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  1. Sign Cole and wheeler and trade for minor or Lynn and that'll do it.
  2. Actually at this point, I really don't care who we get, just give me three sp who can pitch around 200 innings and keep the ERA under 4 I'll praise the god and singing hallelujah if that happens.
  3. I'd go with Cole and Grandel and trade for a solid vet sp, but the problem is both Cole and Grandel had a great year, their price tag might be too high for us...
  4. Trade Adell and Canning for Bryant and sign Betts, Cole, Grandel and Bum.... World series here we come!! ?
  5. Not a surprise..... Since Mike Butcher was let go yesterday by the Dback...... Lol so who is next?
  6. What offense are you talking about? No Trout, no Ohtani, no Upton, No La stalla, that's like 70% of the offense were missing...
  7. Jeff sorry I disagree, if my team went 13-33 for their last 46 games, of course I'd want to know if they still care or not....
  8. The win total doesn't mean anything if you do not win the ws, the 2001 Mariners which won 116 games and then choked in the alcs..... That 2002-2004 Yankees didn't win any ws.. The 2010-2014 Giants they didn't win 100 games but they were considered a dynasty, because they won three ws. This Astros team is very good but to be consider a dynasty they need to win more than one ws.
  9. Yes those numbers are in PCL, but don't you at least want to see what he can do against the big league pitching before give him away through draft 5?
  10. Maybe pirate pitching coach > angels pitching coach...
  11. This is why you pay your agent big money, so they can teach you how to get out of the jail free of charge.....
  12. With this 8 games losing streak...we are just 1.5 games ahead of the Padres for the 10th worse record. So go Padres.....
  13. True, but Altuvs and Braman are getting big raise next year (32 mil) and Springer and Correa are in-line to get pay in the next 2 years, unless they are willing to spend 250 mil on payroll, otherwise I think they'll let Cole walk.
  14. Did that bird also tell you that they are on Bumgarner's no trade list?