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Contender, or not?


Is this team in playoff contention  

111 members have voted

  1. 1. Is this team in the playoff mix

    • This team in the playoff mix in some form
    • Are we pretty much already playing golf

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I am curious how many of us here think this team is in the mix for the playoffs, as opposed to being an also ran at this point?

I think we are in the mix with a few breaks like pretty much any other team.  We have too much talent not to be. 


The lack of a legit #3 knocks us down a peg for certain but i dont think a wildcard is a stretch at all if the offense plays up to par and the rest of the guys pitch like 4s instead of depth guys

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We should know by the end of April.  If we have another just like 2002 start, we might as well start prepping for 2015.  


IMO Keys will be.  


Will Pujols not be lame and at least produce a .825-850 OPS.  That would be a natural regression throwing out 2013.  But if he regresses from 2013, we are in trouble.


Will Hamilton have at least a .850 OPS.  He's more of a jeckle and hyde player.  His OPS seems to bounce around like Santana's ERA.  Good news is, this should be his on year.  


Will Blanton at least go back to career norms.  I hate Blanton.  But the closer we get to spring training, the more I'm resigned to the fact that he will start the beginning of the season.  We will be paying him $7.5 million.  And you know deep down that the Angels will give him a chance.  If he gets to at least a 1.3 WHIP, 4.5 ERA, and with Pujols and Hamilton rebounding, he would be servicable.  If we get the 1.61 WHIP, 6.04 ERA like last season, than our 2014 start will be like 2002.  Or more like 2013 and 2012.  


I think we will be fighting for a spot till the end.  And not the pollyanna oh we got eliminated with 2 weeks left, so the season was good.  If we get eliminated, more like last day or two.  /crosses fingers

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oh and if you are going to vote... please go on record with that vote rather than just leaving it there... own up to it please


If you insist.


If they played 10 seasons with who the Angels have now (even though they'll probably add one more guy of significance before the start of the season)..I say the Angels make the playoffs two..maybe three times.


So, that's a no to being a serious contender... but sure they're in playoff contention.

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so far the vote is 47-2 in favor of being in the mix... which of course totally explains all the we suck negative bullshit troll posts but i digress.


In order to be "in the mix" pretty much implies a 85-90 win team at minimum, or an increase of at least 10 wins over last season.


i assume noone is saying in the mix while finishing 5+ back with a sub 500 record... right?

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You would have to be a pessimist to think this team isn't at least in the mix for a wild card spot.

I'm still concerned with the "what ifs" for this team. We need the rotation to be closer to league average this year and we need Hamilton and Pujols to step up big time.

I'm pretty optimistic for this year and see us winning anywhere from 85-93 games.

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I'm just not seeing it. I'm not sure what contender means. If everything breaks right for the Angels we could make the postseason. I just don't see anyway everything breaks right. I don't believe our rotation can get it done. I don't believe Hamilton will pick it up enough(I predicted some stats before the 2013 season and was laughed at by some. I can't predict another 2013 for him but I'm comfortable with my original prediction again. That was - .283/.340/.506 30 2B, 3 3B, 26 HRs, 104 RBI, 134 games). I see a steady decline for Pujols. I believe his body is starting to break down, as it should. He's getting older. I don't believe in this lipsticked pig of a bullpen. I don't understand how Dipoto keeps getting people to fall for it. I don't think Dipoto is capable enough nor does he have enough space to change the team as necessary throughout the season. He won't be able to adjust the strategy.

There will certainly be some bright spots. There always are. But not enough to overcome this mess. I'm not sure if we'll be "in the mix". The team could win 90+ games. But it won't. So they'll be playing golf in October.

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Boring and unexciting offseason may lead to a successful season - the whole "champs of the hot stove " thing was useless the past 2 years so let's fly under the radar win some games and surprise people - Go Angels!!! ( all is good as long as albert and josh return to form and weaver and Wilson make every start they are supposed to)

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