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  1. What a dumpster fire. It would be entertaining if it wasn’t one of the two main parties we get to choose from.
  2. I would have put money on Canning being the first to have some kind of arm issue given the issues he had last year. Hopefully whatever it is at a point he's able to move forward without injury and we get to see what he's really capable of.
  3. To be sure I'm not sure how much better the rate would be for other generations.
  4. Those are the 2015 MFJ brackets: I really hope that was some random feel the Berner that put that together. In his interview Sunday night on 60 minutes Sanders couldn't even come up with an estimate of what his medical plan would cost. It's all lip service until his side puts out an actual plan that will be reviewed by independent groups.
  5. That's incorrect because the "Tax % Before" brackets in that graphic are from prior to 2018. The brackets are currently 10, 12, 22, 24, 32, 35 and 37% respectively. So under his plan middle class people in the 12, 22 and 24% brackets will pay more than they currently do. Either sloppy (reusing from 2016) or deceptive and if it was put out by his team neither is confidence inspiring.
  6. I'm guessing the 55% who are invested have benefited to some degree. Don't believe I said anything about people shaping their politics around the stock market. That said some people do as if the economy is good usually the stock market is which works in the incumbents favor. As to your last sentence 401K's are defined contribution plans which as a whole represent about 28% of the currently 29T in US retirement assets. IRA's which represent about 33% of the 29T are something anyone can open at the age of 18 and start investing in so even people who don't have a 401K option through their employer or have one with crap choices can still invest. Investing for retirement doesn't require a degree or certain aptitude for finance it requires dedication, living below ones means and yeah some luck when it comes to things like health. For the majority of people life choices are what drive their situation and not caricatures of Wall Street fat cats sitting around in some boardroom deciding their fate. No amount of taxation or redistribution of wealth will make people on the receiving end smarter with money; see lottery winners of which a reported 70% go broke.
  7. Something like this is impossible to contain if everyone isn't honest and on the same page.
  8. Unless I'm mistaken Zika was transmitted via mosquito bites and mothers who were infected transmitting it to their children when giving birth. I think what scares people about the Corona Virus is how little they really know about it, it started in China where there's over 1B people sometimes in unsanitary conditions and the fact that it's transmitted from person to person. They thought 14 days was adequate time for people to show signs of it and apparently they were wrong because people released after that tested positive later. I'm anything but a health expert but when I see reports that they're trying to bring back people from cruise ships or overseas and placing them in Costa Mesa and other parts of the country I wonder why they aren't putting them all in one area. Doesn't seem to me that bringing them to the greater Los Angeles area is a wise choice in case it spreads. I think for the greater good anyone infected should have be held in quarantine as long as needed. The mortality rate sounds low if what China is reporting is close to true but if it hits a large population and isn't contained the elderly, kids and those with weakened immune systems could result in a lot of deaths.
  9. The middle class includes people across various age groups. Your response to Jason specifically mentioned the middle class and tried to imply they have little stake in Wall Street. Thanks and keep those Bernie talking points with no facts coming. They work for the segment of the population that thinks they can vote themselves a better life with someone else's money but not so much with the rest. I'll gladly remind you and point out how full of shit you are whenever I have the time.
  10. What's the wrong headed point when I respond that 55% of the US workforce is invested in the ~28T in US retirement assets that are invested? As of March 2019 that number was up over 29T of which 5.7T or 20% was from 401K plans. I'd criticize your facts but you don't actually post any you make claims based on feelings and then back pedal or nitpick something from a post that wasn't there.
  11. You conveniently ignore the overall numbers and zeroed in on pensions of which 22% of the worforce still has a pension of some sort which is ~29M people. Pensions are going the way of the dinosaur and they aren't coming back any time soon regardless of who gets elected. The pension obligations many state and cities are saddled with are ridiculous because of the unreal return expectations that many constantly under perform. So citizens in those cities and states can expect to pay more in future years to meet those pension obligations which is an added cost to taxpayers. Setting aside pensions over 70% of millennials are saving and investing for retirement. Disagree until you pass out for all I care but your comment about the significant brokerage holdings of the middle class was wrong.
  12. As of 2018 over 55% of the full time US workforce was invested through a pension or 401K plan and total US retirement assets were over 28T.
  13. Saw clips of the service and both Shaq and MJ crushed it as they spoke from the heart, were sincere and had people laughing. I think that's about the most anyone can ask for from a celebration of their life.
