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Kudos for Aybar!


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Aybar has been this good for years ... welcome to the party.

people have a hate for Aybar because he was batting lead off any wasn't a leadoff hitter. That wasn't his fault though, he should never have been put there in the first place. this year he has been placed in the lineup where he should have been his whole career (5 spot and below) and people are in the aybar camp

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Aybar is one of those guys where there seems to be a massive disconnect between what many Angels fans think about him and the rest of MLB.   Being out of state and forced to watch other team's games it's pretty amazing how often he gets brought up as one of the best SS in MLB and the amount of praise he gets for always playing smart and doing things to try to goad the opposing team into a mistake.   Maddon in particular seems to gush about Aybar, the guys on the YES Network are similarly very complimentary of him and to hear Jaime Moyer talk when he does Phillies games Aybar is the best SS in the AL.

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He's really good at that "ranging very deep in the hole and throwing to first" play. 

His errors count (5) for a shortstop is almost miniscule.

Somehow, his range factor keeps him from being #1 in AL DWar (only Hardy and Ramirez ahead of him). 

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I think that when you see a player every day you tend to take them for granted... and you also put them under a microscope.  Aybar has had more than his fair share of moments that make fans do face palms. Sometimes that stuff is hard to forget.


I remember hearing a couple years ago about his "leadership" qualities and it wasn't until this year that I began to understand and observe that about him.  I appreciate that he genuinely seems to love playing baseball and it appears that his teammates seem to like him a great deal.


He's certainly having his best year ever, IMO.

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I wish we could resurrect the old board to get the threads where people were ripping Scioscia and the org for going with him instead of Brandon Wood(s) at SS.

Pfff! Now we all know that's not neccesary. Anyone who wanted Wood to replace anyone in our lineup obviously wasn't paying attention. But this thread is about Aybar...

My dad used to tell me something about baseball and being aggressive on the basepaths and he would say "If you're forcing the opposition to make a perfect throw to get you out, and you end up being out, you just gotta hand it to the other team for doing a bang up job."

And I think that's exactly what Aybar does, so sometimes it may look bone headed to us, but I really think he uses that mentality all the time and I love it.

Now Pujols on the other hand...

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Aybar's play was mentioned and commented on in the game day thread -- it was a great play and won the game for the Halos (more so than the Freese HR, IMO).


What I find amazing is that Aybar's heads up hustle play (that tied the game and lifted up to what was up to then a somewhat uninspired, lifeless Halos effort in the game, to rally back and win the game) was hardly worth a mention in today's LA Times -- yeah, they mentioned it in two lines or less in the game wrap up but did not highlight it in the least.


I think the story about the game should have lead off with Aybar's heroics.......without his pay, the Halos probably don't rally back to win that game -- it's that simple.


Austin Jackson's lapse there really hurt the Tigers........heads up hustle by Aybar.........we need more fast afoot,quick- thinking players making those kinds of plays.

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To be fair the guys on the YES network are the worst broadcasters out side of southern Chicago.


Yeah, but if they are simply relaying the things they are hearing from the players and coaches their personal awfulness is less of a factor.  Not to go off on a tangen (we never do that here at AW.com), but Jaime Moyer's turn as a TV guy has been awful the few times I've heard him.

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