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Jerome Williams non-tendered


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pinkpuka57 4:44pm via Twitter for iPhone

First and foremost, I wanna thank the Angels organization for the opportunity to get back in the big leagues. It's been an awesome time



pinkpuka57 4:45pm via Twitter for iPhone

Met new faces and even better people. Wish all the guys luck in the next upcoming year. Now it's time to move on to the next chapter.



pinkpuka57 4:46pm via Twitter for iPhone

And lastly, thank you fans. You always were supportive no matter what was happening. Thank you.

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Well, Jerome will get paid somewhere.  


Question for the Angels is.  Who the F is the long reliever now?  Because Hanson or Blanton better not be the answer.  And who is the starting pitching depth now?  And the answer better not be Hanson or Blanton.  


This team just got a new gaping hole in it.

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How you can tender Hanson a contract and not Jerome is beyond me.


In talking to Sarah (Jerome's wife), Jerome wants to latch on somewhere where he can pitch out of the rotation as a starter.


Selfishly, I hope he lands up here in Seattle so we can get together.


Pitchers park.  Won't cost that much to sign him.  Yeah, that would be a fit for Jerome and the Mariners.  


And if he does sign with the Mariners.  Have Summer Fanfest when the Mariners are in town.  At least there is a chance someone will show up to the softball game.  

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Jerome and Sarah:


It was a great little run and we all hope this provides the opportunity to take the next positive step.  You've been gracious and tenacious.


We will miss you and those adorable children of yours!


A sincere thanks from the Angels Win family!

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So they tender Jespen and don't tender Jerome.


Sigh.  I really don't like Dipoto.


Regardless, best of everything to Jerome, one of the classiest, most easy guys to root for.

Jerome last season was making $2 million and was in the third year of arbitration and probably looking at a big raise. The Angels can still negotiate with him as a free agent but more than likely he is going to take a multiyear deal somewhere else.


He was a class guy and I will miss that pink glove for some reason. Let's just hope the big man goes to the NL and doesn't haunt the Angels for the next 5 years.

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