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Have they posted the 25man yet?

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Seems to me that they have waited until after the freeway series the past few years. Not sure, but it's like they want to give the guys being cut, a chance to experience the big stadiums or something. Reward for a nice spring, before getting back on the bus?

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Just to amplify a little on my previous post, here is the total number of players used by the Angels in 2013 who appeared on the 25 man roster, ranked by innings played (49 total players appeared):


Trout 1,308.2, Trumbo 1,234.0, Aybar 1,203.0, Kendrick 1,044.1, Hamilton 931.1, Iannetta 921.2, Shuck 807.2, Callaspo 717.0, Conger 535.0, Calhoun 457.2, Bourjos 415.0, Green 323.2, Romine 307.2, Pujos 302.0, Jimenez 258.0, Harris 256.2, Nelson 244.0, Cowgill 242.1, Wilson 212.1, Williams 169.1.


Weaver 154.1, Vargas 150.0, Richards 145.0, Blanton 132.2, Hanson 73.0, De La Rosa 72.1, Hawpe 70.0, Frieri 68.2, Field 64.2, Kohn 53.0, Jepsen 36.0, Downs 29.1, Gutierrez 26.0, Roth 20.0, Buckner 17.1, Coello 17.0, Boshers 15.1, Rasmus 15.0, Lowe 11.2, Navarro 10.0.


Burnett 9.2, Braser 9.0, Enright 8.1, Cousins 6.0, Maronde 5.1, Shoemaker 5.0, Stange 1.2, Hester 1.2, Carpenter 0.1.


Kind of scary when you think of it.  Trout played over 1,300 innings and made $500K, Blanton played only 132 innings and made $7.5M.  It would be interesting to divide their salaries by the number of innings played and get the cost per out.  Example, Burnett got approximately $137,931 per out last year.  Trout got approximately $127 per out last year.

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We will find out tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait to see who the four or five man bench is going to be. Conger for sure, McDonald for sure, probably Greene and Shuck? That would be my guess, although I would prefer to see Long. I have this feeling that somehow, someway Ian Stewart makes the team, and to be honest, I don't think he has earned it. So we will get the Colorado Connection jokes and all that.

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My idea is that reserve players should offer some power and a few stolen bases.

I don't see Stewart offering either.

Defensive replacement players are fine if you expect to have late leads all the time. With this pitching staff, scoring runs late in games should be the concern, IMO.

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We have a lot of thursdays off in April & May. Could be Stewart makes it as a 5th bench reserve.

I would rather have Long than Shuck or Cowgill. He has options though, so that probably makes it easier to send him down and still keep as many pieces on the 40 man as possible.

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Here is my guess:


Starting Pitchers:

Weaver R

Wilson L

Santiago L

Skaggs L

Richards R



Frieri R

Smith R

Salas R

Jepsen R

*De La Rosa R - maybe on the DL to start the season

Alvarez L long man

*Kohn R - if DLR is on the DL to start the season

Maronde L - goes down when/if Burnett comes back



Iannetta R

Conger S

Freese R

Aybar S

Kendrick R

Pujols R

McDonald R

Green R



Trout R

Hamilton L

Calhoun L

Ibanez L

Shuck/Cowgill (my guess Shuck) L/R

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I realize that in today's world, males expressing emotions and compassion are not always welcomed because it makes other males uncomfortable.  I appreciated Francona's gesture and I am sure that player will remember it as one of the most significant moments of his life. 


Sometimes being a man means being a human. 

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