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  1. At least I'm not a bigot. This is me telling you once, do not harrass me on here for my opinions or beliefs.
  2. So does your reminiscing in this thread about things that actually happened thirty years ago. What's your point?
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/michaeljduarte/status/1022931924405256192?s=21 See, the Dodgers are a team that wants to win. They go out and get proven talent. We sit on our asses all year round and sign 50 year old 2B coming off down years for millions of dollars.
  4. I always thought his FB command was poor. Guess it doesn't matter with great spin rate.
  5. Ohtani is bailing out early every so slightly against left handers. Can't hit if you don't want to be in there.
  6. Dear Facking God, did you guys see how far up he hit that ball? This kid is something special.
  7. The motherfucker hit .200 the past two MiLB seasons. He is not a MLB player.
  8. Harping on Cron means nothing. He wouldn't save this team. Plus, he bought a damn decent prospect.
  9. I already do that about Erstad hahahaha
  10. I love the amount of old men circle jerk gatekeeping in this thread. No seriously, it's great. You senior citizens need to keep your minds active.
  11. So, I should ignore that the Dodgers are over-paying because he entered the league at nineteen with a barely above average OPS? Or that Mike Trout had a worse first year even though he's completely uncomparable since then? How are you addressing that he's not worth the prospects or the money? No offense, but I don't feel like continuing to argue is fair to you.
  12. I'm confused. Are you trying to say he just entered the league or something? You're not making any sense.
  13. Am I the only one with the balls to state the obvious? Machado has only been above average the past few seasons. He isn't worth the whole farm.
  14. I think that if we sacrificed Mike Trout to Satan, we still wouldn't make the playoffs.
  15. That was actually disgusting to read. This is why we should have a no politics policy. Sorry about your Mom by the way. Politics aside, YK is being a giant something something about that.
  16. Well, at least Diaz blew the save. That's nice.
  17. Does anyone else think it's absolutely stupid to have the announcers talk to players while on the field? Talk about not taking the game seriously.
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