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Billy Beane is perfect

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Question is, what happened to him? He went from being very good in Baltimore, one of the best closers in baseball, to complete sh*ting the bed in Oakland. Not that I'm complaining he sucked for the A's but you would think in that park his numbers would be way better than in Baltimore.

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He is a good GM, but he isn't perfect and yes people on here spoke about him like he was the very best there is. I admire what he does with that payroll it is pretty great. Oh forget about WS Championships, rate him on wining playoff series, they don't do too well at winning series either. I think it would be great if he were to go to a big market club and see how successful he is with a larger payroll.

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I just don't think a GM has anything to do with playoff wins really.  You build a good team that can win 90+ games.  Maybe you make a few additions at the trade deadline to address your weaknesses.  After that it's pretty much cross your fingers and hope they can get hot for a few weeks in October.


To me as a fan, sure playoff wins and championships are nice.  I just care more about fielding an entertaining, competitive team. 

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You're right they have had so much post season success with Beane as the GM. I am more making fun of the guys on here that think he walks on water.

Beane has taken his small market budget and turned Oakland into a pretty competitive team. No they have not won a championship under his watch but the same can be said about Arte and Jerry. I'm not an A's fan but I'm impressed that they're winning games without the Hamilton's and the Pujols's type contracts.

Beane is doing a great job with what he has to work with. He doesn't have the same margin for error that Dipoto does. It's not even close. It's a lot easier to bury boned headed decisions when you have a $155 million dollar payroll compared to an $83 million dollar payroll.

Remember that it's Dipoto's job on the line this season not Beane's.

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In his two best seasons, 2011-2012, Jim Johnson had a really solid WHIP (1.11 and 1.02) and outstanding GB/FB ratio of nearly 2/1.

But even with 50 saves in 2013, his WHIP jumped up to 1.28 although his GB/FB ratio was still close to what it had been.

The floor collapsed from under him in 2014. Although the GB/FB ratio is still a solid 1.5/1.0, the WHIP exploded to over 2.00. He was both wild and giving up tons of hits. Don't know how many of the hits were seeing eyes though.

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I don't think he is injured..but a career pretty good pitcher with a 7 era and a 2 whip pitching in Oakland half the time. How is that even possible?

It probably won't help the team too much as he had pitched 1 Important game in the last month.

It's just a one year deal so I don't think beane really cares that much.

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Fine. I'll do it.

Norris and Malone for Gio was a good deal

Getting Jaso was good

Signing Vogt was fantastic

Signing Moss was fantastic

Sogard? Whatever..he's a 9 hitter (if he's in the line up)

The Angels won the green/callaspo deal

Carter and peacock for lowrie? Could go either way

Trading for Donaldson was a steal

Signing crisp was great

Trading choice for gentry has worked out

Signing chavez was great

Trading Anderson for pomeranz was great until he decided to break his hand

Otero? Good

Trading for abad has been pretty good

Trading Blevins for burns I think will work out.

Kazmir has been great

Everyone knows how good gray has been.

Shark and hammel for Russell, straily, etc....too soon.

Doolittle is great

Gregerson for smith has been alright. A lot better recently though

Cooks been ok

Johnson for weeks was horrible

Signing punto to a two year deal seemed unneccesary

Reddick for Sweeney and bailey actually has been better for the a's despite him being injured all the time.

Parker and griffin have been good and are back next year.

I think that's about it.

So, go ahead.

Make your own determinations and add em all up!

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