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  1. I’m all for anything that may cause the Dodgers to lose in the west...
  2. Do you think a package around Marsh and a few others can get it done?
  3. https://larrybrownsports.com/baseball/red-sox-want-package-mookie-betts-david-price-trade/534187
  4. I would switch Teheran and Bundy on the plus wins, Teheran's been a much more consistent pitcher.
  5. At the least one more SP hopefully a trade for Gray or a cheap deal for Wood.
  6. Someone wrote on another thread like last week that it was 3, hoping we can get him on a 1 yr 6mill deal.
  7. What's the update on Wood? Is he still trying to get a 3 yr deal?
  8. Sign Wood and still try to make a move with the Cubs for Contreras and 1 of there SP.
  9. If there is a deal with Cubs hope somehow we can get Contreras too
  10. Rosenthal suggested on mlb network Angels sign Alex Wood for 6 to 8 mill
  11. Depends what type of pitcher we are getting if it’s a top tier Marsh and Canning if it’s a bad contract like Price those names are off limits