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  1. I think you’re on a good path tbh. You’ll find that sports are much more enjoyable the more detached you become.
  2. Or they could field a good team like the other teams with winning records.
  3. Interesting narrative being born. This is right up there with blaming the Angels’ losing seasons on other teams being too good.
  4. I don’t think I’ve seen worse fundamentals in a major leaguer before. He looks worse than Jabari Blash in the box.
  5. Seeing him jump out of the way of pitches right down the middle is what did it for me. I don’t think you can be fixed when you’re that far gone.
  6. The youngest age Trout can win a playoff game is now 30 years old. Let that sink in.
  7. The AL teams currently out of the playoff picture: Orioles, Tigers, Mariners, Angels, Royals, Red Sox, Rangers. Exactly what you would expect after a full season. Literally zero surprises except for a select few AW superfans who thought Rendon improved the team by 20 wins.
  8. I don't see why making judgements should be off limits. It's not like this 60 game season has produced unpredictable results in the standings league wide. All of the teams that were expected to make the playoffs in a regular length 162 game season are going to make the playoffs. The trash teams are in the cellar. The Angels went into this season without addressing any of their urgent needs that tanked them in 2019...the result has been predictable.
  9. I think the Angels failure the past decade all boils down to the fact that the players suck. We’ve gone through several GMs and managers with the same results. Until Arte takes pitching seriously and resists the urge to tie up the majority of the payroll in former stars in decline it will never matter who the manager is.
  10. As I’ve been saying for a whole decade now, this team has WAY too many holes to fix via free agency. Stop the Chinese water torture and just rebuild already. With that said, we can all expect Eppler to go dumpster diving for pitching again and the reclamation projects he brings in will have most on here convinced that the Angels will win 95+ after their mental gymnastics routine.
  11. Really only 2 things can explain his unparalleled decline: he’s older than he claims or he abruptly stopped using steroids. Honestly it’s probably both.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if the discouragement of playing for one of the worst teams in baseball is finally rubbing off on him. All of his teammates are zombies going through the motions. Everybody looks depressed and the standings reflect that. It would be hard to excel in that kind of environment.
  13. I agree with @Stradling. I imagine the trade market wasn’t very strong during this fake season. And since the team won’t rebuild it is pretty hard to improve when your trading pieces mostly suck ass.
  14. Eppler will wait to trade Bundy until after he reverts back to his AAAA form.
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