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  1. Some Board posters upset probably thinking Halos did not do enough at deadline time. Well, we didn't have much that other teams wanted. The big surprise was closer Igelsias (spelled wrong probably) still with the Halos -- he was probably the Halo player with the most made value up until 1 pm today and he's on a one year contract. I guess the thinking is two fold: 1. ) we're still in the Division race/ wild car hunt and need our closer (who has been an upgrade at that position for us this year) ; 2.) He likes it here and will agree to sign a new deal with the Angels in the off-season as a F/A perhaps a one plus one deal - although - other teams could easily out bid us for his services. ALSO - and this must be on Arte's mind and all the owners' minds -- the chances for a work stoppage in 2022 are about 50/50 right now - the less commitments/ contracts made for 2022 right now - the better - from the front office bottom line perspective. As for the deals made -- Heaney and Watson -- both guys gone at the end of the year - it's the old Elvis song "It's Now or Never" in terms of getting anything of value for them. I don't think the guys we got were anything close to top of the charts prospects but they are pitchers who will compete with all the other pitchers (mainly college level ball experienced pitchers) the Angels have drafted this year - -which I think is a good move - in my book you can never draft enough quality pitching and I prefer the college ball players who seem more mature and advanced to be able to get to the Show quicker than the flame throwers right out of high school ball. We received players in those deals who will be under club control for up to five seasons, perhaps more -- and that's what the front office (not just the Halos franchise) seems to be focused on this year. MLB economics have come down to 1 to maybe 4 superstar type contracts on a team, some other good contracts for rotation guys and then the major league minimum to fill out the roster. Except for the Dodgers, Yankees and now maybe San Diego as well - that seems to be the thinking of MLB front offices. The looming 2022 work stoppage not making the owners any more 'generous' either.
  2. WTF is DiPoto doing here? Trades the M's closer to a AL West Division rival who happens to be leading the Division -- I guess he gets that INF guy Toro who might be good for two rentals -- but Joe Smith ? (DiPoto has been there done that with the Halos -- and Smith turned out to be a huge disappointment after decent pen work in Cleveland). I guess Graveman is a rental as is Montero but the Mariners just gave the Astros assistance in the pen (where the Astros and every contender seems to need help) with those two guys. Seattle fans probably not very happy with DiPoto right now. Meanwhile - Houston locks down an AL West title.
  3. 13-3 - geez. we get to .500 - go two games over and then TANK. where are we now ? 4 games under and about 10 games out. long summer coming up. when's Trout back? He's been out way too long for whatever the ailment was reported as.....
  4. Hey FOLKS -- we're getting to trade deadline time. Halos have had a mediocre first half (although we have certainly seen worse over our time here) and how have reached .500 - or hovering near or just above it lately. Are we Sellers (and what do we have to sell ? Sandoval?) or Buyers ?(the Halos and every other team in MLB needs pitching - rotation and pen help - such deadline deal help - even rentals - will be EXPENSIVE). Do we have a realistic shot of catching Oakland and Houston - perhaps making the playoffs as one of the expanded also ran Wild Card teams -- is a one game playoff worth mortgaging the Halos future and giving up what few top pitching prospect help we may have coming up? Or - do we sell what little we have - pitchers like Sandoval (who could fetch some value , I would think); maybe Cobb -- I don't know -- I don't think we have much to sell other than those guys. We're not dealing Ontani (no trade clause anyway) Trout (franchise player), Rendon (big contract) I wouldn't trade Ward -who seems to be coming on well at the plate and from watching him just looks more comfortable at the plate. What does everyone think ? And, really, if the front office is NOT going to lay out some payroll commitment more than one year (need more like three year deal) to invest in some starting pitching for 2022 - does it matter much of what we do anyway?
  5. TOO BIG of a hole -- typo. Mike Cameron - forgot DAD's first name. He had some good seasons. Top season probably hit 25-29 HRs or so -- still - earned the name Mike Kameron because of all the K's
  6. I can'r believe he has a kid playing in MLB -- time flies - seems like he just retired not that long ago -- and folks on this board were debating whether DAD Cameron was worth signing. I always felt DAD Cameron had to big of a hole in his swing and struck out way too much -- in fact, I am sure DAD Cameron had seasons where he struck out 125-150 times. DAD watching DAZ play is a pretty cool sight to see, though. The 'old' man looks like he could still play.
  7. Season over time? Trout out for six weeks? Halos pitching failing (except for Ohtani) at all levels - back of the rotation and set up pen guys in particular. each year the same? this is getting old - once again.
  8. I always thought Pujols should have stayed in St. Louis - the Angels deal was not that much more --and had he stayed with St, Louis, he'd be an icon there in American's best baseball city - with Musial, Gibson and Brock. The Cards used the Pujols dividend/salary savings well -- the Cards front office is a pretty stingy bunch - they're not that far off from being Billy Beane in Oakland -- Pujols started at 1B tonight for the Dodgers and he hit fourth in the line up. As of the 7th inning Pujols is 1-3, rbi single and a strikeout. I have no ill will towards Pujols and hope he plays well for LA Dodgers to finish out his HOF career on a high note.
  9. St. Louis was disappointed when Pujols left - but they sure got the better end of the deal - and the thing is -- the Angels deal was not that much more than St. Louis. I always felt that Albert really should have stayed in St. Louis and would have been a true icon there like Musial, Gibson, Brock etc. But St, Louis front office - which can be pretty stingy - spent their Pujols 'dividends/ savings' well. That being said, I have no ill will towards Pujols and wish him well. He had an RBI single tonight against Madison Bumgarner in his second AB as a Dodger. He's playing first and batting fourth tonight.