  14. Came across and finished season 1 of Counterpart. I like it but I know it ended after two seasons which I don't believe was planned and I'm really hoping season 2 doesn't end on a cliff hanger or with a lot of unanswered questions. Also finished season 1 of Cardinal which is entertaining in a lower budget gritty serial killer drama kind of way. It may not necessarily be lower budget but it's a Canadian show and has that less than Hollywood vibe to it which isn't always a bad thing.
  15. If you think Wall Street would only pass expenses on in the form of charging for checks then there's not much to discuss. Like any entity that can't print money Wall Street will pass additional expenses or taxes on to their clients which includes everyone on down to the average Joe with a 401K. Finance, insurance and real estate represent about 20% of the US GDP as a group. Venture Capitalist backed companies employ over 35% of the US workforce, account for over 80% of private sector R&D and generate over 20% of US GDP. US companies backed by Private Equity firms employ about 7% of the workforce. The impact Wall Street has on the US and world economies is massive. It absolutely should be regulated but over regulation and taxation will backfire and weaken the the US economy while someone else will step up to pick up the slack. Whether we like it or not money runs the world and its economic power and not the size of the military that's important going forward.
  16. It's interesting how much stuff the wealth tax is going to pay for.
  17. Anyone who has taken a basic econ course knows this. Raise taxes on businesses and they'll pass them on to consumers, cut their workforce, cut hours, cut benefits and if it gets bad enough move somewhere that's more tax friendly. Implement a wealth tax and it will fall short of whatever projections were touted. At one time more than a dozen European countries had a wealth tax while only four currently do. The majority abandoned it when they found found wealth taxes weren't worth trying to enforce and administer. Some of the people didn't have the money to pay the tax because their wealth was in businesses, homes, art and so on. Ultimately it generated about 0.2% of GDP which in the US would come out to about 45B or 1% of the 4.45T the federal government spent in 2019 and that 45B is nowhere near enough to pay for the things being tossed around. With globalization the truly wealth whether we're talking businesses or individuals can more easily take their businesses and wealth elsewhere if things got bad enough.
  18. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when cals and angelinkc inevitably get together for a beer. I imagine there’s a moment when even cals thinks something said goes too far then he remembers he’s a lawyer and that isn’t possible.
  19. The 23T and growing national debt is not a boogeyman and sooner rather than later kicking the can down the road isn't going to cut it. As far as crying about it hardly and I've never denied it as I've pointed out multiple times on this board that deficit spending has been a way of life for four decades now which both parties deserve blame for. If we're going to pigeonhole a conservative government then we can do the same for a progressive one which is a big reason Trump got elected. 8 years of hearing about how we had to care about every small segment of the population and the victim mentality then in late 2016 when the shoe is on the other foot we see that it's all bullshit because most of those people were only accepting when it was something or someone they agreed with. Trump is an absolute chud but since he got elected the only thing the other side has done is try and get him out of office with no real plan or platform which is the same thing Trump did when it came to healthcare because he had no viable plan. Trump was the unfortunate response to 8 years of Obama and now we're seeing the response to Trump is swinging farther the other way. The government is an inefficient bloated bureaucracy with multiple agencies that are redundant and instead of cutting those agencies they only continue to grow. If you want to vote them more power believing they have your best interest in mind that's your right but frankly I don't buy it from either side. As I've said before I don't care how the government spends what it does I just want them to do it without deficit spending, raising taxes and crushing the middle class. Get rid of Trump's tax cuts, make everyone have some skin in the game and pay federal income taxes, get rid of tax loopholes so corporations pay taxes and live within our means instead of bankrupting future generations to buy votes and toe the party line which both parties do. Social programs and safety nets should absolutely be there but they shouldn't breed generations of people who it becomes a way of life for. Both sides are content making voters more dependent on them and that's exactly what Sanders is pushing.
  20. Believing the current trajectory is untenable isn’t a reason to vote for someone or a philosophy that speeds it up especially when that involves more government control and taxes. Given the two choices I prefer the slow bleed where I can still achieve a middle class lifestyle.
  21. I don't believe new taxes are a viable plan. I think anyone who is honest will say regardless of who is in office whatever their plan is the projected tax revenues will fall short. It rolls down hill and what's left of the middle class will get pounded trying to make up the shortfall while we continue to rack up debt. For free college does everyone get to go? How do you decide when someone is just wasting taxpayer money? What good are degrees that really don't transfer to the working world? There's already quite a few people now going to college who are just going through the motions with no direction or ambition. Nothing is free and the government has shown the more it controls the more bloated, inefficient and expensive things become.
