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  1. Both Leia and Tarkin had motion capture provided by different actors.
  2. CGI Tarkin was a big misstep. His presence was never convincing. It would have been ok had his appearance been limited to the reflection in the window or a hologram, but he got nearly as much screen time as Ben Mendelsohn and it was just distracting. Frankly, I'm kind of bored of movies about Death Stars and the rebel-empire conflict. I want to see more Jedi.
  3. The host that Man in Black encountered at Wyatt's camp is the same one that greeted him 30 years ago
  4. This episode solidified the theory with the reappearance of the host who used to be the park greeter when William arrived 30 years prior
  5. YoungerThe KnickThe FallBansheeHalt and Catch FireHumansiZombieCatastropheOrphan BlackOutlanderSilicon ValleyRectifyWalking DeadHomelandJustifiedCall the MidwifeThe AffairOnce Upon a TimeSwitched at BirthTeen WolfThe StrainPowerThis is UsWestworldBlack MirrorAtlantaThe Good PlaceRay DonovanJonathan Strange12 MonkeysKingdomAgents of ShieldOrange is the New BlackMr RobotFargoGothamNarcosCasualDifficult PeopleAsh vs Evil DeadSupergirlLoveSense8Arrow
  6. Saw Arrival last night. Jeremy Renner's character serves zero purpose. He's a theoretical physicist whose expertise isn't put to use once.
  7. Kingdom. It doesn't get the attention it deserves because it's a DirectTV show.
  8. I subscribed to the theory that William is the Man in Black the moment he put on the white hat, but it's so obvious at this point that I'm kind of worried it's all a red herring.
  9. This confirms the dual time period theory and that the scenes with Bernard and Dolores are actually depicting Arnold 30 years prior https://www.reddit.com/r/westworld/comments/5ctwfo/we_have_seen_the_basement_before/
  10. Clinton et al. don't represent the left. They're more center-right than anything. Trump won because Clinton neglected to address the working class and by sabotaging Sander's campaign, she alienated an enormous segment of the population that would have otherwise voted against Trump.
  11. Those aren't livable earnings in California. And no one should have to work 70 hours a week to make ends meet. This type of sentiment suggests that you've never had to work a minimum wage job. Were you born into privilege? Sure, we need more skilled people in the primary sector. We need more nurses and engineers. We also need people in the service industry. Furthermore, raising minimum wage would be a good thing because it increases consumer demand.
  12. It was one of my most anticipated shows and it lived up to the hype. I'm most curious about Teddy. They gave the impression that he was a human at the beginning and he seemed shocked that the bullets didn't affect Ed Harris. I know they're not able to harm visitors, but are they even supposed to fire at the them?
  13. Video of Ryan Lochte and his friends causing trouble at the gas station http://g1.globo.com/rio-de-janeiro/olimpiadas/rio2016/noticia/2016/08/video-do-posto-de-gasolina-mostra-confusao-com-nadadores-americanos.html give it a few seconds to load after the initial error message
  14. Where did Heyman get his information? If I'm not mistaken, the Angels offered Pujols about 20 million more than the Cardinals.
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