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  1. What is incorrect in my statement? Lockdowns are not vaccines, they are not a cure. Even your MSNBC said this in the beginning. The same amount will die spread out over a longer amount of time.
  2. As in someone who would have died from kung flu in April will die from it in August instead.
  3. Lockdowns don't prevent deaths, they just change the dates.
  4. Where were all of these "just one life" people before the kung flu?
  5. Cuomo is now calling it the "European virus". Always nice to see an American governor lay cover for POS communist China.
  6. Interesting point. I really missed sports for the first few weeks but I don’t really care much anymore.
  7. Amazing that people still believe this started at a wet market.
  8. Apparently Wendy’s has run out of beef at 20% of its locations due to the broken supply chain. It has hit them harder since they use fresh instead of frozen. Wonder if In n Out is going to have issues. @Stradling
  9. Yeah we have a frequently ineffective flu vaccine and tamiflu, which not even the WHO believes to be a legitimate treatment anymore. Hundreds of thousands predictably die from the flu around the world every year and nobody cares.
  10. The only comparison I’m making between the 2 here is that they each kill a shit ton of people. You stated in a previous post that the goal of being in house arrest is not to flatten the curve, it’s to simply save lives. We have seen that leftist narrative change in real time. Now that the curve is flat national house arrest is needed to just save lives in general. So I’ll ask the question again: why as a society is it unacceptable that anybody dies from the Wuhan virus but it is acceptable that people die from the flu? With this new woke ideology that nobody dies from infectious disease, how can we as a woke society justify not placing all healthy people under house arrest every flu season if it’s now all about “saving lives”?
  11. It’s an intriguing question. It’s not just you, it’s society in general. Why is it unacceptable to society that anybody dies from the kung flu? Why not the regular flu? How are we going to justify not locking down every winter so nobody dies from the flu?
  12. Why is it acceptable to you that people catch the flu every flu season and thousands die? What has made flu deaths any less tragic? Why as a society is it completely unacceptable anybody dies from the Wuhan virus but it’s perfectly ok that people die from the flu? Are you going to self quarantine every year from November-April since you’re such a good empathetic person?
  13. I think there’s been a major breakdown in trust of the “experts” who are now running the country. The mass protests really took off once the antibody studies destroyed the panic porn 3% mortality rate pushed so hard by those mandating everyone be under house arrest. People are starting to see right thru the WHO/CDC/Fauci/MSNBCLGBT, etc and their blatant cognitive dissonance. When they say in response to the antibody studies that immunity may not exist for the Wuhan virus so we need to stay inside and wait until a vaccine gives us....well, immunity they lose all credibility. Every bit of good news that comes out they quickly go on a propaganda campaign to discredit it to maintain fear and control. It’s so obvious for anybody thinking, not merely feeing.