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  1. Jays announcer just said "Ohtani and Trout been swinging those dicks in this series." Might have been "sticks" but I doubt it.
  2. They gave Heaney a 21.00 ERA before he's even made his season debut? Well that's a big ol' bowl of wrong.
  3. I thought it was the consensus that Billy's the GOAT and we're just hoping Perry doesn't fuck it up too bad.
  4. Even if calculated correctly, assessing his value is complicated. On the 10-man starting lineup, his name appears twice. I could see his finishing 2nd and 6th in the MVP race this year.
  5. This is why the Astros and Red Sox are now my 2nd favorite teams. Their sacrifices make Jesus look like Hitler.
  6. Shit you're right. I'd like to change my answer to the KC series in 2016.
  7. Talking about the 4-game sweep in the regular season, e.g. the Calhoun game.
  8. They cancelled the season in 2020. Can't believe you didn't know that.
  9. You originally said that the Angels would lose these types of games in seasons like 2019. But in 2019 they won games just like this. If you meant they would lose these games specifically in the first week of the season, well then fine.
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