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  1. Magic Mike brings in Jepsen for the victory. Angels 3 Royals 6
  2. This board has become RoyalsWin I guess, the place where anything negative towards the Royals brings out all of the usual excuses I read for the Angels and why it's never their fault that they lose games. So many hear are afraid that if the KC doesn't win then they have nothing to fall back on as far as saying " At least we lost to the WS champ!" It's okay. The team lost. Tip your cap and turn the page.
  3. I was there as well and it was quite lovely. Good times. Need more of these
  4. Dinosaurs roamed the earth and the 7th inning stretch was used to clean up pterodactyl waste that gathered on the field.
  5. Because his song "Science" was terrible
  6. Can't be the Royals. They hit in the playoffs
  7. Esther Elizabeth Rolle (November 8, 1920 – November 17, 1998) was an American actress. She is best known for her role as Florida Evans, a no-nonsense black housekeeper on the CBS television sitcom Maude for two seasons (1972-1974) and its spin-off series Good Times for five seasons (1974-1977, 1978-1979).
  8. The O's would have lost in the ALDS if Detroit had any kind of bullpen. It's no surprise to me that they are on the verge of getting swept by a complete team.
  9. A calendar that doesn't end in September.
  10. I have a Halo Storm poster with Edmonds, GA, and Salmon on it. I'll throw in an autographed Pep Harris glove too. JUST TAKE THEM!
  11. Tough but amazing read. Thanks for posting