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  1. Troops are assembling outside D.C. This thing will either fizzle out soon or we're in for some martial law.
  2. Well, there's no doubt that he's often tone deaf, and whoever advised him to stand there with that Bible, well that was dumb. But it was far from the heights of blasphemy and sacrilege which the media is painting it today. They hate his guts and are 24/7 advocates for his removal. There's zero credibility at CNN and even Fox is pretty much worthless. "Just the facts" means nothing anymore. Everyone is a political advocate. It's compounded by the mutual animosity in families and among the general population if people dare to desire a conversation about opposing viewpoints with mutual respect for their differences and mutual regard for their dignity. If you support Trump in any way, you're evil. That's about the size of it.
  3. His little photo op was silly and inappropriate, especially how they cleared out the protesters with tear gas beforehand, but hardly the most evil thing that ever happened, which is pretty much how social media is treating it today. Some of the things I'm reading are unreal. We have an unbelievable divide in this country. It's really scary the hatred, the sheer 24/7 anger being carried around by millions of people against the president and conservatives.
  4. Well, we know the virus is everywhere, and if it's a showdown between Corona and Antifa my money's on the virus. It will be interesting to see if cases surge among the rioters. It looks like this unrest may go on for some time. Trump may want to let it play out for a while longer until the governors come begging for the military. I can see that happening. If blue state governors beg for help that neutralizes the lie that Trump wants to be a dictator. He firms up his support among the base, and may also pick up some blue states whose citizens will blame their local leaders. There's a law-and-order backlash coming against this anarchy and chaos.
  5. Apparently a little group of thugs raced through a neighborhood in El Dorado Park Estates in Long Beach last night, but nothing seems to have come from it.
  6. Amidst all the general destruction in Chicago, there's this. 82 shot, 22 fatally last weekend.
  7. His poll numbers will soar and send the Dems and CNN into despair.
  8. You forgot that last phrase so I added it for you. You're welcome.
  9. They changed the location. It's now a much longer march to the Cerritos mall. But there are quite a few strip malls nearby.
  10. They're starting these riots (excuse me, "peaceful protests") earlier each time. By next weekend they'll be doing Molotov cocktails for brunch. Stay away from Cerritos today.
  11. Sen Tom Cotton wants the president to take the next step and use the Insurrection Act to deploy active-duty military to stop the anarchy and destruction. I agree.
  12. Protest planned for today at 1 pm in Cerritos. They plan to march to Cerritos Mall, with hundreds of stores there. Here we go again, dammit.
  13. Time to dust off this thread.
  14. He called him a f...king tool a handful of posts into the thread. That's not just stepping over the line. More like leaping.
  15. Bixby Knolls got hit last night but it was nothing compared to downtown Long Beach. Up and down Atlantic Ave mostly. They especially went after pharmacies all over Long Beach and Lakewood. CVS, RiteAid, Walgreens, etc. Looters were dropped off in vehicles and they quickly went about their business. What was impressive was the speed with which Signal Hill cops stopped the attempt to loot the Target on 33rd St. That was stopped immediately and arrests made, I believe. Don't mess with Signal Hill PD.
  16. Anarchists were a problem in the early 20th century. Among other events, they set off a bomb in 1920 on Wall Street that killed 39 people. Nobody was ever charged with that crime. But many others were charged under the Sedition Act of 1918. We need to dust off the pages of that one and start putting these anarchists away. They are a direct threat to everyone.
  17. BadOrangeMan can do no good. That's the mentality of at least 30% of the country. The media fuels it daily.
  18. I have a friend named Karen and she doesn't like it one bit.
  19. The instigators of the rioting are anarchists and ANTIFA embedded with the peaceful protesters. It starts off peaceful then inevitably turns into a full blown riot. The looters are mostly black and hispanic folks who just want some free stuff. A lot of the time they try to sell it online. The anarchists don't have much interest in stuff, they just want to destroy the country. By the way, we used to shoot looters on sight but that was before the country became politically correct and all.
  20. I hope they wiped down their guns with Clorox before they did their killings. Wouldn't want their precious little asses to get the covid. On a more serious note, these gangsters must be going stir crazy by now with the lockdowns and everything closed and all. This summer could be an historic one for murders in Chicago. And a note to innocent citizens on the south side: Don't stand outside on your porch or in your front yard. Just don't.
  21. Well at least the brothers are practicing good COVID-19 protocols, shooting their victims at a safe distance from their cars. Give them credit for social responsibility.
  22. Deadliest Memorial Day weekend since 2015. 10 shot dead, 39 wounded. Despite the stay-at-home orders.