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  1. I hear he can twirl his right arm, point with his left hand and chew bubble gum all at the same time. Who would have thought! Go Halos!
  2. Bob Nightengale saying Josh Reddick doesn’t know who will be able to afford Gerrit Cole this winter, but knows Cole would love to go out West. ‘I just hope it’s out of our division,’ Reddick says.
  3. I hear Curt Schilling has thrown is hat in the ring...Phillies manager or Red Sox pitching coach
  4. it would be nice to get Cole for 28m a year. still think it will be in the 32-33m a year.
  5. I would personally like to see the Dognuts finish in last place and not even make it this far. I have many friends who follow the Angels, but once the Angels are out and the Dognuts are in, they like seeing our Big Brother win. gives some hope that we can do the same some day.
  6. You mean The franchise folds. Dodger Stadium is turned into the new home of the Burbank Athletics.
  7. If they sign Ryu, he'll use the clubhouse microwave to cook fish. Big No-No, so nobody wants him.
  8. Maddon brings a personality to the manager position. People be looking forward to his post game interviews and more. Boring Brad was just that. Flat and boring. Arte wants Hollywood!
  9. I'm too busy to worry about this shit! people change, even when there dead. anyways, I've been real busy setting up my new website, Angelslose.com
  10. Look at those ex-Angels starting on Play-off teams! my oh my! Oh, Look! I see our future 3rd baseman!
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