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  1. If he can hit near .260 25 plus dingers and just drive in the other big bats who hit in front of him, that would be my wish.
  2. Canning starts 25 games and becomes a solid 3rd in the rotation Rendon,Trout, Ohtani combine for 90 homers Fletch hits .300 and becomes our go to leadoff hitter
  3. He would of been a perfect fit for us then lol
  4. Exactly, he should of been mentioned before Bundy
  5. I’m all for anything that may cause the Dodgers to lose in the west...
  6. Do you think a package around Marsh and a few others can get it done?
  7. https://larrybrownsports.com/baseball/red-sox-want-package-mookie-betts-david-price-trade/534187
  8. I would switch Teheran and Bundy on the plus wins, Teheran's been a much more consistent pitcher.
  9. At the least one more SP hopefully a trade for Gray or a cheap deal for Wood.
  10. Someone wrote on another thread like last week that it was 3, hoping we can get him on a 1 yr 6mill deal.
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