same amount of experience at third base as Trumbo did. Granted Trumbo doesn't have the same defensive capability, but let's give the kid some time to learn the position. For a season that's lost, doesn't seem to be any reason for management to rush him along.
  14. I'm confused on the scout's take on "mistake power" when it comes to Adell's ability to drive the ball out the park. Wouldn't home runs in bunches be considered a good ability to square up the ball? I'm not sure if he's pulling all his minor league home runs but he's certainly doing a good job of showing that same strength and bat speed he had in his senior year of high school.
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