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  1. If they had re-signed Simmons, they wouldn't need anything else. But they didn't, so now Arte needs to go over the l-tax or get thy fanny out.
  2. According to the numbers, he doesn't even play the same sport as Simmons defensively. To paraphrase the late great Heath Ledger, I have no reason to watch baseball anymore.
  3. 3 separate claims, with a self-explanatory reason for MLB's lack of investigation. I bet you think Lakers-Kings was a perfectly cromulent series.
  4. Unfortunately for us, the lesson for the Dodgers was that cheating works.
  5. Damn, 2020 must have taken the week off. Another win for justice.
  6. Just copy the exact process for MLB All-Star voting.
  7. Yeah I don't think anybody cares about Biden. Last time there was a bit of a grey area of people who hate Trump but also hate women.
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