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Angels acquired RHP Gregory Billo from the Royals for cash considerations.

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Billo, 23, posted a 7.41 ERA and 17/13 K/BB ratio over his first 17 innings this season in Double-A. He had Tommy John surgery in 2012, but returned last season to make 13 appearances (10 starts) between rookie ball and Class A Lexington posting a 1.67 ERA, 50 K's in 49 innings. It appears that he's still trying to round back into form, but the Angels will take a chance on him.


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Are we considering giving the Royals no cash at all?



that's funny. moves like this, if he has some measurables, are what the angels should be doing. guys like this are the type of dudes that become reliable bullpen guys. i know nothing about him, but it's a no risk move.

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I see nothing wrong with taking a chance for little cash on a 23 year old pitcher.


The best times to buy low on guys like this is when they're sucking. 


Chuck, I thoroughly agree with this sentiment. Taking a chance is always a good thing.


My only question is, at what point does it cease being "taking a chance on in order to" and become "the method with which they" rebuild their franchise?


I think we all get that the Angels are up against a wall as far as their pitching depth is concerned and they need to do something to fix it.  But seriously, for going on three years the answer for the Angels seems to be acquiring potential talent with serious concerns about their health.


The biggest red flag to me about this whole thing is that it's the Royals who simply gave him away (yes, I consider "cash considerations" as "giving a player away").  It sounds to me like the Royals were about to DFA him just before the Angels stepped in.


To me, the biggest concern about this is not who the Angels acquired and what his potential is (should he get healthy again) but how this is no longer the aberration, and has instead become the norm of doing business for this front office.


Again, occasionally doing this is one thing, but how many of these types of acquisitions have the Angels made just in the month of May alone? Let alone how they spent last off-season depending on these types of acquisitions for the success of the franchise as a whole this year.

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some of you guys are making a way bigger deal about this type of signing than is necessary.  look thru the transaction logs of pretty much every team and you will see something similar.  


this is just another way to supplement the minor league system and add depth.  Maybe grab a clean peanut here and there.  


With Morin, Alvarez, and Bedrosian, the halos aren't going to spend a dime on a reliever any time soon.  There are also a few arms that are fringe starters that will probably end up relievers.  


Not trading for rentals, not losing draft picks and slot to free agent signings and being active in foreign markets is what is turning this system around already.  Ways to go, but headed in the right direction.  Let them do their thing.  


If they can get a serviceable player off the scrap heap once in awhile, then even better.  It's better than trading away depth for a potentially washed up 'he just had a bad year' major leaguer.  

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