  10. Bad Mt. "Crashmore" from the absolute worst to almost as bad 1. HANDS DOWN UNANIMOUS WINNER: Josh Hamilton (a terrible signing from Day One ) 2. Very close second: Gary Matthews Jr. (A terrible signing from day one - five year deal - all because of a highlight reel catch that the guy would never be able to make again). NO ONE on this board liked this signing from the moment it happened and then GMJ proved through his play why it was such a terrible acquisition/ contract/ signing. 3,) Mo Vaughn - became an absolute poison in the clubhouse, got hurt tumbling down the steps of the dugout his first week in a Halos uniform, He rebounded to out up some OK stats but never lived up to his billing and expected to be a team leader type for performance on the field and by his conduct off the field - failed miserably to meet expectations in both. The negative impact he had on the organization hadn't been seen since the Alex Johnson - Chico Ruiz (the MIF depth guy who pulled a gun in the locker room) days. 4, Gary Gaetti -- some folks may not remember this signing -- he was a slugging third baseman for Minnesota coming off a great season(s) there and come here and was hitting about .200 (if that) by the all star break that first year here -- played about another season for the Halos and rebounded a bit but never to the all star numbers he had in Minnesota. He bounced around after the Halos years and actually put up some good numbers in years with KC and St. Louis after leaving the Halos. Total flop as an Angel. 5. Vernon Wells - I guess we traded for him (I can't remember who went to Toronto ) so perhaps he belongs on a separate list with Kent Bottenfield -- but this deal (I thought it was a F/A signing -- I think it was a trade and sign to an extension deal perhaps?) was terrible from day one and so did most of the folks here. He was a huge disappointment here. Terrible decision by the front office to acquire him -- I think it came as response to the Dodgers making some big signing / deal - why we felt the need into that New York Yankees/ Mets 'who can dominate the off -season headlines' war is beyond me - then and now., But that is what I think motivated us here (as well as with the GMJ signing). Just dumb. 6. There was a relief pitcher we signed -- closer guy - I forget his name (Madsen?)- think he pitched for Philly (several years) and then Cincinnati for a year or two as a closer. - was great in Philly (set up guy mainly) did OK as a closer in Cincy -- we signed him and I think he hurt his arm warming up the first day of spring training. I think we signed him to a two year (maybe three) deal and I don't think he ever appeared in a single regular season game with us. In fact, I think the extent of his 'pitches' total was the warm up that first day or two of spring training when he got hurt. He rehabbed on the Halos dollar for about two season and later came back (I think with KC, Oakland, maybe played for both teams) and actually returned to closing duties and had some modicum level of success after he left the Halos, A terrible waste of payroll for us, NOW -- I do not place Albert Pujols on this list. The contract was for too long and for too much -- but everyone was pretty excited that he was coming to Anaheim - he got off to a terrible start of this Halos career after absolutely stellar seasons in St, Louis, And that's all everyone remembers. He got off to a terrible start and then towards the end of the Halos contract (which everyone knew was going to be a problem/ issue) he simply could not run anymore (Mr, GIDP) and became a liability on defense -- but for a period of about 7/8 years of that ten year deal - he rebounded from the slow start and put up some respectable numbers -- folks only seem to remember the slow start and disappointed that we did not get the St. Louis ten year production numbers - which wouldn't have happened in St, Louis either.
  11. Orlando Cabrera was a good signing for us - he won an Gold Glove for us here. I felt we let him go too soon - but the adage is -- better a year too soon than a year too late. Colon won a Cy Young Award here for us and pitched well for the Halos - when healthy I think the Halos decided to sign him a few years before when he pitched a shutout gem against us for the Cleveland Indians the night they had the bg opening ceremonies (Season Opener) for the newly renovated Anaheim Stadium - which had been re-named (at that time) Edison International Field. The game was nationally televised. Colon shut down the Halos line up completely. I think they got two hits or something like that. Also, might have been one of the last times number 26 - the Cowboy - Mr. Gene Autry - my all time favorite Halo - appeared on the field. (That would have been the year 2000 or so).
  12. This is the cold hard 'just the facts ma'am' reality of it with a dose of "MLB is a business" I agree. Still - I think the Dodgers scored PR coup points and the Angels look bad by the way they handled this. And to top it all off - the Angels have somehow managed to play even worse since letting Pujols go. Meanwhile - not sure if Pujols is what the Dodgers need to end their mysterious recent slide after a fabulous start. NOW - think about this - the Dodgers right now have some key folks on the IR (Bellinger, and McKenzie (name is wrong something like that, 2B-OF utility guy) the new rookie guy who was doing well then got hurt. When these guys return the Dodgers may be facing a roster move decision like the Angels faced less than a month ago -- who goes? a productive bench depth guy or Pujols - who by then will have racked up a few frustrating rally killing GIDPs -- and under the new rules (in effect this year or next year?) there's no longer that expand the roster in September to any number of players you can fit on your bench -- so the Dodgers may be weighing another DFA situation.
  13. LOU - I'll bet that's absolutely true. the only Dodger folks loving this are the front office and PR staff. the pitching staff is probably concerned the Dodgers might actually let him play some 1B
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