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  1. I’d start with getting some pitching , then I’d go get some pitching and after that - some more pitching
  2. Season over - this year is cancelled really - everything holding off till 2021 - not sure why everyone thinks 2021 will be the magic fix - seems like everyone’s answer is to put life on hold indefinitely.... I hope the passage of a bunch of time will fix this thing but if it doesn’t we might need to learn to live with it in our midst
  3. I believe there is a middle ground - is it serious ? Yes , Is it real ? Yes The problem is we keep getting people saying “ it’s too soon “ too soon to be in public , too soon to go to a baseball game , too soon for Disneyland to open etc etc . We hear a lot of “too soons “ if now is too soon when will it be ok ? When there’s a vaccine ? (12-18 months ) when it completely goes away ? ( years ) . We may have to come to grips with reality - this thing is going to be around for a while - so how do we go back to living life with it in our midst ? Let’s take baseball for example - it’s
  4. Agreed Chuck - these are young men in top physical shape they will be ok - the constant charts , graphs and endless predictions are breeding fear . Is this virus real - yes but the reaction is overblown - if we had charts , graphs , endless news stories on every virus we would never leave our homes again.
  5. Agreed - Frontier sucks - I’m a musician and I had to catch a last minute connecting to flight to Nashville last sept - the rate was ok but after paying $100 for my guitar to go in the overhead ( electric guitar in a small case , American and Southwest let me carry it for free ) and other fees it wasn’t worth it
  6. Honestly there is almost zero point in candidates campaigning- how many Trump voters are going to change their mind and vote for Biden and vice verse - the two sides are so opposite I can’t imagine anyone is changing their mind . I’d be willing to bet that everyone has already made up their mind
  7. My Trust in the media was never great but not it’s pretty much at zero - so much garbage to sift through
  8. I’d go to a game - I mean I went to a spring training game at Tempe Diablo on 3/9 it was packed and I survived that - 2 days later it was like the virus magically touched down and all was shut down - this virus has been here for awhile
  9. Just wait - we will have daily murder hornet press briefings , lockdowns , and I can’t wait for a prominent news anchor to get stung by one and give us the play by play of what he’s going through....
  10. Wood Reckling Richards i hesitate to include Kendrick - while He hasn’t become a huge star -although with the way things went last year for him and looking at his career numbers - he’s had a successful career as a major league player
  11. Great signing glad to see this - great to get a top notch player in his prime
  12. We have a trade deadline - how about a free agent signing deadline ? If spring training starts and you’re not on a team you sit that season out - maybe that would move negotiations a bit
  13. Gotta spend smart this off-season you don’t bring in Maddon and surround him with one year contracts with the Harvey , Cahill types etc etc -
  14. This is good - Callaway is best as a pitching coach and mediocre as a manager
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