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  1. Just throwing these numbers out there to start the conversation. Hitting .285 Avg 25 HR's 85 RBI's Pitching 8+ wins 3.00 ERA or lower 100 k's 1.20 WHIP
  2. No, I haven't. But I would think that the money lost to the teams would force owners to demand more be done. Go Halos!!!
  3. Fans boycotted every Astros away game. To force MLB to institute a real punishment on the players involved in the cheating. It seems that the loss of revenue will be the only way to make change happen. Just a thought. Go Halos!!!
  4. Wow!! Sometimes the best trade is the one you don't make. Go Halos!!
  5. All video feeds that are allowed in the venue go through an MLB video truck on site. Go Halos!!!
  6. I would like to nominate this thread as "Thread of the Year!". Can I get a "Second"? Go Halos!!!
  7. I've let him go, I'm good. But I would love to see some drama start up between Boras and the Yankees. Maybe something showed up in the physical or his wife had a change of heart. Go Halos!!!
  8. I have seen "Yankees to sign Cole" But I have yet to see "Yankees Sign Cole". Maybe, I am just reading too much into this. But could there be something holding the deal up? Go Halos!!!
  9. I'm on board with acquiring Contreras. Along with Darvish would be ideal. Go Halos!!!
  10. Would like the Angels to try and pry Edwin Diaz away from the Mets. 2 years ago he had 50+ saves for the Mariners. When he was dealt to the Mets along with Cano, Diaz just fell apart. I believe that the Mets tweaked his delivery and it really threw him off. I am hoping that the Angels can get him on the cheap and tell him to do what it was that he was doing before. Go Halos!!!
  11. This may sound a crazy, but I say try to trade for Edwin Diaz from the Mets. His stuff was electric two years ago and his lousy 2019 had more to do with his environment than anything physical. We may get him cheap after how bad his 2019 went. Go Halos!!!
  12. I wasn't able to read the whole thread. But I notice that Wheeler is being mentioned as a possible starting pitching option. Just want to remind everyone that Wheeler was extended a QO. Not sure I would want to extend the draft compensation for anyone other than Cole. Go Halos!!!
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