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  1. With such a compact schedule there are likely to be many ties for the playoff spots. So there will likely be coin tosses or single game tiebreakers (which teams would get the home field advantage in these one game play in games?)
  2. Biden appears to have problems on three fronts: 1) The alleged incident 2) Any retaliation for this complaint being made 3) The hypocrisy of Biden's position regarding whether women should be believed. 1) With two more contemporaneous parties coming out today in support of the allegation according to the AP but with the confusion of whether she "chickened out" and did not include sexual assault in her complaint (which remains to be found or which might have already been scrubbed by the Biden staffers that have had access to his Delaware papers), the question on the incident may not be resolved in either's favor (which is what the NYT concluded). 2) The retaliation/demotion and ultimately asking the accuser to quit appears to have some substance and is backed by contemporaneous reports. 3) If there are no facts that back either parties claims then the issue will be a tie with neither party being able to claim the truth. In this case, Biden and the other Democrats will be strung by their previous comments that women should have the benefit of the doubt and be believed if no other facts emerge. In other words, in the case of a tie the woman is to be believed. People will bring up the Trump female accusers claims that the POTUS is a "cooch (using a Kardashian reference) grabber" also. These claims were already out there before the 2016 election and the voters decided that other concerns outweighed these claims and elected Trump. Biden is running as the decent candidate that is respectful of women and these allegations do not line up with that position.
  3. Since the players union has already agreed to prorated pay based on games played, I think that most players will have a great financial investment in playing regardless of fans. Many of the highly paid players have adjusted their lifestyles to their contracts and the non highly paid players do not make that much.
  4. Should take 56 or 57 wins out of 100 to make the playoffs. Home field advantage will not be as important with so few fans. Players will have to take at least a third cut in pay with no or very little stadium, concession, beer and parking revenue.
  5. With ten team divisions and 100 games to be played that means 5 or 6 home and 5 or 6 away games against our nine divisional foes.
  6. The players and the stadium personnel need for this to happen. Wonder what the expanded playoffs would be like?
  7. I do not believe that our POTUS reads much at all, much less medical journals. However, someone must have brought this to his attention. He was of course completely off course to propose studying treatments using disinfectants internally.
  8. Actually Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC has developed a patented procedure for inserting a catheter in the ventilator tube of already intubated Covid-19 patients to emit a controlled dose of UV light (which does kill viruses and bacteria). Obviously this has not gone through any critical trials and the further bad news in NYC, 85% of patients placed on ventilators subsequently die (as opposed to 50% nationally). So Trump was not just talking out of his behind.
  9. The data about the Payroll Protection Act supplied by Bloomberg's 4/20 article is very interesting. The figures show the amount of eligible payroll (based on 2 1/2 times monthly payroll for businesses with fewer than 500 employees) that each state was able to access with Nebraska , North Dakota and Kansas leading the way with 80.7%, 79.0% and 78.4% respectively. New York and California were ranked 49th and 50th with 39.9% and 37.9% respectively. The largest number of loans approved was Texas at 134,737. The largest amounts total approved were headed by California at $33.4B and New York at $20.38B with $295,662 and $250,385 averages respectively. It appears that businesses with preexisting relationships with community banks were best served. Already the Democrats are claiming that whether the state was red or blue had some influence on the allocations which is obviously a crock. Very small businesses without the ability to borrow previously were at a disadvantage obviously without the strong banking relationships that that entails.
  10. The hotel and restaurant chains were allowed access to the Payroll Protection Act by a last minute change in the legislation. I would be interested in finding out which party and congressional members proposed this change. The Shake Shack did nothing wrong but followed the law as it was written and only returned the loan to the program because of the bad optics. Sloppy legislation because of the rush is the culprit here.
  11. Unemployment insurance is not welfare. Your previous employers paid into these programs and if you are entitled then by all means use these resources until you can find a new job. I was on unemployment insurance three times in my first ten years of working.
  12. I don't want to wait three and a half months to get my sports viewing fix.
  13. Let's get her started in AZ with the balance of the season when the Covid-19 situation allows. Baseball (any live sports) would be a huge tonic for a bored stay at home nation.
  14. Even though very few respond to these Polls, I would like to get a sense of how many AW members have been tested, have been hospitalized, have lost their jobs and any that have received any of the $2.2 trillion in Federal monies.
  15. POTUS and the Congress have moved forward with a three pronged approach to helping the average American get through the economic aspects of this emergency. 1) The $1200 checks that will go to all who qualify and should start appearing in people's bank accounts next week. The problem will be with the number of low earning Americans who do file tax returns or do not have direct deposit of their tax refunds. These folks will have to receive a check and the government only has the ability to currently send out 5 million checks a week so those waiting for a check will have a possibility of several months delay before seeing this one time shot of cash. 2) The expanded unemployment eligibility (including the self employed or private contractors) plus the extra $600.00 per week will be a great help but the bottleneck will be the individual State's Unemployment systems which will be severely overloaded. Those in the best shape will be those already on unemployment who will just have the $600.00 added to their already established accounts. 3) The loans from the banks (backed up by the SBA) which will allow small businesses to continue paying folks thus not forcing them into the unemployment mess (see #2 above) and will not have to be repaid if they continue to pay their employees. Of the $350 billion allocated to this program, supposedly $ 100 billion has already been approved (I have no idea what this means in terms of when the businesses will get the money) but banks are an extremely regulated industry with lots of rules to follow and the large number of businesses applying for this basically free money and the notoriously slow SBA bureaucracy will I am sure not go as smoothly as we all want. The question is, who will get the blame for what will inevitably be delays. Will this all be blamed on Trump?
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