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  1. Agreed. When 99% or whatever of the driving population can follow the rules you aren't going to be able to force them to have an interlock device and financially it doesn't make sense. Like Tank said though to anyone who has lost someone to an impaired driver how big the problem is or how much it costs to fix it don't matter.
  2. Current laws in CA for a 1st DUI conviction are a 6 month license suspension. I've got no issues with this but the issue again is people as some repeat offenders seem to have no problem driving on a suspended license. The girl in the article I posted earlier who had a suspended license and two alcohol related driving incidents prior (one she left the scene and no one could identify her so it wasn't a DUI yet) it was initially reported she took her parents car. Aside from putting interlock devices on every single car there's no way to prevent some of these idiots from getting behind wheel.
  3. In my perfect world I'd stop letting people act like assholes with little or no repercussions. Everyone regardless of race or how much money they have should be held to the same standard when they commit a crime. I've mentioned it multiple times over the years but in my younger days I was an idiot and got a DUI. Thankfully I didn't hurt anyone and it's a mistake I never made again but they told us in alcohol school that ~1/3 of people who get one DUI will get at least one more. Far too often I see stories about DUI accidents where some innocent person get killed and the person responsible already has at least one DUI under their belt and is driving on a suspended license. Less then a year ago we had this doozy that left 3 kids without their parents: https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2020/12/22/prosecutors-woman-charged-in-newport-beach-dui-crash-killed-parents-driven-from-brewery-got-back-behind-wheel/ The chick apparently had been driven home from a brewery but decided she wasn't done for the night and got in I believe her parents car while she had multiple DUI incidents prior to that. People like her should spend the rest of their lives in prison.
  4. What can you do about it? Alcohol makes some people more outgoing, lower people's inhibitions, make some people think they're tough and the list goes on but the problem isn't alcohol it's people. Our country seems to be going the other direction as far as holding people responsible and dropping the hammer when they act like idiots so I wouldn't hold out a lot of hope as far as the statistics posted changing too much for the better.
  5. Who said they were against the free meals? All I mentioned was a bigger menu of free meals. Some of you manage to suck the fun out of coming here and trying to have a discussion
  6. "Money isn’t the only challenge schools face. On Monday, some parents kept their kids home from school and held demonstrations to protest Gov. Gavin Newsom’s student vaccine mandate." "And although schools next year will start providing free meals to all students, they aren’t required to make dietary accommodations for religious beliefs — which could disproportionately impact Muslim students, CalMatters’ Joe Hong reports." Gotta blame the anti-vaxxers and lay the groundwork for a bigger menu of free meals. After seeing locally how the private schools handled the pandemic and some of the changes they've implemented in public schools I'll definitely be putting my kid in a private school.
  7. Cities with the highest murder rates so far in 2021 https://worldpopulationreview.com/us-city-rankings/cities-with-most-murders FBI figures showing the biggest increases YOY in 2020 https://www.wweek.com/news/2021/09/29/new-fbi-figures-show-portland-is-way-above-average-in-its-increased-rate-of-homicides/ Unfortunately rates have trended up in some cities across the US regardless of left/right blue/red. The point about Portland (or any other city in a similar situation) is that they've allowed people to act like assholes with few or no repercussions and unsurprisingly its escalated.
  8. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/dangerous-time-portland-oregon-sees-record-homicides-80655866
  9. No but I trust the person who I mentioned previously that was a former marine and trains local law enforcement when he told me. If you've ever loaded a handgun like a 9mm and a shotgun or heard it done the sound is quite different. Hearing the sound of any gun being loaded likely deters many people who break into others houses as they're usually cowards and think they're dealing with easy prey.
  10. To go along with what Jason said a shotgun makes it less likely you miss vs. a handgun. Also to answer your question the sound of a shotgun cocking can be a pretty good deterrent in itself.
  11. The instructor I worked with who was a former marine and trains local cops/sheriffs said for home defense a shotgun is the best way to go. I didn't get to do training course on that and consider buying one before the lock down hit and a lot of people who didn't own guns ran out to buy them and ammo which was in short supply. I'll take notes on the responses by Jason and MAGA.
