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Angels starters under Callaway: Who has a big year?

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Unpopular Opinion -- Angels will have 4 starters each start 10 games with ERA's under 3.75. Ohtani, Bundy, Heaney, Canning. Pena, Andriese, Teheran, Sandoval all will start some games, but won't get 10 starts. I think Teheran will start 7 or 8 games, and his ERA will be around that mark, sub 4.1, way better than his projections, cuz he literally always does that.

Sandoval will get 3-4 starts, as will Pena and Andriese. They are going to use a 6-man rotation, but I think a 7th may actually pop in there some weeks.

The Rotation will Likely Be: Heaney, Bundy, Ohtani, Canning, Andriese, Pena to open the year. I think they may use a 7th starter the second week, if Sandoval or Teheran is ready.

That keeps everyone on extra rest.

Assuming Teheran or Sandoval gets back up to speed, one could start on 7-30. Then for the next two weeks, Pena would be skipped. Then there are two weeks without an off day, then every other week has an off day.





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It would be hillarious if the 2021 American League Cy Young comes down to Felix (Angels) and Harvey (Astros). Felix going 20-5 with a 2.50 ERA, 0.95 WHIP, and 240 strikeouts in 230 innings pitched and Harvey going 23-3 with a 2.30 ERA, 0.85 WHIP, and 300 strikeouts in 250 innings pitched. Harvey rising back from the dead on the Astros because, well, of course, they're the Astros! 

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13 minutes ago, ukyah said:

teheran's gonna win 20 games. 

mostly because he just doesn't care, then the angels are going to dump him.

That is a ton of wins this year.  Like 1/3 of the games.  If he wins anywhere close we will win the division.

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39 minutes ago, Fish Oil said:

I can see Bundy taking a big step forward. Dude lost his triple-digit heat, but he is still a good pitcher. Out of the band box east, out of what has to have been an oppressive atmosphere, and onto a very good team dedicated to winning.


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