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  1. I’ll take baseball played anyway I can get it right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if the season starts with empty stadiums.
  2. If you say so. I don’t think that makes him a douche though.
  3. I hope they take away the mayor and city council members parking spots, suite, etc.
  4. And he will almost be in the Hall of Fame.
  5. If they don’t sign Cole and either madbum, wheeler or strasburg during these meetings I’ll be pissed. i set the bar high. i also have a handle of sailor jerry ready when I do get let down.
  6. Sort of reminds me of when the Rangers were the clear favorites in 2010 and the Giants took it in 5.
  7. Feels good to not care who wins the WS now. Both teams I dislike are out.
  8. Colin Cowherd is the absolute worst, makes my ears bleed.