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  1. Well it's the pro-Sandy Hook crowd, so at least they're consistent. I have some friends who teach in OC though, so hopefully this doesn't happen. Also, I like how the BoE doesn't mention teachers at all; just that the kids will be fine (which they won't).
  2. I fuckin' hope not. I've been banking on Christmas getting cancelled since this thing started.
  3. To be fair, I almost made the same mistake at first.
  4. Nice, I was at this game. Strangely the one thing I remember was that throw by Alex Ochoa to almost preserve the shutout. Watching this, I can't believe I got to see a Bengie Molina triple in person.
  5. Yeah, it was ALDS Game 4. Wash vs Wells.
  6. ALDS Game 4. Too bad I'd have to go drive around for 2 hours or sit in the driveway to listen.