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  1. No. I never said this story had any truth to it. That is a straw man.
  2. National news stories should be allowed to be discussed on here. AW has become exactly what it was created to get away from. It’s sad. The censorship has gotten way out of hand.
  3. Lol the richest starting pitching FA class in years and Teheran, Andriese, Bundy is who they end up with.
  4. You’re underestimating the skills of the AW mental gymnasts.
  5. The original Bundy thread and the Bundy highlights thread. The mental gymnastics in those are Olympic level.
  6. From what I read on here Bundy is pretty good. It’s going to be a treat watching him this year.
  7. Not really. It’s very important to understand the concept of blowback. Something the US can’t figure out.
  8. It’s not untrue. If Trump didn’t carry out that assassination those people would be alive today. Not saying Iran isn’t at fault. But it never would have happened otherwise.
  9. Listen dude you don’t know shit about aviation or airplanes other than what you read on cnn and scary looking YouTube videos you find. It is my specialty. An engine flame out does not cause a plane to explode as shown in your first video. Engine fires are almost always extinguished by the engine bottles in your second video. Catastrophic engine fires happen when the engine is first spooled up to takeoff thrust as in your third video (also read up on British airways in Las Vegas a few years back). Planes with mechanical issues do NOT stop transmitting data in the air. The plane was destroyed mid flight.