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  1. That's where we disagree then. I don't believe a 34 year old Cole will be a dominant presence in the playoffs.
  2. For the record I am not saying Cole will be useless the next couple years. He's probably going to be very good (not as good as last year but good). I've always said it is a win-now move. The Angels are not going to compete for the next couple years and will only maybe be competing during his decline when he's making $40M+ per year.
  3. Ignore that troll strading and his cronies 

  4. What is it about Cole's track record that makes his future success so convincing? He was essentially a #4 type in 2017. A #3 the year before. He improved dramatically the second he became an Astro. That raises some serious red flags for me.
  5. It is true. Everyone is on board with a record breaking contract that will pay him outrageous money into his mid/late 30s. What is inaccurate?
  6. And you say it's a good idea. What's the difference? We should all be free to chime in.
  7. Anyone with a differing opinion than yours should stay out of the discussion. What's the point of this site then?
  8. Which speaks to my point. When it comes to every other player people don't want to pay for their past success. With Cole everyone does. Why?