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  1. According to those trade values, just have the Cubs send Contreras, Kimbrell, and some cash for absolutely nothing.
  2. It's also just a weird argument. Grandal could have signed for $400M and "nobody set an upper limit" would still apply.
  3. Even if he were, 22% for 2 WAR at age 31 is not the same as 10% for 8 WAR at age 29.
  4. HRs kill BABIP. I would be surprised if BABIP hasn't dropped across the league in tandem with ball juicing.
  5. Or kill two birds with one scone and use the same drones that deliver the foul balls to kids over the nets.
  6. Park at Karl Strauss for free parking, better beer at normal prices, better food at normal prices. Those duck butter pretzel bites...
  7. The palatable beers are $14. I'd still trade an increase for a playoff team, but I'd never go to a game again.