  12. https://nypost.com/2021/09/17/wi-spa-suspect-still-at-large-has-history-of-indecent-exposure-and-masturbation/
  13. AO if you have kids when they were little and brought home finger paintings did you tell them how terrible they were and they'd never be artists? Just wondering. Stafford seemed off last night but I would attribute that to popping his finger out of the socket while it could have been much worse ala Russel Wilson. 10 days to rest up and get used to playing with the wrap on if needed while the Rams schedule has them playing the Giants, Lions and Texans over the next 3 weeks. Nice three game stretch to get the running game established and have the offense firing on all cylinders.
  14. In 2009 Chone, Howie, Napoli, Aybar and Mathis (all drafted or acquired before Arte bought the team) contributed 30.4 WAR according to ESPN. Also had Weaver, Lackey and Saunders (pre-Arte) contributing 5.1 WAR according to ESPN. Those may not look like big numbers but as far as Angels players with a WAR above 0 that season according to ESPN offense had 36.4 and pitching had 10.9 if my quick counting is correct. Chone had a career year which can skew that season and obviously Vlad had some monster seasons but I would think over half the WAR during those years came from guys already in the organization. Shows what homegrown talent pared with good FA signings can accomplish.
  15. I'm just guessing that's where the $600 amount may have come from. The intent is to get tax revenue out of transactions that currently aren't being taxed because there's no tax form being filed with the IRS when in reality for some of them there should be. The $600 threshold for bank transactions seems like it would be a nightmare to track and weed through but it's a reason for an inefficient government entity to become more bloated and wasteful.
  16. Sure but Arte bought the team in 2003. I know Vlad and others were brought in 2004-2009 but there's quite a few players who were around from the prior regime who contributed. There's also Bane and the impact of others who are no longer with the franchise. Obviously the last decade made me realize how much fun that stretch was but that successful stretch yielded 0 trips to the WS and 1 trip to the ALCS which still stings. Should have had at least 1 WS out of that stretch.
  17. Division games are some of the hardest to predict and as much as I like having a Thursday game to watch the short week seems to lead to more injuries. It also feels like the Thursday games tend to be let downs more often than not but the same thing happens Sundays it's just you have other games to switch to. That said this could be a nice bounce back game for the Rams as Seattle is giving up the most yards on defense, they've been hit or miss on offense at times and their starting RB is injured. Playing in Seattle hasn't been easy in recent years but here's to hoping for a good game where there's no major injuries.
  18. I'm assuming it's because $600 is the threshold for requiring a 1099-Misc.
  19. That just makes me want to watch Chapelle's newest special even more.
  20. The greater good doesn't have to mean former Soviet Union or Nazi Germany level actions. I look at it as more of a pragmatic approach to certain things so greater good probably isn't the best choice of words if it's being applied to extreme actions made in the past.
  21. People have the option of not taking the vaccine. Just like employers, businesses and so on can require proof of vaccination from employees and customers. I'm vaccinated but even if there's a policy or requirement I agree with that doesn't mean I agree with applying it to everyone. Vaccines however don't fall in this category for me because I think it's a matter of the greater good. There's no good reason something like measles should have made a comeback and that only put more people at risk. I realize this is a new vaccine and I'm not comparing COVID and measles but if someone doesn't want the COVID vaccine that's fine just don't expect the rest of the world to accommodate that fact. I have a co worker who just got back from traveling abroad and the requirements and restrictions to travel to or even just through some countries are much more stringent than anything we've seen here to date.
  22. I don't know about the order of retaliation or joining in but WWIII or close to it is my thought too. I'd like to think most people/countries don't want war but if China isn't checked assuming they attack Taiwan then it's only going to get worse. It's a no win situation if something happens between those two.
  23. If those two countries really got into a war the odds that it stays between just the two of them is very small. If no one supports Taiwan then you're setting a dangerous precedent with China and if you do support them then maybe it snowballs and turns into something much bigger.
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