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  1. Fortunately this was all decided before Trump's tweet.
  2. Would a Sanders/Warren ticket be the "secret sauce" for the progressive wing of the Democratic Party? Obviously not geographically balanced but this gender balanced ticket would help with Bernie's age issue (78 is old).
  3. The turnout (with 96% counted)is at 262,940 vs 247,983 (with 100% counted) in 2016. I cannot explain why the Iowa turnout was so much lower than 2016.
  4. At least Jussie Smollett is going to stand trial in Chicago.
  5. According to CNN, Sondland was also planning to retire. Both Vindman and Sondland had been administratively been removed from any day to day responsibilities and were just filling out their time.
  6. You are aware that Vindman requested a transfer which was to occur at the end of February? POTUS just granted this request sooner.
  7. I also object to the press referring to these events as firings. The Vindmans were transferred. The twin Vindmans are in the military where transfers and reassignments are common. Ambassador Sondman definitely serves at the will of the POTUS/
  8. The lack of a larger turnout certainly shows that Bernie has lost his juice. The poor Biden showing will hurt his already limping fund raising. Warren and Klobuchar would seem to benefit from this Democratic Party snafu in vote tabulation. Mayor Pete is losing the bump a first or second finish in Iowa was going to supply him. Bloomberg is also a winner tonight. Trump is also a huge winner as the Democrat field continues to be fractured and Biden stumbled.
  9. With several old candidates, some of which are leaning toward dementia, the Veep pick would seem to be more important than usual.
  10. The chokepoint is the Straights of Hormuz. They can basically disrupt the oil supply from the middle east.
  11. Good to see a Stanford Cardinal on the Angels. At least he is not a dummy.
  12. ...and well before the September 30 deadline. Again, this was just a delay and ultimately the aid was not withheld.
  13. Trump seems to be a little late with the wave - could he have been distracted by the fan in pink?
  14. I rather think that Mulvaney was spot on when he said that there was an intended quid pro quo and that this is a standard part of dealing with foreign governments - we want something and they want something. Clearly the quid pro quo did not happen as Trump is smart enough to know that going through with the withholding of aid would have been an illegal act and the OMB could not come up with a legal way around this. I still contend that this kind of political consideration is involved in just about everything that all Presidents do as they are the head of their respective political parties and getting reelected or staying in power is and should be one of their goals. This partisan and clearly political activity does not rise to the level of an impeachable offense.
  15. Having personally met four Presidents, I can tell you that being intelligent is not a requirement for that office. Trump seems to have pretty good political instincts so I would not support your statement that Trump doesn't understand anything. Yes, Trump can be a jerk but I merely attribute that to him being a New Yorker. I certainly support less government but I voted for Trump for two reasons - Mrs. Clinton and the Supreme Court. The only Democratic candidate I support is Andrew Yang. As you can probably tell, I am fairly old and have too much time on my hands but I certainly enjoy politics and I spend a lot of time reading about the current situation and trying to understand it and I do not "just make up bullshit".