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Congrats, Dodgers


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. . . on having the absolute worst piece of sh*t fan base in all of sports.

Police Investigating Assault by Dodgers Fans That Left Red Sox Fan in Hospital

A Red Sox fan says he woke up in an emergency room in Los Angeles after being confronted by Dodgers fans following Game 5 of the World Seriesaccording to Jake Levin of NECN.

Massachusetts native Josh Davis, who now lives in Los Angeles, said two men stopped him on the sidewalk after Boston clinched its ninth title in franchise history Sunday. The 36-year-old was wearing a Red Sox had and said one of the men who stopped him was in a Dodgers jersey and hat.

"Get your [expletive] out of here, this is Dodger country right here," Davis alleges one of the men said.

Davis claims he was stabbed by a screwdriver and as many as nine or 10 people contributed to the assault. When he came to at Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Davis had five stab wounds, some missing teeth and a fractured nose.



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51 minutes ago, Angel Oracle said:

Wasn't it more than enough, when the Giants fan was assaulted and nearly passed away?

New stadium name:  Shawshank Stadium

I like it, but why not merge the old favorite with this one.  It has a more familiar ring:  Shawshank Latrine

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LA has the most fucked up people with no respect. Just because you have a fucked up losing team, don’t take it out on the fans. It is worse when LA’s fucked up people can’t fight 1 on 1 and need the whole city to help, guess they don’t want to lose the fight either. I hope the victim gets well soon.

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19 minutes ago, GrittyVeterans said:

Getting into a fight with one person is one thing and a lot of us have been there at some point.


Getting into a 10 on 1 altercation is just complete thuggery and they should all be in jail

Really?  Because I haven't  been in a fight since Jr. High

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3 minutes ago, mtangelsfan said:

Really?  Because I haven't  been in a fight since Jr. High

Wow go you you’re amazing 

im not saying fighting is a good thing. I’m saying it happens from time to time and if it’s two people that can defend themselves it usually isn’t a huge deal. Should it be condoned and not punished? Of course not

this gangster mentality at dodger stadium where you have 5-10 people going at 1 defenseless person is clearly the real problem at stadiums though



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