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  1. Geez - time flies - Thorne is 72 ?? Always seemed like the young hockey announcer to me -- geez Thorne isn't the only one getting old. I always liked Thorne on the NHL broadcasts. at 72 - we probably need someone younger who can become the long time voice of the Halos -- I thought that was Victor Rojas !! He's retiring way too soon. About ten years plus back now (has it been that long?) the SF Giants added a young Dave Fleming to their broadcast team - what a find !!! IMO he's about the best in the business today. We need to find a Dave Fleming who was - I think 26 or so - w
  2. If Gary Thorne is available - we should grab him He could also do some Ducks games. He's a great hockey play by play guy and really versatile and good at all sports. If the Angels can get Gary Thorne - what's the wait? As for Victor Rojas - really sorry to see him retiring early but I understand his reasoning,. Ironically - for the upcoming season - the Angels probably could have accommodated Rojas announcing the road games from sitting in front of a video feed and make shift studio in his Texas home -- that may be the way of the near future (in fact some teams may dec
  3. correct -- knew he was a key part of a Milwaukee playoff run but couldn't remember which year.
  4. there's the answer - the front office approach - Quintana is a serviceable veteran starter. Can eat some innings I presume,. make 30 or so starts. Quintana had some very good years in Chicago - White Sox and then the Cubs. But it's more of the same a serviceable veteran - not the strong top of the rotation guy we'd prefer. So once again - unless we're out there making a deal for Bauer behind the scenes (don't see him coming here - but anything's possible I guess) it's another 'let's make do' rotation in 2021. now Quintana at $8 million for 2021 I a pretty good deal - and if he
  5. won his 300th game in an Angels uniform. was the young kid in that great Dodgers rotation with Koufax, Drysdale and Osteen. ironically had his best pitching statistical year pitching for Houston. Was traded by Houston to Milwaukee in a trade deadline deal and was instrumental in getting Milwaukee to the playoffs - I'm thinking 1986? wound up his final season back with the Dodgers but retired about mid-season. Was a longtime broadcaster with the Atlanta Braves - back when TBS carried every Braves game live on TV. He was a good broadcaster. Of course, his son, Daron, was
  6. Simba -- that was a real steal for us -- really don't like seeing him leaving us. Some team will pick him up for 2021 and be a better team. One of the best deals the Halos have made in terms of unequal trade value was the trade in 2012 with the San Diego Padres for Ernesto Frieri . We gave up Alex Armarista, a MIF, who never lived up to his potential with us or with San Diego after the deal and Donn Roach a mediocre RHP who never really made it into the Show. Megan uanwhile , Frieri - who was just blasted and hit hard his last month with the Padres to the point he couldn't get anyone
  7. Hey - be nice - you know the LA Kings are embarked on a playoff drought similar to the one the Halos are in. Kings can't decide if they're 'maintaining the nucleus' of the (now weak) team or rebuilding, So they do neither, Teams with that strategy usually wind up watching the playoffs from the comfort of their couches at home.....
  8. good point - when that trade was announced - I thought it was a good one for us -- was not that excited about Joe Peterson who strikes out a lot but the rotation guy - Stripling - I thought was better than the guys we had (and he was). Now Stripling has been exiled to Toronto. I still fail to understand why an impatient Arte let that good deal for the Halos go by the wayside just because he got impatient. I think the Dodgers were trying to clear some salary space with other deals and that's why the trade took some time -- but when the deal is in your favor you can wait all day IMO. I've long
  9. where are the Bauer sweepstakes today? I[d like for the Halos to sign him - think he's worth it but - YES - will cost a bundle. But Board Members - aren't we tired of the Halos doing it on the cheap with the rotation guys. we don't seem to sign an ace quality guy but a couple of four to fifth spot guys with either a checkered history and/or arm rehab issues and then expect them to blossom into quality starters -- that formula is getting old and is probably the reason why the Halos last playoff game gets farther and farther away in the rear view mirror. A Bauer signing may c
  10. Let me be one of the first to wish all the Angels Win members/ posters and the Board member folks who make all this happen for us - a Merry Christmas in what has been a difficult year. not been posting much in 2020 - as it's been sort of the year that wasn't. hopefully we will be back to semi-normal at some point soon -- but somehow I sort of doubt that occurs much before August/ September, 2021. Merry Christmas y'all -- I hope the Halos have some quality starting pitching in their stocking.
  11. always liked Howie. Is he in the Halos HOF yet? He should be IN within a week of his retirement. He's gotta be up on the Halos All Time list on a number of stat categories -- in the top five / ten of all time behind Trout, Salmon, GA, Vlad and maybe Fregosi.
  12. RICH HILL - not a bad idea for a flyer but you probably can't sign him for his current value - which would be LOW and Contingent - performance based bonus type contract, Games, IP, before you even get to ERA and WAR type stats. I think spending a pretty penny on Bauer might be worth it. Halos need rotation ace -- haven't really had one for a while - maybe since Jered Weaver perhaps his second to last season. another short season next year? Double-headers, DH and runner at second to start extra innings stuff?
  13. Today's LA Times (does anyone read that anymore?) had a story today (December 10) that Halos broadcaster Victor Rojas interviewed for the Angels GM job, Also - his family side gig is selling baseball/ sports gear (shirts etc) with baseball themed logos but no player names as Rojas' shop is not officially licensed by MLB and approved by the MLBPA -- apparently his company's big seller this off season is Dodgers 2020 World Championship stuff - shirts etc. LA Times opined that some Halos fans may raise a ruckus over this -- Rojas selling Dodgers stuff -- me? not so much -- I like his e
  14. geez - we've really been losing the baseball legends of late. Joe Morgan was perhaps the best 2B of all time. That Big Red Machine team was sparked by his and Pete Rose's aggressive style of play. I liked him on the Sunday night baseball broadcast with Jon Miller -- even if he kept referring to our team as the CALIFORNIA ANGELS long after they shed that name,. Even that became something fun to joke about -- apparently Jackie Autry must have listened to the Morgan-Miller broadcasts because who could forget her awarding the Commissioner's trophy in 2002 and congratulating the CALIFOR
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