  22. Intermittent fasting, keto or any other diet can be used to kick start your weight loss, help you build control and reduce how much you eat. That doesn’t mean it’s something you have to do the rest of your life to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight. I started keto in September after getting back from vacation. I completely cut out alcohol, sugar, bread, etc. and when we went out I stuck to salads. Like any diet it can get monotonous but I’m at the point now where I don’t feel like I have to be nearly as regimented and I hit my goal weight quicker than I thought. I still follow a low carb diet and the biggest thing it did for me was reduce how much I eat and how often I feel hungry. I exercise about as much as I used to and I haven’t had any issues as far as energy goes. Commit to something else because I’m sure your health and diet aren’t helping your depression. Good luck.
  23. Had lunch this week with someone whose family runs a business in China. Initially they weren't hard hit because of the orders from other countries but the fallout from the virus is now hitting them and about 40% of their workforce currently isn't working. Heard a similar story from someone in a completely different industry that has factories in China. By some accounts parts of China are more or less shut down or at the very least slowed down. When that happens to the economy that is the second largest in the world by GDP there's going to be ripple effects across the globe especially once we get through Q1 and numbers start coming in.
  24. I answered your first question in my second sentence saying the onus isn't all on the women and I even said further on in my post that any guy in that situation deserves just as much credit. That said, if a woman is sleeping with someone they don't want to have a kid with for whatever reason then be on some form of birth control or make your partner put on a condom. If he isn't willing to then that just reinforces that he's not the type of person you should be having a kid with because he's irresponsible. One of my friends who now has a kid was under the impression his partner was on birth control. Turns out she wasn't and all of us were skeptical of her actually being on something from the get go. Turns out he was playing Russian roulette and didn't know it but that's just as much on him. I'm not religious or old fashioned as far as someone having to be married to have a kid. If my daughter got pregnant I would just want her to at least think she's ready to have a kid financially and emotionally. I know that no one is really ever ready for the changes that having a kid will bring but I would at least hope that people who are having a kid are up to the task because it's not something you should limp into. Obviously that isn't the case and that's why we've got a lot of absentee parents or worthless parents who are there but might as well not be. I was raised by a single parent who was up to the task and had a dad who may as well have not been there that I haven't talked to in 20 years so I saw both sides. I ended up knowing or gravitating to friends who were in single parent households and not all of them had parents up to the task and it showed as quite a few didn't graduate high school. If my kids ever come home and say "I'm pregnant" or "I"m getting married" that's great but I would expect in that situation they are either already out of the house on their own two feet or have an exit plan. Would I kick a daughter out in that situation? No but I'd be pretty pissed off if she's bringing a kid into the world she isn't ready for. Take it for what it's worth but the Brookings Institute (incoming fact check) in 2013 came out with a list of things to teach kids to help them avoid poverty "Let politicians, schoolteachers and administrators, community leaders, ministers and parents drill into children the message that in a free society, they enter adulthood with three major responsibilities: at least finish high school, get a full-time job and wait until age 21 to get married and have children. Our research shows that of American adults who followed these three simple rules, only about 2 percent are in poverty and nearly 75 percent have joined the middle class (defined as earning around $55,000 or more per year). There are surely influences other than these principles at play, but following them guides a young adult away from poverty and toward the middle class." All three of those things are something that able bodied adults of sound mind are all capable of. If you don't have a good support system or one at all, are uneducated and already living in poverty then at least try to finish high school, have a job and wait on having kids. People who don't shouldn't be vilified but at the same time they aren't off the hook for their choices. At a point in life no matter what your situation was growing up you're an adult, you're responsible for your own choices and blaming someone else doesn't fly.
  25. 99%+ of those women interviewed had the choice to use some form of birth control but chose not to. I'm not saying that to put the onus of using birth control on just women rather if you have a one night stand, casual relationship, are with someone who doesn't want kids or don't think your partner is someone you want to have kids with then take steps to prevent that from happening. I've got friends who didn't act responsibly and they'll be dealing with women they don't get along with for the rest of their lives because they have a kid together and they deserve just as much of the blame. I'm fine with a woman's right to choose but abortions shouldn't be used as a form of birth control like they are for some individuals who have had multiple. Most abortions are the result of irresponsible adults.