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  1. This has to be trolling. Howie is safe on anything short of probably one of the top 5 throws I've ever seen from the outfield, and you're deeming this bad baserunning?
  2. While he didn't have a lot of choice with Frieri unavailable, I was happy he at least marched Bedrosian out before Salas. I think this was a huge confidence boost for him to throw 2 scoreless against one of the best teams in baseball after getting what was essentially a rookie hazing from the ump his last time out.
  3. His two best starts of the season are both against the A's. Go figure.
  4. I love it when guys step up against teams that traded them away. Cowgill has pretty much teabagged the A's this year. Before tonight: .417/.462/.667
  5. http://www.yardbarker.com/all_sports/articles/raul_ibanez_will_give_you_his_stool/688103
  6. There's an hour old article with Gibson discussing getting him back in the rotation. I find it interesting because we've had plenty of discussions here about what level of communication there is between Dipoto and Scioscia about roster moves. I guess in the case of Arizona the answer is -- not much.
  7. Pretend his avatar wrote that and I think it'll make more sense.
  8. Adblock has a significant effect as well. I'm familiar with a number of people at twitch.tv, and they've been deploying all kinds of measures to try and defeat it, because like 50% of their viewerbase uses it. While the average internet user is less savvy, it's still a pretty big hit if even, say, 15-20% are using it.
  9. Can't just give out those props like some hussy. Keep your props pure and save them for playoffs.
  10. Aybar has had a couple seasons where he deserved consideration but he's had the misfortune of playing in the same league as our Lord and Savior.
  11. Magglio Ordonez to the Tigers and Mariano Rivera to the Yankees.
  12. Glad Weaver is more accurate with a baseball than a cooler of gatorade.
  13. Thank you based Aybar. He has put together some insanely good ABs lately.
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