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Chris Russo on Trout vs. DiMaggio


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In case people weren't convinced what a muppet this guy is from the thread Chuck posted a couple weeks ago...


TRIGGER WARNING for people who are sensitive to excessive stupidity/ignorance




MLB Network has really tainted their image with hiring Russo.  He makes Mitch Williams look like a Rhodes Scholar.  

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I haven't clicked, I'm not going to click on the link, but I agree wholeheartedly with MLB having tainted itself with this clown.  I have flat panels on at the office during the day in our pit area...., my staff is pretty much MLB Network or die during the day... to a man they all ask for it to be changed while he is on.   Granted, a lot of my guys came out here with me from SoCal so, his shtick might not play with us, but the four transplanted NYers all hate him and his show just as much.


It's funny because the NYers initially weren't as opposed to the guy but apparently while they could put up listening to him, they can't stand seeing him and his over the top mannerisms. 

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I made it half way through.

Again, why does this guy need to yell?



The worse your opinion is, the louder you have to state it.


I've already sent a few emails to MLB network about how much I dislike the guy and I even linked to the original post about him here.  So far, no response.

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I didn't click on it either so I have no idea what kind of comparison he's making. But I do know that Trout strikes out much more frequently than DiMaggio.


During his 56-game hitting streak, DiMaggio struck out a total of FIVE times.


if you want to see something crazy, look at tony gwynn's season by season strikeout totals. his career high was 40 strikeouts, but he was in the teens during the bulk of his career. that's insane.

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LOL. I was guessing that this was going to be sour grapes homerism, but upon watching about two thirds of that video I now feel dumberer. That guy is something else. I guess "context" doesn't mean anything.


If you thought this Chris Russo video was bad, don't click on the following link:



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Dead silence save for the TVs and the sound of people working.... everyone is in Monday mode...  This guy comes on as I'm going from my office to the records room, all i hear is "Oh god not this guy", and "change it" from several different parts of the room.   Soon as he goes bye bye, the entire room goes back into Moday mode.


I seriously wonder how well this show is doing for MLB Network.

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