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  1. There’s a difference between losing to the Astros in the playoffs and losing to them while 20 games out of the second WC.
  2. ... (@quick17_) Tweeted: Comedy Central cartoon predicts Kobe Bryant death in 2006 espiode https://t.co/6IM8zexW4y https://t.co/0nA8Hdh2x2
  3. It would be great if in this thread we can simply share our thoughts on Kobe.
  4. OMG WTF. Apparently her excuse is she accidentally combined "Knicks" and "Lakers" lol. Total BS. Her career is over.
  5. I wonder if the weather played a factor and this was a CFIT event. It would be an even bigger tragedy if that turns out to be the case...there's no excuse for that ever but it happens all the time because people overestimate their ability to fly in poor visibility. Completely avoidable. Pure speculation tho.
  6. Man. I was shocked to hear the news and now extremely heartbroken to find out the chopper was full of kids. Life is extremely unfair. No words.
  7. Can't fault the team for trying to fill the seats with Dodger fans since Angel fans won't.
  8. Baseball and real life aren't easily separated on here. Any grown adult who gets legitimately angry over sports needs psychological intervention. I grew out of that type of behavior around 13.
  9. No. I never said this story had any truth to it. That is a straw man.
  10. National news stories should be allowed to be discussed on here. AW has become exactly what it was created to get away from. It’s sad. The censorship has gotten way out of hand.
  11. Lol the richest starting pitching FA class in years and Teheran, Andriese, Bundy is who they end up with.