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  1. This may sound a crazy, but I say try to trade for Edwin Diaz from the Mets. His stuff was electric two years ago and his lousy 2019 had more to do with his environment than anything physical. We may get him cheap after how bad his 2019 went. Go Halos!!!
  2. I wasn't able to read the whole thread. But I notice that Wheeler is being mentioned as a possible starting pitching option. Just want to remind everyone that Wheeler was extended a QO. Not sure I would want to extend the draft compensation for anyone other than Cole. Go Halos!!!
  3. I hope the Astros win it all and Cole shines. If the Halos are going to dump millions on a guy, I want to be sure he isn't Kershaw 2.0. Go Halos!!!
  4. If Trout was facing a lefty pitcher that falls away towards third base, I would love to see him bunt between 2nd and 1st. He would only have to do it a few times in the season for the rest of the league to change how they play him. We could potentially have a .400 hitter. I'm just old school I guess I didn't read the whole thread, so its my bad if this was discussed. Go Halos!!!
  5. F%&#ING Reagins!!! Go Halos!!!
  6. Any moment they will announce that Upton needs Tommy John surgery on one or both of his legs. Go Halos!!!
  7. Any details? This is awesome news!! Go Halos!!!
  8. Let's see what Ohtani can do with 500+ Ab's. Let his pitching arm heal and revisit it during the off-season. Go Halos!!!
  9. I would love to see Harper in right, Trout in center, Simmons at SS and Ohtani on the mound. I would also love to see the stadium filled with 40k fans every night. Which would hopefully put the attendance over 4 million for the year. When Pujols FINALLY comes off the books, everything would then fall back into place. Harper and Trout are EXACTLY the kind of players that you go over the luxury tax for. Could you imagine potentially seeing four Angel players starting in an All Star game? That would be insane!! Go Halos!!!
  10. https://www.mlb.com/news/mike-moustakas-free-agent-rumors/c-266034298?tid=282421090
  11. Agility drills? But how was the ball leaving his hand? Can we just turn the page, please? Go Halos!!!
  12. What about women and their bra sizes? Get rid of it!!